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5 Denver Vape Shops

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Greetings from Denver, Colorado, also known as the Mile High City! This colorful city gets its name because the 13th step on the State Capitol Building (on the west side) is exactly a mile above sea level. Thanks to Denver’s proximity to the sea level, the sun feels warmer because you’re closer to it, golf balls travel 10% farther than other cities (if you’re into golf), and even drinking alcohol in this city can get you drunk much more quickly. Denver is also the capital of Colorado, and draws popularity from the recreational marijuana crowd, since only six years ago, a bill was passed to legalize the use of both recreational and medical consumption of weed. Denver is also known for housing over 704,000 residents, with just over 25,000 of these residents claiming to be cloud chasers. With so many vapers in a single city, you know there’s got to be a plethora of vape shops that supply everything vape related! I was very curious to see if the legalization of weed in certain parts of the state would have an effect on what vape shops carry in their stores, so I stopped in at six vape shops to see what they offered and how it compared to other cities and states. Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Vaper Jungle

Vaper Jungle Map

Vaper Jungle

7033 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO, 80220, US
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The first stop in my trek through Denver’s vape shops was Vaper Jungle. Google rates this shop a 4.6 out of nearly 160 reviews. I was reminded of the Guns N’ Roses song when I saw the name of this place, so I knew I had to check it out! The outside of the shop clearly stated that all of their e-juice is handmade in Denver, so it was nice to know that my purchases were supporting the local community. The shop advertised that they had over 110 e-liquids available, so with such a vast number of flavors, I headed in to see what was available. The shelves were completely stuffed with e-liquids and had such interesting flavors like Straw/Nana Waffles, Fluffernutter, and Monkey Business. A great selling point was that if you bought three liquids, you get an additional fourth liquid free. As someone who goes through a lot of vape juice, this was a particularly attractive offer. Their prices were a little on the pricier side, which I understand is because each juice is made in a homemade batch and it takes more effort to make it in-house. Aside from e-liquids, the shop also carried a good selection of hardware, securely kept behind glass counters. Smok was the most popular, with things like the i-Stick, G-Priv, and other popular vaping devices. The shop also carried a wide selection of atomizers, ready to refresh your taste buds with a clean and fresh coil. They had a few novelty spinners, which was nice if you get distracted and need something to keep your hands from fidgeting. The whole shop was brightly lit and clean, with lime green walls that were nearly covered with racks and shelves of e-liquid. There were several LED lights in the ceiling, their light dancing off of the floor in playful dots. Finally, there was a table and four bar stools that let customers rest after completing their purchases, as well as a Cryptocurrency machine for those looking to invest. This was a decent shop to visit, and while I prefer more of the brand name e-juices, it’s always good to find a shop that proudly makes juice in-house. If you’re curious about other e-liquids that what you normally find in vape shops, I highly recommend this shop for the great customer service and a huge selection of vape juice.

Vaper Jungle Vaper Jungle Vaper Jungle

2. Denver Vapor

Denver Vapor Map

Denver Vapor

550 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO, 80203, US
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Secondly in our journey through the vape shops of the Mile High City was Denver Vapor. Google rates this shop a 4.6 out of a whopping 280+ reviews, so with such a high number of ratings, I was curious what makes this shop stand out in the Denver area. When I walked through the doors, I was immediately struck by a sense of friendliness. I looked around and saw a tall shelf of video games and a TV mounted on the wall, with several consoles mounted below. Controllers and wires laid in a jumbled mess, but it almost had a teenage basement vibe to it. When I walked to the front counter, I was warmly greeted and asked if I needed anything in particulars. I asked if they carried CBD products, and they informed me that they could add CBD to any product I’d like. I asked to try some of their e-liquids, to which they happily obliged. Many top brands were instantly recognizable, featuring Vapetasia, Burst Duo, Candy King, and Circus Cookie. Their e-liquids were neatly stacked on wooden shelves, with the topmost shelf being full of soft plastic video game characters. Their hardware selection was pretty impressive, with over three cases being fully dedicated to tanks, mods, and battery chargers. I saw a two- and four-battery charger, as well as several excellent drippers. Smok was the main brand of hardware, but then again it’s also the most popular. The entire shop was lined with wood floors, gray and wood walls, and adorned with various comic and vape juice brand prints. The whole shops felt like a geek’s dream of a vape shop, where comic book characters and video games have a place amongst the sweetly scented clouds. The place was clean, warmly lit and had several comfy chairs to relax in after you’d made your purchases. I really enjoyed just browsing around the place, as there was a fun vibe and a friendly spirit. If you’re a geek/nerd at heart, you’ll do well to check out this place for all your vaping needs!

Denver Vapor Denver Vapor Denver Vapor Denver Vapor

3. Vapor Core

VaporCore Map


4400, 2120 S Broadway unit g, Denver, CO, 80210, US
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Number three on our list of Denver’s vape shops is Vapor Core. Google rates this shop as a 4.6 out of over 100 reviews, so I decided that although the rating was a bit low, it was worth stopping by. The first thing I liked about the shop was the huge sign above the door, with the core being shaped like an atom. I was cheerfully reminded of show “Big Bang Theory” and eagerly walked through the doors. I was stunned by the massive display of both e-liquid and hardware, taking up two walls in the shop. Well-known brands like Naked 100, Bazooka, and Chubby Bubble Vapes, lined the shelf, along with a really cool brand called Blue Moon Hemp, advertised as “the healthy vape.” I had to inquire about that and found out that it was the shops favorite CBD line. They offered to let me try a few, which was much appreciated. I noticed that the shop also had a good selection of hardware, ranging from every single Smok tank ever produced as well as the highly popular Smok mods (Alien, Mag, H, I, G, & T-Priv), and some Vaporesso and Wismec starter kits. Everything was neatly open and brightly displayed, which was an excellent marketing technique since you can see exactly what comes inside the box. The floor was swept clean, the walls were a calming blue, and the bright fluorescent lights lit up the shop. The staff there were super friendly and attentive, and I was truly thankful that I had stopped by. While there wasn’t any place to sit and hang out, many people were perfectly comfortable standing and chatting amongst themselves. I was thrilled that I’d stopped at this place, and it reminded me of the last place I’d visited, with all of the comic book and movie paraphernalia lining the top shelves of the e-liquid racks. I highly recommend this place for the friendly atmosphere, the huge selection of e-liquid and hardware, and for good company!

Vapor Core Vapor Core Vapor Core

4. Denver Electronic Cigarettes

Next, we have Denver Electronic Cigarettes as our fourth vape shop in the local Denver area. Google rates this shop a 4.8 out of a whopping 360 reviews! I could barely contain my excitement as I made my way to this shop. I was stunned when I saw a sign that said this shop sold “kosher” vape juice. I shook my head in wonder, as I’d never heard a shop advertising that, but I suppose anything to market your shop works! When I walked into the store, I was immediately greeted warmly by the guy behind the desk. There were three comfy looking high back chairs pushed up to the bar, so I seated myself and struck up a conversation with the guy. I told him I was new in the area and asked if he had any good recommendations for e-liquids. He directed me to an excellent e-liquid called HoneyDew Melon by Melon Twist. I noticed several other popular brands, such as Aqua, NKTR Sour, and Pachamama. This shop carried many popular brands, as well as some I wasn’t familiar with, such as Nolli eLiquids, Skippermilk Pie, and Lazy Dragon. I sampled several and purchased the ones that I liked (I fell in love with Barista Brew Caramel Latte). The shop was immaculately clean and well-organized, with everything neatly displayed and thoughtfully arranged. Their hardware, although a little sparse, was stacked neatly out of their boxes for easy viewing, while packs of atomizers were hung on protruding wire racks. There were even some nic-salt devices, which is always good to have in a shop regardless of how big or small. Overall, the shop was small but had anything you could imagine that a shop would need. Excellent place to go if you’re looking for a chill environment with decent prices and a great selection of e-liquid.

Denver Electronic Cigarettes Denver Electronic Cigarettes Denver Electronic Cigarettes

5. Alpine E-Vapor

Alpine E-Vapor Map

Alpine E-Vapor

1412 S Parker Rd, Denver, CO, 80231, US
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And last but certainly not least, we have Alpine E-Vapor as our fifth and final vape shop in the Denver area. Google rates them a 4.7 out of nearly 100 reviews, so as my final stop in the city of Denver, it was with some sorrow that I made my way to this shop. My sadness was quickly replaced by glee as I walked through the door and realized just how much juice this shop had in stock. Two full walls were stuffed with e-liquids, including Candy King, Ethos, and Flawless, as well as some brands I’d never heard of like Elysian Labs, Emoji Liquids, and 13th Floor Elevapors. The guy behind the counter smiled and asked if there was anything I was looking for, or if I’d like to try something that caught my fancy. I asked to try a particular flavor called Django (I liked the movie) and was pleasantly surprised to find a decent tobacco flavor, along with notes of caramel and vanilla. The hardware was crammed into glass counters but was clearly and neatly displayed. Brands like Smok and Aspire were among the top displayed ones, but I spied a few smaller pen-style mods as well as some beginner kits that are always good to see in a vape shop (for people looking to get into vaping). The shop also sold batteries, tanks, and various coils to keep your clouds humming. I discovered that this shop also made its own e-liquid, and had quite a range to choose from. I asked for a vape juice called “Tigers Blood” and was told it was supposed to taste like strawberries, watermelon, and coconut. It was surprisingly good, and the price was fantastic (a 30mL only cost $13. I’ve seen some shops charge closer to $20 for the same size). They also mixed the juice with your choice of nicotine, ranging from 0MG all the way to 18MG. There were several leather couches where you could relax and hang out after you’d made your purchases, and the environment of the shop was so friendly you could feel yourself lazing about for hours after you’d finished. Overall, this shop was awesome, and I was glad to have found such a good one as my last shop. Definitely recommend stopping by if you ever get the chance!

Alpine E-Vapor Alpine E-Vapor Alpine E-Vapor Alpine E-Vapor

And there you have it! Five stunning vape shops sprinkled throughout the Denver area. These shops were so unique and impressive that it really was a sorrow to depart from each and every one of them. Some I liked more than others and would love to visit again. If you happen to be passing through Denver and need to load up on vape supplies, I hope that this local guide will be helpful when choosing a place to stop by. If you do get a chance to stop by one of these shops in this list, drop a comment below and let me know how your experience was! If you find a shop that’s not on the list, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to check it out myself! And while there will always be vape shops that I can’t visit, due to time restrictions, I always love to hear from my fellow vapers. Our next article will be a trek through our nation’s capital: Washington, D.C. in Maryland! As always, parting is such sweet sorrow, but just know that we’ll meet again soon. Vape happy my friends, and may your clouds always be puffy and full of flavor!

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