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6 Austin Vape Shops

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During our trek through vape shops in America, we’ve skirted through several cities in Texas, but today, we visit the capitol...Austin! Austin is famous for its massive bat colony, recognized as the largest in the country. Austin is also famous for its superb nightlife and tourist attractions, as it houses over 950k inhabitants. Of this massive population, over 34,000 claim to be avid vapers. With such a large number of cloud chasers, quite a few vape shops have sprung up all over the city. I’ve visited a few of them, and I’ll share my experience in each of them below. Let’s check them out!

1. The Pink Cloud Vape Shop & Lounge

Pink Cloud Vape Shop and Lounge Map

Pink Cloud Vape Shop and Lounge

7517 Cameron Rd #128, Austin, TX, 78752, US
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First in our list of Austin vape shops, we have The Pink Cloud Vape Shop & Lounge. Google rates them a 4.7 out of nearly 170 reviews, and since I’m a sucker for wittily-named shops, I had to stop in and check this place out! True to its name, this place was full of pink accents: the light pink LED lights, pink pillows on the couches, and pink pictures and the carpeting in the hardware display case. And thanks to the power of suggestion, my eyes immediately lighted upon all the e-liquid boxes that had pink, including Air Factory, Circus Cookie, and Alternativ eLiquids. The staff were super chill and were happy to let me try out some samples of vape juices I’d never heard of before, like Hometown Hero and Alien Piss. Their hardware was decent and included a full line of mods, starter kits, tanks, accessories, and even batteries! The lounge area had several big plushy leather chairs that had been creased to a buttery softness, while several sturdy wooden chairs lined a round table for more elevated vape sessions. This was a super creative and fun shop, and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a vape shop that stocks just about everything!

The Pink Cloud Vape Shop & Lounge The Pink Cloud Vape Shop & Lounge The Pink Cloud Vape Shop & Lounge

2. Flavor Vapor

Flavor Vapor Map

Flavor Vapor

6800 Burnet Rd #3, Austin, TX, 78757, US
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Secondly, we have Flavor Vapor in our list of local Austin vape shops. Google rates them a 4.6 out of nearly 120 reviews, and with a name that has flavor right next to vapor, I had to check this place out! I was slightly disappointed with how plain the interior was, with beige colored walls, wooden floors, and bright white fluorescent lighting. There weren’t a lot of pictures on the walls, but it was charming in a minimalist kind of way. The place was clean and organized, with four plush chairs and two TVs offering quiet entertainment to customers while they lost themselves in sweetly scented clouds. The bar countertop was sturdy looking, with a thick wood finish and steel bar stools lined up next to it. Behind the counter, I saw a couple of my favorite vape brands like Loaded and Vape Breakfast Classics (which are packed with thick dessert flavor) lined up in protruding wall shelves, but was surprised they didn’t carry more of a variety. One thing I was pleased to see is that they carried a small section of CBD vape juice, located underneath a sign that said “Life’s Balance.” And finally, they had a very large selection of hardware, taking up two very large glass cases with all the tools a beginner, intermediate, or advanced vaper would need. This vape shop wasn’t aesthetically impressive, but the sweet customer service and the calming ambiance made this stop an enjoyable one.

Flavor Vapor Flavor Vapor Flavor Vapor

3. Cloud Counter Vapor

Cloud Counter Vapor Map

Cloud Counter Vapor

10001 S IH 35 Frontage Rd, Austin, TX, 78747, US
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Third in our trek through Austin’s vape shops, we have Cloud Counter Vapor. Google rates this place a 4.7 out of nearly 130 reviews, and since the name is something that many vapers can appreciate, I headed over to see if the name matched the rating. I walked into the shop and did a double take...the entire shop had a very zen ambiance, with light colored walls, calming cobalt-blue and mustard-yellow chairs surrounding white square tables with flowers in the center. There was a thick carpet in the middle of the room with a pair of tables and high-chairs, while a fish tank burbled merrily in the corner next to a tall glass hardware display case. The lone staff member behind the bar welcomed me and asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for. He directed me to their sample-testing area, where I could try out any number of appetizing e-liquids. I spied a bottle called Shark Gummies and Tailored House (maybe a spoof on Tollhouse?) and decided to buy both. This shop was a welcome change to the other vape shops I’d been in, and definitely stands out still as a memorable and relaxing place. If you’re looking to restore your zen, xi, or feng shui, this shop is certainly the place to do it! With reasonable price, various e-liquids to try, and hardware and accessories for nearly every setup, this place might very well be your new go-to vape shop!

Cloud Counter Vapor Cloud Counter Vapor Cloud Counter Vapor

4. Vintage Vapor

Vintage Vapor Map

Vintage Vapor

5510 S IH 35 Frontage Rd Suite 130, Austin, TX, 78745, US
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Number four our list of local Austin vape shops is Vintage Vapor. Google rates them a 4.8 out of nearly 60 reviews, which is a little on the low side, but I decided to make the trip anyway. This was definitely a smart move, because to walk into this quaint little shop is like walking into a time machine! The shop is true to its name, with so many antique items lining the walls and all of the e-liquid arranged in a tall china cabinet. Awards and trophies lined the top of the e-liquid cabinet, while all sorts of hardware were lined up in the sprawling glass cases. Just to walk around and browse the vintage feel of the place was exciting, and the fact that this was also a vape shop made the entire experience a memorable one. A blackboard on the wall displayed their e-liquids in fancy handwritten letters since TVs aren’t vintage! Several lawn and easy chairs were sprinkled throughout the shop, all looking like they came out of your grandfather’s attic. Five red metal bar stools were lined up next to the counter where you could sample, purchase, and examine all that the shop had to offer. The staff were so sweet and super attentive, no doubt amused at my awe of the nostalgia this place made me feel. From the outside, this place looked like just another vape shop. But step inside and walk this way, to a vintage vape shop that is sure to bring out the bargain hunter/antique lover in us all.

Vintage Vapor Vintage Vapor Vintage Vapor Vintage Vapor

5. The Vapor Studio

The Vapor Studio Map

The Vapor Studio

11139 I-35 #176, Austin, TX, 78753, US
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We’re nearly there! The Vapor Studio as our sixth vape shop in local Austin. I truly saved the best for last, because Google rates this place a 4.9 out of 174 reviews, which is astonishing and nearly unheard of. With a rating so high and reviews continuously praising the place, I had to see this place in person! What struck me about this place was that they kept all their ejuice behind glass cases, just like the hardware! I must admit, the juice looked exotic and fancy underneath the white lights in the case. The shop was open and spacious, with warm wood tones on both the walls and floor. Several bar stools were lined up near the counter and against the walls of the shop, offering leisure vape time to their customers. Their accessories included drip tips, battery charges, and a decent selection of starter kits. Their e-liquids contained Dinner Lady, Vape Breakfast Classics, and various DripMore products (Candy King, Milk King, Tropic King). I even saw a vape juice from a previous store called Alien Piss, and concluded that it must be somewhat popular in Austin for two different vape shops to carry. The staff were warm and friendly, and the prices were reasonable. I even picked up a drip tip that nicely matched my Smok Mag and a can of Monster from the vending machine inside the shop. This was a calm and chill environment that I appreciated, almost like a basement or a living room with how everything was arranged. Definitely recommend to those weary vape travelers looking for a chill vape shop to refill, recharge, and relax.

The Vapor Studio The Vapor Studio The Vapor Studio The Vapor Studio

6. Ozone Vapors

Ozone Vapors Map

Ozone Vapors

1006 E Yager Ln #207, Austin, TX, 78753, US
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And last but not least, we have Ozone Vapors. Google rates this shop as an ultra-rare 5.0 out of 38 reviews, something I’ve never seen and always wondered if it existed, kind of like a unicorn or a leprechaun. With such a lucky charm before me, I knew I had to check out this place. The interior was delicious dark and calming, like an underground lair that was open to the public. A puffy cotton cloud hung from the ceiling, like some kind of fancy disco ball. Various T-shirts were nailed to the wall, right above their e-liquid display shelves. I immediately recognized Jam Monster and Melon Twist amongst their proffered vape juices and admired their clean and spacious interior. Comfortable chairs lined up next to the bar showed that the owner cared about making the customer comfortable, while a TV on the far side droned quietly in the corner. Two Monster vending machines were in the shop, offering energy and refreshment to their customers in addition to their cloud-chasing endeavors. Their hardware was a little sparse, with only a few mods on display but the guy behind the counter assured me that they had accessories for most of the popular common device options. I loved that the staff welcomed the car community and on every single one of the online reviews, they mention how awesome the customer service was. I couldn’t agree more and felt right at home as if I were in my own vape shop in NYC. Great vibes, excellent customer service, and wonderful products. Take a trip to this shop and you won’t regret it! The reviews speak for themselves, and I was super happy to find such an awesome vape shop on my final vape shop review for Austin.

Ozone Vapors Ozone Vapors Ozone Vapors

And there you have it! Six cloud-happy vape shops that supply vape juice, accessories, hardware, and CBD products to thirsty vapers in their quest for supreme cloud dominance. Austin was an awesome place to hang out in and explore, with friendly people at every vape shop I visited. I was truly sorry to leave, but always eager to start my next adventure. If you happen to see a vape shop that I’ve missed, let me know and I’ll be happy to check it out! Vape shop experiences can vary from day to day, so if you have a chance to visit one of the shops in the list and had a similar experience to mine, drop a comment below! As always, vape happy my fellow vapers, and may your clouds always be flavorful, puffy, and never-ending!

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