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6 Charlotte Vape Shops

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Today’s vape article takes us to some Southern lovin’, where the accents are strong and the hospitality is warm: Charlotte, North Carolina! In addition to their famous grits and sweet tea, Charlotte is also known as the second largest banking hub, with only New York being ahead of them. North Carolina also sports a handful of professional sports and is famous for being home of the first successful airplane flight (hello, Wright brothers!). Charlotte is home to over 859,000 residents, with nearly 31k claiming to be cloud chasers. And you know with a vaping population that high, there’s got to be some awesome vape shops sprinkled throughout the city! Let’s take a look, shall we? I managed to squeeze six shops into my time spent there, and while I’m sure there’s many more, I’ll give you a virtual tour of the shops I had the pleasure of checking out!

1. Art of Vape

The Art Of Vape Map

The Art Of Vape

1426 Winnifred St, Charlotte, NC, 28203, US
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Google rates this shop a 4.7 out of nearly 50 reviews. I’ve discovered that places that have “Art of” anything usually turns out to be pretty cool places, so I headed to this shop as my first stop in Charlotte. While I figured this place would be intriguing, I wasn’t counting on this shop being a tattoo parlor as well as a vape shop! There were two separate sections of the shop, one side being a tattoo section, (complete with various tattoo portraits on the wall) and the other side sporting various vape juices that they make in-house and carry a few premium brands (I saw Mr. Salt-E, a popular nic-salt brand, as well ). Several of their flavors, like Skippermilk, Pop’d and Watson, invoked curiosity and made me want to try them all! The shop staff was very attentive and respectful, asking me if there was anything in particular I was looking for. I asked them about the tattoo & vape shop combined and was offered some vape juice to test out while they regaled me with the shop's history. I saw that the shop also carried popular brands of hardware like VGOD, Wismec, Kangertech, and of course, Smok. Their hardware, although neatly displayed and in a clean antique case, was a little sparse. There were a few “emergency” setups, as I like to call them, for when you need a new setup in a pinch. They had coils, pen-style mods, and batteries all lined up and ready to go. They also had a few novelty T-shirts and caps for sale as well as their vape equipment, which was a nice feature if you’d gotten either a tattoo or vape related purchase, and wanted to show your support. They also had a pool table and several leather chairs for their customers to enjoy themselves while waiting for a tattoo or after they’d made their vape selections. But by far the two coolest things in the shop was the fact that they had a vintage Porsche inside, in its entirety, as well as a Coil Flip ATM that allowed you to by Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency. By far, this was one of the coolest shops I’d ever been inside, and while I was sorely tempted to get a tattoo just for the fun of it, I played a game of pool and enjoyed my new e-liquid and basked in the friendly ambiance. If you ever happen to pass through Charlotte, even for a road trip, I highly recommend stopping by this place just for the experience. You’ll be glad you did!

Art of Vape Art of Vape Art of Vape Art of Vape

2. Carolina Vapor Mill

Carolina Vapor Mill Charlotte Map

Carolina Vapor Mill Charlotte

3625 Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28216, US
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Next, I stopped in at Carolina Vapor Mill in my trek through local Charlotte vape shops. Google rates them a 4.6 out of 65 reviews, so I headed over to check the place out. With a name like Vapor Mill, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but nothing daunted, I walked through the doors. I discovered that this was actually an in-house juice shop, where many of their e-liquids are custom made to order. The shop was clean and spacious, with bright lights and light paint color on the wall. They even had an awesome incentive chalkboard paint wall, where they had a list of people who stopped smoking sign their name under the “I stopped smoking” plaque. Their hardware was slightly extensive and neatly lined up in a white wood and glass case, displaying brands like Nautilus, Aspire, and Smok. Their e-liquids were also displayed behind a white wood and glass case, carrying vaper favorites like Milkman and Mamasan as well as some off-brands like Ragna-Rok and Pinup Vapors. Their in-house flavors were clearly and colorfully displayed on two TVs behind the bar, showing flavors like Jamaican Rum and Swedish Fish. There were several bar stool chairs lined up next to the e-juice bar, and several cozy leather couches were lined up against the wall for comfortable relaxation after you’d made your purchases. While their prices were a little high, it was more advisable to get the in-house juices for a better experience and to try flavors you wouldn’t otherwise get in a different shop. The staff there were so sweet and very welcoming, asking if I’d been there before and the reason for my traveling to their awesome shop. They also have an online website to purchase from if I ever needed anything and was out of state. Overall, this was a nice shop and I really enjoyed my visit. I would have liked a bit more modern interior and a wider selection of e-liquids and hardware, but it was a cool shop to drop in and visit.

Carolina Vapor Mill Carolina Vapor Mill Carolina Vapor Mill Carolina Vapor Mill

3. Charlotte Vapes

Charlotte Vapes Map

Charlotte Vapes

9124 South Tryon Street g, Charlotte, NC, 28273, US
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Third in our trek through Charlotte's vape shops is Charlotte Vapes. Now Google has this place rated at a 4.4 out of 85 reviews, so while it’s a little lower on the ratings than I would have liked, I decided I’d rather check this place out instead of going to a smoke/tobacco shop. When I entered the shop, I was immediately struck with the colorful e-liquid display behind the counter, full of favorites like Burst eLiquids, Melon Twist, Vapetasia, and Reds. I love seeing shops with a full display of popular brands, as well as some popular online brands like Excision Vapes, Dripwhich, and Bad Drip Labs. Their hardware was just as impressive, with various box mods, nic-salt pod devices, and tanks from Smok, Sigelei, Wismec, and Aspire. They even had an entire section devoted to glassware bongs, hookah setups, and random things like artistic cookware and even a few scented candles. The shop was brightly lit and clean, with a modern electronics store vibe. There was a single table with a few backless bar chairs huddled around, offering a place to sit down and enjoy yourself while you examined your newest purchases. The decor was lively as well, with several TV screens showing the different brands offered, prices, and new products. There were a few framed posters as well, and ceiling fans kept the vape clouds at bay (which I think was an excellent idea, since everyone loves to fog up vape shops). They also had an extensive selection of CBD products, which was very kindly displayed to me by the shop’s staff. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and kept me feeling comfortable throughout my visit. They were vigilant in checking IDs, which is a plus since not every shop is diligent about this. There are a few other stores with the name, which I discovered was a chain of shops, so while I can’t vouch for the other shops, this one was a real joy to visit and I’ll be back again soon whenever I’m in the Charlotte area!

Charlotte Vapes Charlotte Vapes Charlotte Vapes Charlotte Vapes Charlotte Vapes

4. Avail Vapor

AVAIL Vapor Map


8641 South Blvd #100, Charlotte, NC, 28273, US
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We’re halfway there! Number four in our local vape shop guide through Charlotte is Avail Vapor. Google rates them a 4.6 out of just over 60 reviews. I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting when I walked into the shop, but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked inside. The shop was brightly lit, with both clean white lights as well as hypnotic blue LED lights. I almost felt like I was walking into a club with how shiny and smooth everything was. The vape juices were vast and were lined up in built-in wall shelves, filling over a dozen rows with fine flavors. There were several island countertops with humorous phrases, like “Vaping: a resolution you can keep!” and “No junk in our juice!” They also had a fantastic QR code picture frame informing everyone that every bottle of juice that they make has a scannable QR code that shows exactly what’s in your e-liquid. The shop had several e-liquid samplers available next to a professional frame of what juice you were sampling. Cryptic names like Pandora’s Box and Red Lantern were readily available, each tester full loaded and ready to delight your vape taste buds. The decor was minimal but oddly perfect, not too much but just enough to keep a refined atmosphere. The staff was helpful and friendly, making some recommendations to which flavors I might like. They also informed me that all of their e-liquid was premium based and simply made, with only VG, PG, Nicotine, and flavoring making up their juice bases. They were super knowledgeable about everything in the shop and let me know what hardware they had since I didn’t see any immediately displayed. I would say this shop places more of an emphasis on their own e-liquid rather than offering popular brands like Naked 100 and Dinner Lady. But as for the ambiance, I loved being to flit from taster to taster, without having to unscrew the tank from the mod to try a new flavor. The blue LED lights gave the place a shimmering glow, and the entire shop had a great vibe. Even if you’re not a big fan of Avail vape juice, just come by for the experience.

Avail Vapor Avail Vapor Avail Vapor

5. Native Vapes

Native Vapes Map

Native Vapes

9640 S Tryon St i, Charlotte, NC, 28273, US
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Number five on our list of local Charlotte vape shops is Native Vapes. Google rates this shop a 4.7 out of nearly 60 reviews. I figured with a shop that has “native” in the name, it must be a local/native watering hole that’s popular with the surrounding vapers. I headed in to check it out. The outside was very plain, with a faded yellow and blue awning overlooking a brick facade. But I’ve been to enough shops to know not to judge a shop from just the exterior, and once again, I was proved right. The interior of the shop was very well-stocked, with an entire selection premium e-liquids and even some CBD products! Their CBD products were neatly displayed in the back of the shop but still visible from the entrance. Their e-liquid offerings were incredible, focusing on less known online brands like NKTR Sour, Horn Reserve, Fruga Vapor, and Gummy O’s. I was very excited to try these brands because unlike lesser known brands, these were in large chubby bottles and had bright colorful boxes with great graphics. There was also a wooden foosball table located near several rustic wooden chairs surrounding a tall table, inviting customers to hang out and enjoy their time there. There were also two off-white leather couches that looked comfy and cozy if the hard wooden seats were too uncomfortable for your sensitive tush! Their hardware was excellent as well, offering dripper supplies from Vandy Vape, CBD products like Herb-E and a Starbuds Dabuccino glassware, as well as the latest box mods, tanks, and starter kits from Smok. The staff was very friendly and they let me know that they price match, which is always a plus for a vape shop. They were knowledgeable about everything in their shop and even helped me understand a few of their CBD hardware. This place was awesome and it just goes to show that just because a place looks a little plain on the outside, it doesn’t mean it looks the same inside! Check this shop out if you’re looking for a great place to hang out, as well as to try some new premium e-juice that you might not have heard but will soon be always wanting!

Native Vapes Native Vapes Native Vapes Native Vapes Native Vapes

6. Kure Vaporium

Kure Vaporium - NoDa Map

Kure Vaporium - NoDa

2424 N Davidson St #109, Charlotte, NC, 28205, US
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And last but certainly not least, we have Kure Vaporium as our final Charlotte vape shop. Google rates this shop a 4.6 out of nearly 130 reviews. There are actually quite a few Kure Vaporiums, so as they’re all a chain, it’s impossible to judge one based on the other, but this one that I went to was pretty impressive. If you get a chance to visit the other ones, I’d love to know how they compared to this one! Big and brightly colored letters spelled out the shop name KURE, and it was advertised as a shop to lounge and vape in. I adored how the colors of the shop just drew you in, making you want to see what’s inside. And boy, the interior is absolutely incredible. An entire wall of “Bottled Juice” was clearly marked and displayed, allowing the customers to walk right up and browse the products. There were several pole-style display cases that showed their hardware, clothing, and fitted caps. The place was spotless and had low-hanging lights that cast delicious shadows across the floor. There was a fantastic seating area in the back, with several multi-color and black suede chairs and a table to rest your purchases on. The staff were super friendly, never pushy, and very fun to talk to. They gave me pointers one what juice were their favorites, and which ones were the most popular. I loved being here for the ambiance as well as the fact that I could browse so many different things within one shop. For the atmosphere, prices, and products, this was a fantastic way to finish off my tour of Charlotte’s awesome vape shops!

Kure Vaporium Kure Vaporium Kure Vaporium Kure Vaporium

And there you have it! Six stunning vape shops sprinkled throughout the Charlotte area, supplying cloud chasers with tasty e-liquids, fresh coils, snazzy hardware, and many other fine accessories. Charlotte was a beautiful city to visit, and it was a heartwarming experience to be in the South, where the motorcycles and pickup trucks run wild and there are miles and miles of open road. Each of these vape shops were unique and a joy to visit. I know there are more than six vape shops in all of Charlotte, so if you happen to know of one that you think I should have visited, let me know! If by chance you did happen to drop by one of the shops I’ve reviewed, leave me a comment so I can see if your experience was as good or better (hopefully not worse!) than mine. And yet this article must come to a close, for there are many other cities to visit, countless shops to check out, and thousands of e-liquids that are begging to be turned into beautiful flavorful clouds! As always, vape happy my friends, and may your clouds always we puff, full of flavor, and never-ending!

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