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6 Boston Vape Shops

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Greetings, fellow vapers, and welcome to this week’s local vape guide of the vape shops throughout the United States. Today, we trek through Boston, Massachusetts, best known for the Boston Red Sox, as well as the Green Wall in Fenway Park. Boston also has a fantastic recipe for baked beans and hosts one of the most impressive marathons in the country. Aside from their sports and cooking, Boston is also home to more than 685,000 residents, of which over 24,000 claims to be avid cloud chasers. Many clouds require many vape shops, so let’s take a tour through six of Boston’s most popular vape shops!

1. Bluemoon Smoke Shop



470 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 02215, US
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First up in our trek through Boston’s vape shops, we have Bluemoon Smoke Shop. Google rates this shop as a 3.8 with nearly 100 reviews, and while the rating was a lot lower than I’d like, I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of actual vape shops. Since smoke shops often carry vape juice and various hardware, I decided to check out what my vape options were. I made my way down the stairs and pushed open the front door to see what goodies lay in store. The first thing that I observed was that this shop had quite a lot of glassware, so if hookah and bongs are your thing, this shop would be the place to come. They had a smattering of vaping hardware, but from brands I wasn’t familiar with, such as Pax, Pulsar, and Puffco. I found more luck when I checked out their e-juice selection, noticing brand favorites like Naked 100, Kilo, and Juice Head. They had several off brands as well, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try any of the juices due to it being a smoke shop that didn’t have a tasting section. The shop also carried Juul Pods and Bo Pods, as well as the expected range of tobacco products. I didn’t see any CBD products but since this was a smoke shop, I know my options were very limited. The customer service wasn’t all that great either, as the guys running it were more concerned with helping people who were actually looking to buy cigars and waxes. I was disappointed that my experience was less than optimal, but I hoped that my next stop would be more profitable. While the name of the shop was cool and made me think of the popular orange citrus beer, I caution travelers to enter unless you’re really desperate for vape juice or hardware.

Bluemoon Smoke Shop Bluemoon Smoke Shop Bluemoon Smoke Shop Bluemoon Smoke Shop

2. The Vape Shop

Second, I stumbled across The Vape Shop in my journey through Boston’s vape shops. Google rates them a 4.9 out of only 15 reviews, so while the review count was low, the rating was satisfactory so I headed over to see what this plainly named shop had to offer. I walked through the doors and noted that while the interior was simple, the shop was well-stocked in a variety of products, including tobacco and several organic hemp CBD products. I observed their e-juice selection, which carried big name brands like Air Factory, Reds Apple eJuice, Naked 100, and Skweezed eJuice. Their hardware selection seemed to be more low-key, offering the popular Juul equipment, various Smok starter kits, and assorted tanks. They also sold lighters and phallic-shaped glassware, which I don’t usually see in vape shops, but it makes sense since they had some tobacco products. Their staff was super friendly and kind, asking if I was looking for anything in particular. While I wasn’t able to try any of their flavors, I noted that many of their e-liquids were brands I was familiar with, so it was nice to have found a shop with a good vaping selection. While the shop was small and plainly decorated, it looked to meet the needs of their customers with great customer service and a good selection of vaping supplies. There wasn’t a designated seating area and only a few decorations, including a large screen TV screen, but it was well worthy of my time to stop in and see what they had. If you’re looking to avoid smoke shops in Boston in favor of a more traditional vape shop, I highly recommend stopping into the appropriately named Vape Shop and stock up on all of your vaping needs!

The Vape Shop The Vape Shop The Vape Shop The Vape Shop

3. The Tobacco Exchange

Next, we have The Tobacco Exchange as our third vape shop stop in the local Boston. Google rates them a 4.6 out of nearly 40 reviews, so although I knew it would be a smoke shop, I wanted to see what vape products they carried, if any. I loved the exterior of the place, with its clean storefront and bold legible store name proudly displayed. Thanks to the large glass windows, I was able to see right into the store and noted that the interior looked clean and neat as well. I opened the door and was hit by a strong scent of tobacco, while unexpected, was not unpleasant. I immediately saw their tobacco products and several lighters located in the front, but as I made my way further into the small shop, my eyes widened and a smile broke out on my lips...there was a huge display of e-liquid! Familiar brands like Cuttwood, Bad Drip Labs, Naked 100, Vape Breakfast Classics, and Kilo Original Series were easily distinguishable on their shelves, and I was immediately thankful I’d stopped in. While I wasn’t able to sample any of their liquids, since it wasn’t an actual vape shop, the workers there were very friendly and quickly informed me on what the flavors were, as which brands to avoid based on my flavor palette. I was delighted to discover that there was even a CBD selection, which the staff was also very knowledgeable about. Their hardware selection was surprisingly well-equipped, with various hookah setups and glassware, fancy Zippo lighters, Aspire and eLeaf tanks, Kangertech mods, and Smok tanks and coils. Everything in the shop was reasonably priced, and there seemed to be a little bit of everything related to smoke/vapor/CBD in here. I was delighted to find such a great niche in the heart of Boston, and definitely recommend this shop to those looking for a great selection of e-liquid, as well as emergency hardware situations. If you’re looking for a decent tobacco/hookah shop as well, you’ve definitely hit the jackpot with this shop!

The Tobacco Exchange The Tobacco Exchange The Tobacco Exchange

4. La Tia Vape Shop

La Tia Smoke Shop Map

La Tia Smoke Shop

154 Maverick St, East Boston, MA, 02128, US
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We’re nearly there! Number four on our local guide of vape shops in the Boston is La Tia Vape Shop. Google rates them a 4.9 out of 55 reviews. “Tia” is Spanish for “aunt” so, with such a friendly, familial name, I decided to head in and see what our fourth Boston vape shop had to offer. I walked through the doors and noticed that nearly every wall and floor space of the small shop was littered with equipment, featuring glassware, tobacco products, mods, coils, and even a small section for e-liquids. I spied brand favorites like Slotter Pop, Lost Art, and Kilo Original Series, as well as several brands I was unfamiliar with, called Blaq Visions eLiquid and Nerdcore. Once again, I wasn’t allowed to sample any of the e-liquids, since it was a smoke shop, but the majority of flavors I was able to easily identify as being good ones. The gentleman behind the counter was kind enough to let me know the flavor profiles for the unfamiliar brands, and since I couldn’t try them, I decided to stick with what I knew and bought a bottle of Unicorn Puke by Lost Art. I noted that their hardware was kept neatly behind glass counters, allowing for easy viewings and total security. Heavy hitters like Smok had starter kits and tanks displayed out of their boxes, and there were battery chargers for sale, something I don’t always see in even the most popular of vape shops. If you’re looking for CBD products, this shop offers that as well, offering organic hemp for rolling papers and various tobacco products like Raw, Juicy, and Trip. While this wasn’t exactly my favorite shop to stop in, I was pleased to see that there were a few vaping options as well, catering to the seemingly small vaping community in Boston.

La Tia Vape Shop La Tia Vape Shop La Tia Vape Shop La Tia Vape Shop

5. The Kush Groove Shop

The Kush Groove Shop Map

The Kush Groove Shop

1536 Tremont St, Boston, MA, 02120, US
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Fifth on our local guide of vape shops in Boston is The Kush Groove Shop. Google gives this shop a 4.5 out of 70 reviews, so while I know that “kush” is a type of marijuana, I decided to see if they offered anything vape related. When I arrived, I noted that the banners on the shop advertised, “Lifestyle apparel, hookah + tobacco, and glass pipes + vapes.” I wasn’t sure if that meant that they sold vape devices, but as this was my second to last shop, I figured the only way to see what they sold was to walk inside. I instantly fell in love with the interior, which was designed in bold graphics, rich gray wood floor, high ceiling (no pun intended) and brightly lit green walls (no doubt in honor of the famous Mary Jane). I noticed that there were several hoodies, caps, and shirts that proudly displayed witty marijuana sayings, which explained the apparel advertisement on the shop’s front glass window. Several tobacco products were lined up on shelves, along with a decent row of e-liquids (much to my great surprise). Brands like Juul and Naked 100, along with CBD and THC edibles. One thing I noticed about this shop is that it seemed to be a hangout place for nearly everything weed-related. There were conferences for people running cannabis businesses, BYOB painting sessions, and even DJ parties. It seemed to be very in tune with the millennials and cloud chasers of all kinds, offering a let-loose environment that was well-controlled and vibrant. If you’re looking to head to a place that places an emphasis on people rather than supplies, this place is definitely somewhere you need to check out as you make your way through the Boston area.

The Kush Groove Shop The Kush Groove Shop The Kush Groove Shop

6. Eastie Smoke Shop

Eastie Smoke Shop Map

Eastie Smoke Shop

76 Bennington St, East Boston, MA, 02128, US
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And last but never least, we have Eastie Smoke Shop as our sixth and final vape shop of the Boston area. Google rates them a 4.7 out of just over 60 reviews, so as my last stop, I figured I’d give them a go! The outside of the place looked like a typical smoke shop, with hookah outlines on the sign and sprawling hookah setups in the big bay window. There was a bold sign on the door that stated you had to be 21+ to enter, so that was an immediate plus. When I walked through the doors, I took in the atmosphere and stopped to admire several intriguing hookah setups. I was very happy to discover this shop sold several brands of e-liquid that I recognized, including big names like Loaded, Kilo Moo Series, and FRYD. Unfortunately, since this was simply a smoke shop, I wasn’t able to try any of the flavors. If you’re looking for a quick stop to pick up some e-juice and know what you like, this shop would be great in a pinch. Their hardware was pretty basic, with simple brands like iStick, Cleito, and KangerTech. I didn’t see any Smok products, which was surprising since those are extremely popular in the vaping community, albeit expensive. There were also several USB cords for charging your vaping device and phone, but most of the hardware was disappointing to a hardcore vaper like me. The customer service was decent, as the girl behind the counter asked me if I needed help with anything in particular. I would have liked more of a variety, but I know that’s to be expected when you’re in a smoke shop rather than a vape shop. The overall experience was that there were more vape supplies than many other smoke shops I’ve been in, but it’s only really useful if you’re simply looking to go in and go out quickly.

Eastie Smoke Shop Eastie Smoke Shop Eastie Smoke Shop Eastie Smoke Shop

And that’s it! Six vape shops that supply the local vape demand of the Boston area. I was a bit disappointed to notice that there were more smoke shops that carried vape products than actual vape shops. I found out that there are quite a few vaping bans in Boston, including campuses and outdoor facilities, so I’m sure that contributed to the lack of vape shops, at least compared to cities I’ve traveled to in the past. I would have loved to stay for much longer just to soak up the atmosphere and culture of Boston but there are still so many cities to visit! If you happen to live in the area and know of a shop that I’ve missed, drop a comment below! Or if you happen to pass through and get a chance to visit one of these shops, let me know! I love to hear from my readers and it’s exciting to hear from fellow vapers who have had a chance to visit one of the vape shops I’ve written about. As always, vape happy my friends, and my your clouds always be puffy and full of flavor!

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