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5 El Paso Vape Shops

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Hello again, and welcome from the great state of Texas! Today we’ll be exploring the local vape shops in El Paso, which translates into “the path in Spanish. Quite a few of the 663,000+ residents are Spanish, due to it being only 230 miles north of the U.S./Mexican border. El Paso also has a major transportation hub and is well-known for its thriving culture, coveted cost of living, and constant recreational activities. But aside from being a cultural hotspot, El Paso is home to just over 683,000 residents, with over 24,600 confirmed vapers. And you know with a high volume of cloud chasers, there has to be enough vape shops to supply the demand! I had the privilege of exploring five local vape shops in the El Paso area, which we’ll look over in this article. And without further ado, let’s check out the first vape shop I stopped in!

1. Vapor Amor

Vapor Amor Map

Vapor Amor

912 Texas Ave B, El Paso, TX, 79901, US
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First up in our trek through El Paso’s vape shops, we have Vapor Amor. Google rates this shop a 4.8 out of just over 140 reviews, so I made my way over to the proclaimed shop of “vapor love.” The outside was a plain looking brick facade and looked a little small, but I’ve learned not to judge a shop until you get inside. Once I walked through the doors, I smiled approvingly at the huge wall of juice. I wasn’t very happy that the e-liquids were turned over on their sides, effectively blocking me from seeing what brands were available, but I know this design is quite popular to conserve space. There were quite a few red-capped bottles that took up nearly half of the wall, with a few red and brown and grey caps towards the end of the wall unit. I ended up recognizing brands like Dinner Lady, Mr. Salt-E, and Circus Cookie. As I made my way to the sturdy looking metal bar stools, I noted that the glass case was quite full of hardware, including a variety of pen mods, assorted tanks, and starter kits. As I stared into the glass case, I singled out brands like Smok, Joytech, and iJoy, all heavy hitters in their own way. The girl behind the counter was very sweet and asked me if I’d like to sample any of their e-liquids, house brands or major name brands. I happily accepted and was soon puffing away on a brand I’d never heard of called Strawberry Milk by Captive Creations. My preference usually leans towards the fruits and sweets of e-liquids, but the label was so charming, I had to try it out. I was enchanted with this place for the wide variety of e-liquids, as well as their decent selection of starter kits. I also saw that there were more hardware items behind the counter, which I can only assume were their more expensive sets. There was also a nice pair of leather couches for those vapers who liked to enjoy their time in the shop before heading home after their purchases have been completed. Overall, this was an awesome first shop to stop in at. My only complaint was that since the shop was so small, it would have been nice to see some more lively interior decor just to keep people happy, and maybe some softer bar stools, but as far as selection of products, I was one happy camper!

Vapor Amor Vapor Amor Vapor Amor Vapor Amor

2. Up In Vapor

Up In Vapor Map

Up In Vapor

11601 Pellicano Dr, El Paso, TX, 79936, US
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Second, I stumbled across Up In Vapor in my journey through El Paso’s vape shops. Google rates them a 4.5 out of nearly 80 reviews, so as the self-proclaimed “first retail vape shop in El Paso,” I figured that a bit of history in our trek through the vape shops of El Paso would be an interesting addition. I also liked the play on the words “up in smoke” so I headed over to see what El Paso’s first retail vape shop had to offer. The first thing I noticed was the rack of in-house e-liquids the shop had on display. I didn’t see any other name brands available, so I figured that this shop was mostly concerned with giving their customers a unique in-house experience with their clouds. There were several glass display counters that showed off their magnificent display of vaping equipment. I saw pen-style mods, starter kits, and tanks from Wismec, Vaporesso, and of course, Smok. The older gentleman behind the counter was friendly and let me sample several of their in-house juices, one of which I even purchased, called Tiger’s Blood. The prices for juice and hardware alike were a little steep, but I know that with custom juices and hardware in-store, you’ll find that prices vary greatly. However, I was told that there was also a website if you happen to enjoy a particular flavor and would like more of it, so this was definitely a plus! While there weren’t any places to sit down and relax after I’d made my purchase, the shop’s atmosphere was calm and relaxing, thanks to the staff. While this wouldn’t be the ideal place to stop by if you’re in a hurry or looking for a specific brand of juice, I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a custom made juice experience and have some time to spare. There are many testers available and you’ll find that an entire half hour has gone by before you know it!

Up In Vapor Up In Vapor Up In Vapor

3. Alice In Vaporland

Alice in Vaporland El Paso Vape Shop Map

Alice in Vaporland El Paso Vape Shop

1407 Lomaland Dr #104, El Paso, TX, 79935, US
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Next, we have Alice In Vaporland as our third vape shop stop in the local El Paso. Google rates this shop as a 4.3 out of nearly 60 reviews, and while this shop is a bit lower in ratings that I’d like, I loved the name so for just that reason alone, I headed over to check it out. As soon as I walked through the doors, you could immediately tell there was a Wonderland theme everywhere, from the crazy green walls with Cheshire Cat drawn on to the famous and witty Cheshire Cat saying (Read the directions, and directly you will be directed in the right direction”). But after the initial happiness of walking into a themed-shop, the excitement wore off into a frustration that there weren’t more vaping supplies available. Their hardware, although there were starter kits, battery chargers, and tanks from brands like Smoke and Sigelei, was meager and seemed a bit overpriced. I discovered that their juice was made in-house, and when I was offered to try some, I discovered I wasn’t a fan of any of them. The staff didn’t seem to know all that much about the in-house e-liquid, which I could understand since they’re made in house, but still, it was a bit of a letdown to ask what flavor this was supposed to be and to not have an answer. Also, I would have been happier if the shop had named their flavors after characters or scenes from the novel/movie, instead of plain names like “dragon berry.” The shop tried to encourage customers to hang out by having a foosball table and a dart board, but there wasn’t much reason to stay in the shop aside from admiring the artwork and interior decor. I left the place feeling sorry that such an awesomely named shop had been such a disappointing experience. If you happen to stop by this place and have a different experience, I would love to hear about it because my experience was slightly less than average.

Alice In Vaporland Alice In Vaporland Alice In Vaporland

4. Stronghold Vapery

We’re nearly there! Number four on our local guide of vape shops in the El Paso is Stronghold Vapery. Number four on our local guide of vape shops in the El Paso is Stronghold Vapery. Google rates this shop a 4.7 out of 35 reviews, so with a strong and bold name like that, I was curious to see how the shop compared to the last three I’d just visited. On the outside, it didn’t look like much, but I noticed that there were dragons and castles on the outside of the shop, which made me very curious to enter. I quickened my pace and pulled open the door. And, wow, the interior was wonderfully impressive. An encompassing square, made up of glass display cases, formed what looked like a wall of vaping hardware. Brands like Smok, Sigelei, and Vaporesso were proudly displayed, looking very much like they’d been called to attention to defend their coveted vape shop. The black walls were decorated with various dragon heads of all shapes, sizes, and colors, only made more aggressive by the harsh fluorescent lighting. There were swords and other medieval weapons that adorned the walls, complete with banners and long flags that added a knightly atmosphere to what felt like a castle’s lair. The shop was clean and almost spooky but in a delicious and exciting goosebump kind of way. But what really made my heart leap with happiness was the impressive e-liquid display. Bottles of ejuice were stuffed into a sprawling wall shelf, and what didn’t fit in the shelf was tucked into yet another glass case, proving that this shop truly was king of its castle. I saw powerhouse brands like Air Factory, Burst eLiquids, Milkman, Bazooka Vapes, and Naked 100. The staff were super friendly and must have been amused at my obvious awe and delight of the place, yet they were smiling and happy to answer my questions, and even offered to let me sample any of the juices I had an interest in. They also had some in-house e-liquids they offered to let me try and being in such a great environment, I happily complied. I was extremely satisfied with the interior of the place, and for the experience alone of feeling like I was in a castle from the Dark Ages, I highly recommend travelers stop in here for all their vaping needs.

Stronghold Vapery Stronghold Vapery Stronghold Vapery Stronghold Vapery

5. Golden Vapor Co

Golden Vapor Co LLC Map

Golden Vapor Co LLC

4700 Dyer St suite e, El Paso, TX, 79930, US
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And last but never least, we have Golden Vapor Co LLC as our fifth and final vape shop of the El Paso area. Google rates them a 4.9 out of a whopping 170 reviews! I love seeing shops with high ratings and a high number of reviews, so I figured I’d end my tour of El Paso’s vape shops with a bang and a cloud of vapor! I walked through the doors and was greeted by the sight of a spacious shop, complete with two leather couches lined up against the left wall, and a well-stocked vape bar on the right. Several wooden bar stools were lined up against a clean glass hardware case, which also doubled as a countertop. The walls were a calming robin’s egg blue color, and the bright white fluorescent lights cast a clean white glow on the entire facility. I noticed that there were several shirts hanging from wall racks on two walls of the store, no doubt available to vapers who wanted to show their support of the shop. There was a foosball table in the back, with a large TV mounted right above it that served as a recreational area. But what was most interesting to me was the sprawling shelf of e-liquids that was mounted on the wall. Several big name brands (usually only available online) like Pop Clouds, Nude, and Gost Vapors were readily available. I was shocked to see these brands in a store because Nude especially isn’t a common in-stock brand, which is why I usually order it online. Just for the fun of it, I asked to sample my personal favorite P.O.M. (pineapple orange mango) and made small talk with the guy behind the counter. I admired their hardware, noting that they carried unique colors of the Smok Alien, Kangertech, and Vaporesso Revenger. They also carried a great selection of tanks, coils, and even batteries, making this one of the coolest shops I’d ever been to, simply because their selection matched some of my favorite online websites. Their prices were decent, and while of course internet prices will be cheaper, it was a fantastic way to get some of my favorite online flavors right in-store. If you’re looking for a vape shop in El Paso that carries some great brands, excellent selection of hardware, and stellar customer service, check out Golden Vapor. Their name has gold in it for a reason, and hey, you might even find yourself buying a shirt to support this shop!

Golden Vapor Co Golden Vapor Co Golden Vapor Co

And there you have it! Five incredible vape shops that keep the local cloud chasers happy with their vast assortment of vape juice, CBD products, hardware, accessories, and wonderful customer service. El Paso may be one of the oldest cities in Texas, but the warmth and friendliness made the city far from old and dusty. I am well aware that it is simply impossible to list every vape shop in the El Paso area, so if you happen to come across one that I’ve missed, please be sure to let me know in the comments below! If you’re able to pop into one of the shops listed, let me know how your experience was and if it varied from mine at all. I’m always on the lookout for new experiences and new places to travel, and I’d love to see what I missed! But for now, let’s head upward and onward, as we make our way through many vaping cities in the United States and see which ones you can visit on your occasional travels! As always, vape happy my friends, and may your clouds always be puffy and full of flavor!

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