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10 England Vape Shops

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Greeting, fellow cloud chasers! Today we’re going to be taking a trip through England, where we’ll be checking out a total of 10 vape shops. This will be our first trek in a different country, so while our journey may be fraught with new e-liquids, different mods, and sexy accents, hopefully we’ll see some of our favorite brands as they’re enjoyed across the globe!

1. Evolution Vaping

First up, I headed to Evolution Vaping. Google rates them a 4.7 out of 170 reviews, which I felt was a solid way to start out my trek through England’s vape shop. When I walked through the doors, I immediately fell in love with how many wood tones were incorporated into the shop: wooden floors, wooden countertops, odd-looking wooden stools that looked handmade, and wooden benches with new and soft-looking upholstery. The shop was warm and inviting, and I could easily see myself spending several hours here. Their hardware was kept securely behind tall glass cases, featuring brand favorites like Smok, Sigelei, and Wismec, along with drip tips and batteries. The accessories (battery chargers, replacement glass, and atomizers) were kept behind the counter and readily available to those who asked for it. The walls were lined with a wide variety of e-liquids, with brands like Dinner Lady, Donuts and Sad Boy, along with quite a few other brands I’d never heard of like Bakers Fog, Anarchist Juice, Got Milk HOme Slice, Liberty Flights, and so much more. I wanted to try all of these new brands, and the staff was super helpful in assisting me in my questions and curiosities about their products and brands. There were several couches at the front of the store that welcomed customers to hang out after their purchases were complete, and there was never any rush to leave or hurry me away to assist other customers. The shop was clean and warm, and I heartily enjoyed my first stop in England’s numerous vape shops.

Evolution Vaping Evolution Vaping Evolution Vaping Evolution Vaping

2. Vape UK

Next, I decided to check out Vape UK in our vape shops throughout England. Google rates them a 4.8 out of nearly 170 reviews. It was a little confusing because it was located in the same store as a cartridge and printer shop, but the vape shop name was displayed on the glass, so after confirming I was in the right place, I headed inside. Towards the right-hand side, there was the vape shop equipment I was looking for, stuffed with e-liquid, hardware, accessories, and even an e-liquid testing bar. Their hardware products were clearly labeled and displayed, featuring heavy hitters like Smok, eLeaf, Wismec, and Joytech. Their hardware display was incredibly vast, showing off simple vape pens as well as three-battery mods and various tanks. Their glass case was filled with battery chargers, drip tips, and other accessories for your mod. Everything was clean and well organized, making everything easy to look at and browse. Their e-liquids was the most interesting to me, featuring brands I’d never heard of but desperately wanted to try, with brand names like Puff Dragon, Vape Pop, Tug Lyfe, Fruit Burst, and Double Drip. The staff were super friendly and went out of their way to talk to me and make me feel welcome. While there wasn’t really an area to relax and hang out after purchases had been made, the shop had so much to look at it that it was easy to be distracted. Lastly, there was also a kit assembly point, where beginner vapers could go to get their purchases explained and demonstrated. The whole shop was clean and well put together, making it one of the most interesting shops I’d ever set foot in. Definitely recommend checking this place out if you have the time!

Vape UK Vape UK Vape UK Vape UK

3. Vape Club

Thirdly in our trek through England’s vape shops, I came across a shop called Vape Club. I was amused at the name and had to see if the name lived up to the hype. Google rates it as a 4.8 out of 325 reviews, so that was a great indication that England heartily enjoys this vape shop. I smiled when I walked into the shop because it was cozy without being cramped. I was greeted courteously by the girl at the front desk and asked if I had anything in particular I was looking for. She also told me they had a website, so if I ever needed anything in my travels that I couldn’t find, they’d be more than happy to ship to me. There were quite a few e-liquids on display, ranging from familiar favorites like Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Vape Breakfast Classics, and Dinner Lady, along with several brands I observed with hungry curiosity like Zap eLiquids, Vapor State, and WFFL. Their hardware was superb as well, offering top brands like Smok, Wismec, Aspire, and JoyTech. They also had a great selection of coils for those who like to hit heavily for the cloud production. The shop was clean and comfortable, with the customer service being excellent and the product selection very extensive. This really did feel like a vaper’s club, with how professional the staff was and how happy the customers were. I was truly sorry to leave and highly recommend stopping by if you ever get the chance.

Vape Club Vape Club Vape Club Vape Club

4. Vapor Superstore Dalston

Fourth, I stopped in at Vapor Superstore Dalston. Google rates them a 4.4 out of just under 110 reviews, so while it was a little low on the ratings, I was curious why the shop was listed as a vape superstore, so I headed over to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this shop had CBD products available! Many shops are still in the beginning stages of stocking CBD products or even considering selling them, so it was a welcome change to see cannabidiol products ready to be purchased. The shop was very open and spacious, with a lot of neutral gray and white tones. There were several benches that lined up near a wooden countertop, offering customers a place to sit and rest while they sampled their future purchase. There were several hardware products kept securely in a wall-mounted case, displaying their popular brands like Aspire, Smok, and Juul. There were several shelves that displayed the e-liquids available, and I was delighted to see this shop kept brands like Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Keep it 100, and Marshmallow Man, as well as unfamiliar brands called 100 Large, Attitude, and Drippin’ Candy. I sat down at the bar and was greeted warmly by the staff. They offered to let me try any e-liquids in the store before I bought it, which was really cool considering many shops don’t want to open bottles if you’re not going to buy from them. The shop was small, but clean and very well organized. I would have liked to see more of a variety in the e-liquid department, as I felt the shop was geared more towards hardware purchases, but you can’t enjoy the clouds if you don’t have the proper equipment! If you’re in the area and you’re looking for a cool shop to check out and browse around before you buy, take the time to visit this shop. You might be surprised at what you find!

Vapor Superstore Vapor Superstore Vapor Superstore Vapor Superstore Vapor Superstore

5. The Vape Emporium

We’re halfway there! Number five in our list of local English vape shops is The Vape Emporium. Google rates them a 4.7 out of just under 115 reviews, and I love when shops use the word emporium to describe their shops, so I headed over to check it out! I was surprised when I entered the shop, as the exterior looks nothing like the inside, but in a good way! I loved that this shop had a walk-up bar, even though it was inside, kind of like a shop within a shop. The interior was decorated in a vintage style, with antique luggage stacked up nearly to the ceiling and wooden crates made up a table in the center of the room, surrounded by old-fashioned velvet suede couches. The floor and walls looked old and worn, but everything was clean and calming. Brands like Yami Vapor, the Cakery, & Fixx E-liquid, Vapor were on display, which was very rare since these brands are usually only found online. The walk-up bar displayed several taste-testers, making it easy for customers to sample their wares before buying them. The guy behind the bar was pleasant and conversational, ensuring all of my questions were answered and my curiosities satisfied. Their hardware was displayed in crudely made wooden shelves that were mounted on the wall at eye-level, making it easy to see which mods and setups were available. If you’re a fan of antique style shops and have a passion for cloud-chasing, I highly recommend you check out this shop. Aside from carrying a fantastic selection of vaping products, the interior decorating will make you smile and feel like you’ve been transported back in time to a travel office of years gone by!

Vape Emporium Vape Emporium Vape Emporium Vape Emporium

6. The Juice Shop

Sixth, I visited The Juice Shop in my travels through England’s vape shop. Google rates them a 4.8 out of nearly 170 reviews, and as a vaper who always needs juice, I knew this might be a good shop to check out. Immediately upon walking through the doors, I loved the shop. The clean white walls were offset by brilliant color displays and the shop, although small, was packed with just about everything a great vape shop needs. There were two small white leather chairs tucked cozily in a corner, while several white leather bar stools were lined up against the counters, allowing customers to take a load off while they admired the beautiful display of e-liquids and hardware. The e-liquids display was incredible, offering a wide variety of CBD infused e-liquids, as well as several brands that I instantly recognized like Barista Brew, Dinner Lady Tuck Shop, and Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Several e-liquid brands were unfamiliar, such as Cush Man, Zap eLiquids, The Drip Company, and Nasty Juice, but looked wonderfully appetizing. The staff was attentive, kind, and let me try several of the e-liquids I was curious about, all while making sure I knew everything about the flavor profile. The shops interior is what I was most fond of since they made use of every square inch of space without feeling overly crowded and disorganized. The hardware was displayed front and center in the middle of the countertop, making it the first thing you see when you walk into the shop. Starter kits from brands like Smok and Sigelei were assembled and ready for use, enticing the curious user to take a chance and enter seamlessly into the wonderful world of vaping. This was definitely one of my top favorite shops in England, and if you get a chance to visit, you’ll see for yourself why!

Juice Shop Juice Shop Juice Shop Juice Shop

7. Island Vape UK

Lucky number seven in my travels through England’s vape shops is Island Vape UK. Google rates them a 4.9 out of nearly 300 reviews, so with a rating that high with so many reviews, you know I had to check it out! When I walked through the doors, I was met with a very playful vibe from the shop, thanks to the grass-green carpet on the floor and the decorative graffiti on the walls. A beautiful full-length wooden countertop spanned the entire length of the shop, with cutouts underneath to display their impressive display of e-liquids, including drip tips, starter kits, tanks, atomizers, battery chargers, and other accessories. But what really amazed me was the astonishing amount of e-liquid this shop carried. Nearly an entire wall’s height and length were covered with a shelf of e-liquid, offering nearly every flavor imaginable. Brands like Cuttwood, Naked 100, Cosmic Fog, Ethos, and Loaded were easily discernible in the shelves, while a plethora of unfamiliar brands lay in wait to delight the vaper with fresh and delicious flavor. The staff was pleasant and friendly, making sure I was able to sample several flavors and even gave me information about what was the best hardware for a vaper to start out with. They also have an online store and informed me that in case they were ever out of stock of something or if I traveled and wanted something shipped to me, the website would be available 24/7. I was extremely pleased with my experience here and enjoyed chatting with the staff more than the actual e-liquid. I see now why this shop has such a high rating and they certainly deserve. Stop by if you’re ever in the area and you’ll see why this shop is able to maintain their high rating!

Island Vape Island Vape Island Vape Island Vape

8. Evapo Reading Vape Shop

We’re almost there! Number eight in our journey through England’s local vape shops is Evapo Reading Vape Shop. Google rates this shop a 4.9 out of 335 reviews. I was impressed with the high number of reviews and high rating, so I decided to make my way down and see what made this shop so worthy of such a high rating. The first thing that I noticed about the shop was its openness. Everything was neatly spaced apart and neatly displayed, with hardware and e-liquids displayed in glass cases on top of wooden cabinets. Vape brands like Loaded, Ruthless, and Space Jam were readily on display behind glass counters, while unfamiliar brands like Vampire Vape, Digbys, and Element eLiquids. Hardware brands such as Aspire, Smok, Uwell, and GeekVape were assembled completely and readily available for purchase. There were also drip tips, atomizers, and battery chargers located behind the counter for those who need emergency supplies due to the unavoidable accidents. There was even an e-liquid testing counter, which was wonderful for indecisive vapers like me who prefer to try before you buy. The staff were super friendly and asked if there was any flavor in particular I preferred, then proceeded to let me know which brands I might like. They also told me that they had a website for any of my requests that weren’t available in store. There was a small seating area of leather barstools that, while they didn’t look super comfortable, served their purpose of allowing customers to sample their e-liquids before making their final decision. The entire store was clean but seemed a bit lacking in the decoration department. The walls were white, and the room’s accents were dark blue, but the plain wooden floor and bright white fluorescent lights made the shop seem lacking in imagination and decorum. Aside from that, the shop’s large supply of vaping equipment made this an excellent choice for vapers looking to stock up on vaping provisions. They also had a display of CBD e-liquids, always a plus for those looking to deal with their stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and many other physical and emotional issues. Take the time to stop by and see how this shop manages to keep such a high rating in spite of its high number of reviews!

Evapo Evapo Evapo Evapo

9. House of Vapes

Number nine in my trek across England’s vape shop was House of Vapes. Google rates this shop as a 4.7 out of nearly 80 reviews, but I was intrigued enough by the name to not care as much about the few reviews. I was immediately struck with the scent of ground coffee when I walked into the shop, and I realized that this shop sells coffee in addition to vape juice! Their vape e-liquids are designed to go well with coffee, featuring warm and earthy e-liquids like Kilo eLiquids, FRYD eLiquids, Vape Breakfast Classics, and Milkman. All of these e-liquids specialize in premium dessert flavors, so this shop would be an excellent choice for your morning coffee run before work. The shop was dark but cozy, like a man cave or a cozy cellar, and decorated with gothic themes. Lowlight accentuated this shop’s atmosphere, making it warm and calming. The walls and floor were dark wood grain, and the atmosphere of the shop was only intensified by the soothing smell of coffee beans. Several shelves were littered with various e-liquids on the top shelf, gothic decor like human skulls and a hookah setup were strewn about the middle shelves, and a locked glass cabinet stored the shop’s various hardware. A table and chairs were located in the center of the room, while sturdy metal stools were lined up near the coffee bar. A variety of sample vape tanks were placed on the coffee bar, allowing customers to sample the products that the shop offered before deciding what to purchase. This shop was a great place to come and hang out, if for nothing than to get a cup of coffee and lose yourself in the aromatic scent of your clouds. I thoroughly enjoyed being in this shop, as there are very few shops that pull off a theme and I’d never entered a gothic themed vape shop. Go for the experience, enjoy the coffee, and treat your taste buds to a world of soothing relaxation in this awesome vape shop!

House of Vapes House of Vapes House of Vapes House of Vapes

10. UK eCig Store

And last but certainly not least, number 10 and my final stop in my guide of England’s local vape shop is UK eCig Store. Google rates them a 4.0 out of a whopping 730 reviews! Considering the extremely high number of reviews, a solid 4 is quite a compliment, so I decided to check it out. As this was the last vape shop I would step into in England, I was filled with nervous excitement as I pushed open the doors and walked into the place. The walls were a brilliant white, with red accents lining the countertops, display units, and even a few of the pillars. The ceiling and the floor were jet black, and there were bright white fluorescent lights that cast a clean and bright white glow on everything. The entire shop was spotless and well-maintained, with display cases, showing off their newest e-liquids and hardware. Everything was neatly organized into sections called Kits, Accessories, Deals, High-End Mods, etc. Their hardware was kept in upright glass cases that could be admired from all angles, featuring familiar brands like Smok, Aspire, and Sigelei. The e-liquids were brands I’d never heard of, like Roykin Lollies and Purple Rain, with some familiar ones like Cosmic Fog, Space Jam, Marshmallow Man, Aqua, and other Marina brands. The staff were very friendly, asking if there was anything in particular I was looking for, and offered to let me sample several e-liquids I was eyeing, and even showed me to the official sampler table. I was very impressed with the wide selection of both juices and hardware, and the space was enormous, allowing for an extravagant display of their products that was wonderful to explore. Overall, this was a great shop to visit and I was very happy to finish my tour of England’s vape shops with a bang!

UK eCig Store UK eCig Store UK eCig Store UK eCig Store

And that’s it! Ten fabulous vape shops that were scattered across the beautiful country of England. The accents, friendly people, and new products made this one of the coolest articles I’ve done, and while I’m certain there are many vape shops that I should have visited, I simply did not have the time to visit all of England’s many vape shops. I was truly sorry to leave England, but I know there are more places to travel and I look forward to seeing you all in my next article! If you know of one that I’ve missed and would like it to be mentioned, drop a comment below! If you’ve had a chance to visit any of the shops in my list and had a similar or different experience, let me know! I always love to hear from my readers across the globe. As for now, farewell, my beloved cloud chasers, and as always, may your tank forever be full and your clouds forever be puffy and full of flavor!

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