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6 Columbus Vape Shops

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Welcome to Columbus, Ohio, named after Christopher Columbus, the famous explorer who thought he was traveling to find a better spice route through the West Indies! In addition to being named after this famed explorer, Columbus is famous for quite a few things! Ohio State University is widely regarded as the largest university nationwide and is also praised for having an excellent football school, stellar medical and veterinary school. Columbus also houses over 879,000 residents, with more than 31k vapers. That’s a lot of cloud chasers! Naturally, vape shops have to spring up to supply the hungry vapers who need fresh coils, flavorful juice, various hardware, and much more. Let’s take a journey through the six vape shops I stopped in at and catch a glimpse of what these beautiful vape shops are really like.

1. Top Notch Vapor

Top Notch Vapor Map

Top Notch Vapor

3496 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH, 43235, US
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First up in our hunt for Columbus vape shops is Top Notch Vapor. Google rates them a 4.8 out of nearly 250 reviews, and for a name like that, the rating alone certainly seems to agree! I walked into the shop and admired the decor. Calming blues and shiny light wood tables greeted me, along with a comfy leather couch and a plethora of cushioned bar stools set up around the long wooden table. But what was most impressive was the sheer volume of products that the shop had. An entire wall was devoted to nearly every hardware piece imaginable, from actual batteries and replacement coils for a multitude of tanks to starter kits and pen-style mods. The other half of the shop had an equally large display of e-liquids, with three large signs advertising the different vape juices available. There were several tablets lined up on the counter for customers to browse through, as well as several sample kits to see if a particular juice tickles your fancy. The staff were very kind and helpful and made several recommendations on what juice I should try next. Overall, I really enjoyed this place, from the interior decor to the huge variety of both hardware and e-liquid. If you’re looking for a place to come hang out or even to get a quick fillup of juice or coils, Top Notch Vapor will definitely be worth your time!

Top Notch Vapor Top Notch Vapor Top Notch Vapor Top Notch Vapor

2. Alt Smoke

AltSmoke Map


2460 N High St, Columbus, OH, 43202, US
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Next in our local Columbus vape shops is Alt Smoke. Google rates them a 4.5 out of over 200 reviews. I immediately got the insinuation of the shop’s name meaning “alternative to smoking,” and with that little nugget tucked safely away, I headed over to check out the shop. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the shop was that it was nice and spacious. A huge bar with four high-backed chairs was covered in various e-liquids, with noticeable brands like Rounds, Burst eLiquids, and Dinner Lady waiting to tantalize your taste buds with rich and flavorful clouds. Their hardware display was clean and well-stocked, with heavy hitters like the Smok I-Priv and JoyTech proudly displayed at the forefront. The staff were attentive and friendly and made sure to recommend good e-liquids to sample before I bought them. I ended up walking away with Snickerdoodle by Cookie Twist and was very happy to have a good dessert flavor, since I’m slightly picky about thick flavors. The lounge area was very comfortable, thanks to the plush leather couch that was definitely worn in but very cozy and the huge TV that gave some entertainment to customers after they’d made their purchases.. The whole place was lit up with bright fluorescent lights that made everything appear a little faded, but the place was clean and well-organized. If you happen to be looking for a place to put down your cigarette and snatch up a new vape, this shop’s name says it all and will gladly assist you in any and all cloud-chasing questions. Or if you just happen to be passing through, take some time to stop by and enjoy the lounge area and the awesome vape juice bar! You’ll be glad you did.

Alt Smoke Alt Smoke Alt Smoke

3. Evolved Vapors

Evolved Vapors Electronic Cigarettes Map

Evolved Vapors Electronic Cigarettes

1615 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH, 43212, US
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Third in our list for vape shops in Columbus is Evolved Vapors. We have another vape with a delightfully high rating and a good number of reviews, as Google rates this place as a 4.8 out of 140 reviews. With the word “evolution” tossed loosely into the shop name, I wondered how this shop compared to other local vape spots I’d been at. I walked in the door and admired the beautiful interior. Polished hardwood floors shone under soft yellow lights. A green wall on one side of the shop gave a nice calming feel, like I’d been dropped inside a converted forest. The shop layout was expansive and well used, with a bar stretching completely around the interior of the shop. The center of the shop was comprised of two comfy chairs, a hand-carved wooden chess board, and several low-backed bar stools lined up to the bar. Two flat screen TVs were mounted at opposite ends of the shop, allowing a bit of entertainment for their customers. Their hardware products contained several batteries, charvers, and assorted tanks and mods, some looking a bit outdated, but useful in a pinch. Their brands were a bit “meh” as they only carried off brands like Naked Fish and Simply eJuice, and while I was able to sample some of their flavors for $1, it was a little disappointing to not have more of a variety of popular e-liquids to try out. As far as evolution goes, I think this shop has a few more things to learn before it can say that it’s evolved to its truest form. While it’s not a terrible shop and the staff were very warm and inviting, it just wasn’t quite what I was looking for. As far as a hangout spot and a place to play a friendly game of chess while puffing on some new flavors, then, by all means, it’s a great place. But as a place to get new e-liquids and new hardware, I can’t say that I was impressed.

Evolved Vapors Evolved Vapors Evolved Vapors

4. The Columbus Vapor Connection

The Columbus Vapor Connection Map

The Columbus Vapor Connection

183 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OH, 43213, US
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We’re halfway done! Fourthly in our local vape shop guide in Columbus is The Columbus Vapor Connection. Google rates this shop a 4.7 out of 140 reviews, so decided to make my way over and see how good their “vape connection” was. When I entered the shop, it did seem a little small, and while there were a few tables with low-backed bar stools clustered around there, it seemed more like a converted electronics store, or as one online review put it, “laid back, but well-lit...without all the hipster fussiness,” which I thought was incredibly on point. The carpet was clean and the walls were white, and the only TV served as a security monitor. But what really set this shop on fire was the amount of e-liquid this place had in stock! Familiar favorites like The Mamasan, Kilo eLiquids, and Ethos Treats were readily available, and the gentleman behind the counter happily complied with my request to sample some flavors. Their selection of hardware was excellent, readily available behind clean glass cases, and consisted of all my favorite Smok products (Smok Mag, I-Priv, TFV8, and TFV12 tanks, Prince tank, etc.). Their coil selection took up an entire vertical stand, ensuring that every Smok vaper walked away with as many coils as they needed. I was very happy to discover how well-stocked the place was, considering that bigger shops I’ve visited have had a much smaller inventory. Everyone I spoke to was courteous and friendly, and I found myself wishing I had more time to spend at this shop. If you’re in need of anything vape related and you’re looking for a reasonable price-point, The Columbus Vapor Connection undoubtedly has everything you need!

The Columbus Vapor Connection The Columbus Vapor Connection The Columbus Vapor Connection The Columbus Vapor Connection

5. The Vape Spot

The Vape Spot Map

The Vape Spot

1456 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH, 43220, US
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Fifth, we have The Vape Spot. Google rates them a 4.8 out of nearly 65 reviews, so I decided to make this my second to last stop in my trek through local Columbus vape shops. Even from the street, the brightly painted orange and green walls were visible and made me smile and think of a pumpkin. Once Inside, I realized that this place reached farther back than you’d think. Worn-out poofy couches were available to weary vapers, as both a sense of rest or relaxation. Immediately to the right of the entrance, a green wall showcased all of their e-liquid. I spotted Beard Vape Co., By The Pound, and Naked 100 right off the bat, and plopped down on the single bar stool that stood in front of the counter. The girl at the front, after verifying my ID, offered to let me sample some flavors and offered some recommendations. I selected a nifty looking bottle of e-liquid called Berryade by Sqeez and relished the sweet and sour fruit flavor. Their hardware was pretty extensive as well, offering several products by JayBo, Horizontech, and of course, Smok. Their prices were reasonable, and made it very difficult not to spend money since it all counts as points on future purchases, thanks to their rewards program. Overall, I highly enjoyed this place, from their loud paint choices to their broken-in couches. I’d definitely come back here in a heartbeat, and for those looking for a warm and inviting spot, I invite you to stop in and stay a while. You’ll be glad you did, whether your browsing for new juices or in desperate need of an upgraded mod! Tell them I sent you, and let me know how it goes!

The Vape Spot The Vape Spot

6. Poor Girls Vapor Lounge

Poor Girls Vapor Map

Poor Girls Vapor

5329 W Broad St, Columbus, OH, 43228, US
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And last but not least, we have Poor Girls Vapor Lounge as our final Columbus vape shop. Now you all know I’m a sucker for well-named vape shops, so as soon as I saw that Google had given them a 4.6 out of over 200 reviews, I knew this would be the perfect spot to wrap up my travels in beautiful Columbus. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted and welcomed into the shop. As I walked up to the sturdy antique high chairs that were lined up at the counter, I spied big-name e-liquid brands like Big Bottle Co., Country Clouds, and Sadboy eLiquids, brands I don’t believe I’ve ever seen in a vape shop before (because the majority of the time, they’re online). Their hardware selection was impressive and neatly lined up in a clean glass case. I noted that they carried Smok brands as well as some of the lesser known Vaporesso mods like the Transformers edition and the Revenger. They had rubber sleeves to protect your device, as well as a full range of all Smok coils and some Aspire ones as well. While the interior decor was calm and a bit cramped, it was nice to see how well this shop interacted with their customers. It just goes to show you that even though you might have a fancy shop with bright colors and a renovated appearance, customers go where they feel loved and important, which is what this shop did in a completely genuine matter. I was sorry to leave and highly recommend popping by this store. And I’ll leave you with a bit of mystery here: if you do get a chance to visit, ask them why the named the shop Poor Girls Vapor Lounge. Let me know what they tell you!

Poor Girls Vapor Lounge Poor Girls Vapor Lounge Poor Girls Vapor Lounge

And that wraps up our exploration of Columbus, Ohio’s vape shops. I truly had fun on this adventure through Ohio and was dearly sorry to have to leave. In addition to the warm and friendly community, there was a bit of excitement of being in such a famous city, known worldwide for its college as well as its football. I wish that I had a chance to visit more of these shops, but as you know, I only have time (and space) to write about 6-7 shops per trip. If there’s a vape shop that’s your favorite or that you had a chance to visit that isn’t on this list, be sure to drop a comment below so I can see what I missed. If you actually get a chance to go inside and visit these great shops and have had the same or better experience, let me know. I’d be more than happy to hear from you. And on that note, it’s time to bid farewell. Parting is always such sweet sorrow, but we’ll meet again soon in our next article, where we tackle the beautiful cities of Fort Worth, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana! As always, vape happy my friends and may your clouds be puffy, pure, and full of flavor!

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