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5 Seattle Vape Shops

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Today’s article city takes us to beautiful Seattle, Washington. And while many of you are familiar with the Twilight series or might be avid football fans, Seattle is more than just a vampire hideout or Seahawk rally. The outdoors scenery is breathtaking with thousands of hills, beautiful mountain ranges, a balmy atmosphere, and a relaxed environment. There are also quite a few businesses in Seattle that rank in Fortune 500’s listing, like Starbucks, Amazon, and even Costco. Aside from the business, the coffee, the rain, and the movies, Seattle is home to over 724,000 residents, ranking as the 18th largest city in the United States. Over 26k of these residents are avid cloud chasers, and with a dense climate like the mountains, you can be sure to see clouds for miles. I had the privilege to visit five vape shops in the Seattle area and was pleased to note that even though the rain might be constant, the smiles are still cheery, the people are still friendly, and there’s still e-liquid waiting to be tried. Let’s dive right in and take a look at these vape shops. Maybe you’ll see one that you’ve been to before, or maybe you’ll be inspired to take a trip there to see these shops for yourself!

1. Future Vapor

Future Vapor Map

Future Vapor

1828 12th Ave Suite B, Seattle, WA, 98122, US
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First up on our list of local vape shops in Seattle is Future Vapor. Google rates this place as a 4.8 out of nearly 130 reviews, so I figured why not start with a top-tier shop for our first Seattle stop? When I walked through the doors, I noticed that this was a shop that makes all of their juices in-house. Sometimes, you take a chance on store-made e-liquids because everyone makes e-juices differently. But nothing daunted, I stepped up to the high chair to try out their wares. The girl behind the counter was super friendly, and after checking my ID, she asked me what my flavor profile was so she could make me something I’d like. I asked for something with peaches or pears, and she whipped up something called Pear39 which was absolutely delicious. I was also able to try out many of the flavors, and every one I tried was met with a smile and great service. While waiting for my next batch of e-liquid, I turned to admire the shop. Dark cherry-stained wood floors were smooth and polished. All of the vape juice was housed in a white cabinet, stuffed full of flavors crafted by the trained professionals in the shop. I was informed that they had an online store as well if I didn’t live in the area and wanted to order again. There were also few nic-salt hardware devices that I saw available, like the Aspire Breeze and the Suorin Pods. Overall, the shop was great, the customer service superb, and the flavors were plentiful. Definitely check out this shop if you’re in the Seattle area and are looking for a great place to try new flavors and hang out!

Future Vapor Future Vapor Future Vapor

2. Greenlake Vapor

Greenlake Vapor Map

Greenlake Vapor

7216 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98103, US
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Second, we have Greenlake Vapor as we trek through Seattle’s vape shops. Google rates this shop a 4.9 out of 24 reviews. I had to see what makes this shop a highly rated one, so I made my way to this shop. Immediately I could tell that this shop was serious about keeping e-juice in stock. Two huge shelving units took up two entire walls of the shop, painted black and stuffed full of delicious flavors. I saw crowd favorites like Vapetasia and Vape Breakfast Classics, as well as a LOT of brands I’d never heard of before, like Bomb Sauce eLiquid and Banzai Vapors. All of their hardware was securely stored behind a glass counter, brightly lit and accented with mint green lights. There were several 18650 batteries and chargers, which isn’t something that’s fairly commonly displayed in vape shops. The staff were super friendly and greeted me warmly upon my entrance. I asked if I could try Fear the Rainbow, since I wanted to know if it tasted like skittles, and the lady happily obliged. I was offered several other bottles, and I simply can’t resist sampling e-juices before I buy, it was nice to be taken care of thoroughly. I observed my surroundings and although I found the lime green paint on the walls to be a little distasteful, I admired how well-stocked and clean the place was. There were random posters and vape brands on the walls, while a large screen TV provided a bit of entertainment. There wasn’t really a place to sit and hang out after I’d made my purchases, but overall, the shop was a great experience. The e-juice selection was absolutely terrific and I recommend to anyone looking to get a new e-juice without wondering if you’ll like it.

Greenlake Vapor Greenlake Vapor Greenlake Vapor Greenlake Vapor

3. Planet Vapes

Third in our local Seattle vape shop guide is Planet Vapes. Google rates this shop a 4.9 out of over 40 reviews. I loved how this was a play on the movie “Planet of the Apes” so I made my way over to this shop to see if the name lived up to its fame. The outside of the shop looks like a converted house, so I was a little skeptical, but I walked through the doors anyway. I was immediately struck by how much inventory this shop had, from hardware to e-liquid. Over five tall cases of hardware were lined up right as you walked in, featuring heavy hitters like Smok, Aspire, Wismec, and Vaporesso. They even had some CBD hardware, featuring brands like Snoop Dogg and G-hit. Their Smok coils were proudly displayed on wire racks, along with some battery chargers and other various atomizers. But their e-juice display was equally impressive, showcasing brand faves like Loaded eJuice, Bazooka (aka Kilo Sour Series), Vapetasia, and Cookie King. The staff was very helpful, offering me a punch card as part of their rewards system and informing me of the different prices throughout the shop. They also had a few sample bottles for customers to try before they bought, and everything was competitively priced and displayed well. There was an area to sit down and unwind after you’d made your purchase, and the entire place, albeit small, was clean and brightly lit. I really liked the vibe in the place, just friendly and genuine, and was truly sorry to leave. Definitely check out this shop if you get a chance. I promise you won’t regret it!

Planet Vapes Planet Vapes Planet Vapes Planet Vapes Planet Vapes

4. Ruze Vapor Shop

Ruze Vapor Shop Map

Ruze Vapor Shop

6044 Martin Luther King Jr Way S Suite 103, Seattle, WA, 98118, US
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We’re halfway through! Number four on our vape shop list in the Seattle area is Ruze Vapor Shop. Google rates this place a 4.7 out of over 50 reviews. Now I couldn’t find this shop on Yelp, so I had to include a link for their website. But for whatever reason that Yelp doesn’t have them, I thought this shop was one of the cleanest and most extensive e-liquid shops I’d visited yet in Seattle. There were two long shelving units filled from top to bottom with various e-liquids, including brand favorites like Banger eJuice, Naked 100, and Aqua eLiquids, along with their very own Ruze Vapor line. Their website only sells the Ruze line, so if you happen to find something you like but don’t live in the area, you can get more of it to wherever you call home! The hardware was kept in a glass countertop, where soft green LED lights lit up the unit in all its glory. There were battery chargers, pen-style mods, Smok Rolo Badges and starter kit box mods, MiPods, and quite a few other things that are mostly popular online. There was a lone TV that wasn’t turned on, but I can only assume it was used for CCTV or displaying the shop wares. The customer service was excellent, and I was given the chance to try as many bottles of e-liquid as I wanted. I opted for some of the Ruze e-liquids, specifically Devil’s Delight (strawberry milkshake) and since I adore the author, I tried Poe (berry/fruit). I was also offered a discount since it was my first time there, and I ended up buying a bottle of the Banger Fisheye and the Dinner Lady Flip Flop Lychee (two of my all-time favorites). I loved how clean and professional this shop was, and the customer service was excellent. Check it out if you’re in the area!

Ruze Vapor Shop Ruze Vapor Shop Ruze Vapor Shop Ruze Vapor Shop

5. Beyond The Cloud

And last but not least, we have Beyond The Cloud as our final vape shop in the Seattle area. Google rates this place a 4.9 out of nearly 85 reviews. This shop was really cool because it offered a good selection of premium brand-name e-liquids as well as making their own e-liquids in-house. The shop reminded me of a run-down diner on the outside, with the bright robins-egg blue paint on the exterior along with the aluminum siding in the front. But I always look over the entire shop before passing judgment in order to give a shop the opportunity to present well. And man, this shop was passionate about e-liquids. There was a rack of house-made e-liquids, ranging from Mojito to Oatmeal Rasin cookies, and they could craft either nic-salt e-liquid or traditional e-juice. Their brand names were sparse but still carried some heavy hitters like Bearded Vape Co., Dinner Lady, Vape Breakfast CLassics, and NKTR/NKTR Sour. They had a wall dedicated to the little bit of hardware they had, but it included many popular Smok products like the TFV12 Smok Prince Cobra tank and the Smok Alien starter kit, as well as a few smaller setups of pen-mods and assorted atomizers. They also had some Sigelei SnowWolf mods and an Aspire Puxos Kit, pretty heavy hitters for a small shop! There was only one guy running the store (I assumed he was the owner), and he was very friendly and informative when I asked him about the variety of e-liquids he had available. The prices were decent for in-house juice, and their nicotine variety was whatever you could come up with, meaning there was no limit to what kind of e-juice creation you wanted! As I left the shop, I smiled and thought, “This is why you don’t judge a book by its cover...otherwise you’d miss out on a great opportunity staring right in front of you!” If you do get a chance to pass by this shop, you truly won’t regret it!

Beyond The Cloud Beyond The Cloud Beyond The Cloud

And there you have it! Five delightful vape shops that supply the local cloud chasers with a plethora of e-liquids, countless hardware and accessories, and most importantly, a place to go and hang out to relax while they refill their tanks. Seattle is a unique place to visit, in that it’s one of the four corners of the United States and doesn’t often get any mention unless it’s in a movie title or a book passage. If you get the chance to visit The Evergreen State, I highly recommend that you do. The vape shops here were unique and tasteful, injecting a bit of Washington culture into my memory bank. If there’s a shop you know of that deserves an honorable mention, please let me know! With such a large city, it’s impossible (and very unwise) to try to visit every shop in the city, so it’d be a great honor to check out the shop in the comments below. If you’d had a chance to visit one of the vape shops in this list, make sure to drop a comment or post a location where others can visit if they have the chance. Seattle was a beautiful place to visit, and I’m excited to mention the city we’re visiting next: Denver, Colorado! And since Colorado is one of the first states to legalize marijuana, this should be a very fun trip! As always, vape happy my friends, and may your clouds always be puffy, flavorful, and never ending!

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