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About Us

Know Vape

Starting From The Beginning

Know Vape was created to help follow vapers learn the ropes and find the perfect products for their tastes and interests. With a lack of well-structured and community driven alternatives, Know Vape has set out to be the one-stop shop for brutally honest and useful reviews on every vape juice and hardware device possible. From box mods to RDAs to tanks, Know Vape can provide the right information to you on any product in just a quick glance. With the help of our dedicated reviewers, you can find a fair rating of a product and make an educated decision before you purchase.

Tons of Products to Browse

With literally over 8,900 products currently listed on our website, you have mountains of information right at your fingertips. Search through dozens of juice flavors, ranging anywhere from delicious chocolate cake to succulent fruity strawberry, to find the perfect concoction to match your palette. And with the help of our faithful users and dedicated vapers, we are continually growing and evolving to provide honest, detailed reviews about all vape juice and hardware on the market.

The Ultimate Goal

Our goal is to be the first thought in every vapers mind when searching for the vape juice flavors or hardware devices they want to try out next. With completely community sourced reviews and no connection to vape companies, we can thrive and exceed our goal while maintaining the utmost trust from our readers.

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