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5 Washington D.C. Vape Shops

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Hi everybody, and welcome to our journey through our nation’s great capital: Washington, D.C.! Weirdly, this isn’t a city in one of the 50 states, but rather, it’s a portion of land dedicated to areas both in Maryland and Virginia in 1790. As you know, the District of Columbia is home to the president, many elected officials, and contains a rich history of our nation’s upbringing. In addition to stately political buildings and unbearable traffic, Washington D.C. is home to the Smithsonian and several stately parks, offering vast tourist opportunities for those looking for a historical vacation. Washington D.C. proudly hosts nearly 694,000 residents, with nearly 25,000 of those residents being avid vapers! I was curious to see how our nation’s capital held up with supplying vape products to their cloud chasing residents, so I decided to explore this stunning city and see for myself!

1. Capital Vape Supply

Capital Vape Supply Map

Capital Vape Supply

1007 U St NW, Washington, DC, 20001, US
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First up in our trek through Washington, D.C.’s vape shops, we have Capital Vape Supply. Google rates them a 4.4 out of nearly 200 reviews, and while it’s a little lower I’d like to go, I was intrigued with the name and as my first stop in our nation’s capital, I wanted to see how it looked on the inside. Right away I wasn’t impressed with the interior. The carpet looked like it could use a good cleaning or replacement, as it was dirty and worn. The lighting was poor and dim, and I felt like I was in a basement that had been converted into a shop. There were a few purple LED strips set on top of the wooden e-liquid shelf, but it looked like a half-hearted attempt to liven up the place. The wooden e-liquid shelf itself was large and spacious, with many recognizable e-liquid brands like Dinner Lady, Naked 100, and Cuttwood line the shelves. This shop also had a selection of CBD oils and tinctures called Hemp & Heal, which was nice to see since it was a small shop. The shop also carried a lot of tobacco products, like BackWoods and Raw, as well as assorted glassware, things you usually don’t see in a shop unless it has “smoke and vape” somewhere in the title. Their hardware selection was kept securely behind glass and made up part of the large wooden countertop. While their hardware products weren’t sprawling into several cases, it was decent, offering several RDAs and pen-style devices, along with various starter kits from Smok and Sigelei. The guys behind the counter were pleasant and helpful, asking if there was anything I needed and if I was looking for a particular product. I noted that several customers were happily engaged in conversation with some of the other staff, and for the run-down appearance of the shop, they did seem to have quite a few satisfied customers. While the old saying is true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, first impressions do last the longest. I would have liked to see a more upgraded interior, but overall this was a great shop with a great selection of smoke and vape products, and the staff was knowledgeable and friendly.

Capital Vape Supply Capital Vape Supply Capital Vape Supply Capital Vape Supply

2. District Five Vape Store

District Five Vape Store Map

District Five Vape Store

6787 Wilson Blvd, Falls Church, VA, 22044, US
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Second, I stumbled across District Five Vape Store in my journey through Washington D.C.’s vape shops. Google rates this shop as a 4.5 out of just over 80 reviews, so while the rating was a bit lower than I’d like, I decided to check the shop out. The first thing I noticed about the shop was the bright and welcoming interior, with soft cream-colored walls and hanging light fixtures from the ceiling. It looked like an indoor garden, with potted plants placed neatly on the protruding wall shelves and a leafy curtain hanging from a rear entrance. Several hard bar stools lined the counters and the entire place looked sharp and clean. Upon closer inspection, it looked like the counters were made from leftover plywood and pine, which seemed a bit odd unless they were going for a more organic and recycling look. While I did see a smattering of regular vape juice brands like Naked 100 and Aqua, the majority of the e-liquids I saw were CBD related, with strange brand names like Mediprana and CBD FX. They also carried hemp gummies and capsules, all stamped as full spectrum, gluten-free, and vegan. They also carried Juul products and various nic-salt accessories, which was good for those that prefer the more discreet method of vaping. There were a few bottles on sale, ranging from a 10mL for $6 to a 100mL for $16, which is a steeply discounted price. The staff were kind and courteous and were able to answer my questions about the CBD products they carried. While the interior was fantastic and the staff was friendly, this was definitely a shop for CBD users, which I’m more in the vape juice realm. If you’re running low on e-liquid and need a quick bottle for a good price, this is a great place to come. If you’re more into the CBD aspect, then this shop will be perfect for you, as the people behind the counter were knowledgeable and helpful, right up to the part of explaining what they carried and why. Check it out if you’ve got some time to stop by!

District Five Vape Store District Five Vape Store District Five Vape Store

3. Avail Vapor

Next, we have Avail Vapor as our third vape shop stop in the local Washington, D.C. area. Google rates this shop a 4.4 out of 38 reviews, so as low as the ratings were, I decided to give them a shot. I’ve been to several other Avail Vapor shops throughout the country and wasn’t particularly fond of them, but I realized that there aren't that many vape shops in Washington D.C., so to avoid visiting vape and smoke shops, I tried to see if the location made a difference in the actual shop. When I walked into the shop, I noticed that there were several booths with clearly marked labels of the e-liquid type (i.e., Fruits, Bakery, etc.). There was a large sign stating that you couldn’t walk up to any e-liquid and start puffing away, but rather that an associate would be available to assist you shortly. I appreciated the clean and shiny floors, as well as the purple hue that was cast upon the sample e-liquid booths. All of the e-liquid was the Avail Vapor brand, so it was kind of like going into an Apple store and playing with all of the devices before you decide to buy one. Unfortunately, just like Apple, the e-liquids and hardware were expensive, although the customer service was superb. I was able to flit around from booth to booth, sampling any and all the flavors I liked. While this was a good shop, I would have preferred more of a brand variety, but since it’s a chain vape store of a particular company, they only have in-house flavors that make it very easy to run up a large bill. As an e-liquid store, their hardware isn’t as varied as I’d like, but still helpful if you need a new tank or coil ASAP. If you’re looking for a nice shop to hang out and sample free e-liquid without pressure to buy anything, by all means, check out this vape shop. You might even find your new favorite e-liquid and all-day vape juice here!

Avail Vapor Avail Vapor Avail Vapor Avail Vapor

4. District Vape Electronic Cigarette Vapor Boutique

District Vape Electronic Cigarette Vapor Boutique DMV Map

District Vape Electronic Cigarette Vapor Boutique DMV

6122 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, MD, 20747, US
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Number four was District Vape Electronic Cigarette Vapor Boutique. Google rates this shop as a 4.2 out of only 22 reviews, so dismal as the reviews may be, I still had to try this place out and see if it was worthy of writing about. When I first walked into the shop, I was struck by the harsh contrast of the bright red walls and the soft calming wood tones. I wouldn’t have chosen red as an interior wall color, but every shop unique in their styles and decorations. The white shelves were mounted on the wall but seemed strangely empty for such a vast amount of spaces for e-liquid, but maybe I caught them on a day they were waiting for a shipment. The e-liquid boxes were laid face down, so it was hard to see exactly which brands they carried, but I was able to make out vaper favorites like Snap eLiquids, Milkman, and Beard Vape Co. Their hardware was kept in an aluminum and glass case, with all of the hardware lying flat in felt cases, which struck me as a bit odd since you had to get right up to the glass and look straight down to view them. Their prices seemed extremely expensive, with a simple one-battery 70W starter kit was priced at $99.99, which is more than some three-battery box mods go for, and that’s not even including the batteries. Finally, there was a sample bar directly in the back of the shop, with several hard high-top chairs lined up to the counter. I wasn’t really impressed by the available samplers they had, but the guy was friendly enough and offered me several samples to see if there were any ones that I preferred. I didn’t end up buying anything just because the e-liquid selection, as well as the hardware products, were very limited, and I wanted to see if there were any other shops in the area that had a better selection than this one. If I had to change anything about this shop, it would be the wall color (I’m more of a fan of light colors, calming blues and greens, maybe in a soft peach or offwhite) and the number of products available. Many of the e-liquids were off-brands that looked like they’d been collected from the leftovers that nobody wanted anymore, much like a mass clearance sale. I wasn’t a fan of their prices and I read the reviews that several times people tried to visit them and the shop was closed for several hours in the middle of the day with people waiting outside. I can’t say that I was impressed with this shop, but if you happen to stop by this shop and have a better experience, I’d love to hear about it!

District Vape Electronic Cigarette Vapor Boutique District Vape Electronic Cigarette Vapor Boutique District Vape Electronic Cigarette Vapor Boutique

5. VaporFi CBD and Vape

VaporFi Map


3210 O St NW, Washington, DC, 20007, US
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Lastly, we have VaporFi CBD and Vape as our fifth and final vape shop of the Washington, D.C. area. Google rates them an abysmal 3.9 out of nearly 50 reviews; I’ve been to other VaporFi vape shops in different states, so curiosity made me wonder why this shop was rated so low. I’ve always loved the interiors of VaporFi’s nationwide, and this one was just as clean and spotless as the others. All of the furniture, walls, and accessories were white with green accents, casting a calming ambiance over the entire shop. The e-liquid flavorings were lined up sharply and properly against the back wall, almost like soldiers in a militia. Their high-back chairs were lightweight and the seats were clear and clean. Their hardware, from batteries to mods, were all branded with the VaporFi logo, meaning that you won’t find any other name brands than the store brand. All of their e-liquids are made in-house and on-the-spot, so if you’re curious how a pineapple, mango, and banana milkshake would taste in e-liquid form, you simply ask for it and they whip you up a fresh batch. The customer service was kind and on-point, with nothing but professional courtesy and friendliness at every turn. The prices were steep, so I can understand why some people would be disgruntled about that. Also, some of the inventory was out of stock, which is understandable since they undoubtedly run through many sales throughout the day, and as a chain store, you’re more limited to how frequently you can order since everything has to go through corporate. All-in-all, I couldn’t figure out why this place had such a poor rating since I always enjoy myself here. I read through some of the reviews, and it seems that most people don’t like that the inventory goes pretty quickly, they don’t like the e-juices available, or they just left one star with no explanation. I know that I really liked this shop despite having limited options, but the modern interior is a great selling point compared to some vape shops I’d visited. If you’re looking for a unique vape juice that can be crafted to your presence in a professional and friendly environment, this is the shop for you!

VaporFi CBD and Vape VaporFi CBD and Vape VaporFi CBD and Vape

While I wish I could say I was impressed with the vape shops of Washington, D.C., there really doesn’t seem to be that much demand for vaping. Most of the places I visited didn’t have that much to offer, and whenever I tried to find a vape shop on Google or Yelp, I ended up finding a tobacco shop with hookah and various vape related things like Juul and pod devices. I was disappointed that there weren’t more vape related shops in the area. My guess would be that politicians and tourists don’t really vape as much as previous cities like Miami and New York City. I would have loved to stay for much longer just to soak up the atmosphere and culture of our nation’s capital, but there are still so many cities to visit! If you happen to live in the area and know of a shop that I’ve missed, drop a comment below! Or if you happen to pass through and get a chance to visit one of these shops, let me know! I love to hear from my readers and it’s exciting to hear from fellow vapers who have had a chance to visit one of the vape shops I’ve written about. As always, vape happy my friends, and my your clouds always be puffy and full of flavor!

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