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6 Indianapolis Vape Shops

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Greetings, my fellow vapers! Today we’re going to take a trip through Indianapolis, the city which was once known as 100 Percent American City, thus named for its diverse ethnicity and racial population. Indianapolis has six interstate highways that run through it, and only Washington, D.C. has more monuments and memorials in the entire country! This city is also home to more than 863,000 residents, with just a little over 31k of them claiming to be vapers. You know that a city with that many cloud-chasers has several beautiful vape shops to meet the needs of flavorful juice, fresh coils, and snazzy hardware. So let’s take a look at the six vape shops that I was able to visit in my travels and see how well they did!

1. Darkstar Vaporz

Darkstar Vaporz, LLC Map

Darkstar Vaporz, LLC

5550 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46227, US
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First up in our trek through Indianapolis’ vape shops is Darkstar Vaporz. Google rates them a 4.7 out of nearly 80 reviews, so as my first stop in Indianapolis, I made my way to this vape shop with a “Z.” Although the shop is small, they make excellent use of their space, with nearly every wall covered in e-liquid racks. Their shelves were full and had several recognizable brands like Okami and Circus cookie, as well as a few lesser known brands like Fogged Out Elixirs. I was delighted to see they had a full lineup of CBD oils, waxes, and edibles, something that is becoming increasingly popular for vape shops to carry. Their hardware was wonderfully extensive as well, ranging from popular box mods like Sigelei SnowWolf and Smok Alien to pen-style mods and various single battery tanks. They had squonkers and RDAs, as well as a plethora of replacement coils and even drip tips! Although there wasn’t any place to sit or relax after you’d made your purchase, the shop had enough items that it was easy to lose track of time while browsing all their wares. The shop also had a spacious parking lot, which was nice to simply drive up and walk in. And finally, the staff were very friendly and after checking my ID, they even offered me a student discount! Even though I’ve graduated, my baby face often makes people think I’m much younger, so it was a nice compliment and I happily used the discount to try out some of their CBD edibles. I was also offered to try any of the e-juices I said, and I selected an interesting looking e-liquid called Sour, which true to its name carried a delicious burst of mouth-squinching flavor. I enjoyed my time here and while I would have liked to have some place to sit and relax, this place was great for new e-liquid, affordable prices, friendly atmosphere, and quite a few vaping supplies.

Darkstar Vaporz Darkstar Vaporz Darkstar Vaporz

2. Indy eCigs

Indy E Cigs Map

Indy E Cigs

1430 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46220, US
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Second, we have Indy eCigs in our local vape shop guide of Indianapolis. Indy eCigs is actually a chain vape store in Indianapolis, and there’s quite a few to choose from, so I’ve added a link to the one I visited. Google rates this shop a 4.7 out of nearly 180 reviews, but the other Indy eCigs I saw had different reviews and ratings, so feel free to stop by at any of their other shops. I’m big on how a shop looks from the outside, and this shopped looked as crisp and clean as a new house. Bold and large white lettering against a freshly painted exterior made this place look sharp, so I couldn’t wait to step inside! I fell in love with the place as soon as I walked in, mainly because everything looked clean and inviting. There was a leather couch and loveseat in the center of the room, which nearly took up all of the floor space, but in a cozy and comfortable manner. There was an incredible amount of e-liquid options, with two walls being jam-packed with vaper favorites like Candy King, Twist eLiquids, and Aqua. Everything was neatly organized and well-stocked, ensuring each vaper got their preferred nicotine range. Three seats were lined up against the wall on the back, inviting customers to sit down and relax while they examined their future purposes. On the left of the entryway was another countertop, this time being much more expansive. Along with more juice, they also had a multitude of hardware options, including starter kits, battery chargers, nic-salt devices, and Juul pods. A total of five TV screens showed different products and prices, making it easy to see how much my future purchases would be. Their staff was friendly and attentive, greeting me as I walked through the door and asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for. They informed me of their rewards program and asked if I’d like to try some of their e-liquids. After checking my ID, they recommended a few fruit e-liquids that were popular with their customers, and I felt right at home. If you’re looking for a great place in Indy, IN to stop in and check out for good prices, excellent customer service, and friendly atmosphere, I highly recommend you stop in and see for yourself!

Indy eCigs Indy eCigs Indy eCigs

3. Vape Gods

Vape Gods Map

Vape Gods

4723 N Franklin Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46226, US
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Third in our trek for Indy’s vape shops is Vape Gods. Now I’m a little skeptical when a shop calls themselves the gods of vape, but it’s too curious to pass up! Since Google rated them a 4.5 out of just over 160 reviews, I decided to visit this royal shop and see what makes them so lofty. When I walked in, I was greeted warmly and asked if I needed help with anything. I was invited over to see their e-liquid shelves, which were full of flavors, and displayed a great variety of e-liquids, although I wasn’t allowed to sample any. It was a little annoying to have the shelves rotated towards the center of the shop (while the hardware was turned so that you could see everything as soon as you walked into the shop), but I understand sometimes there’s only one way to really arrange furniture in small spaces. There was a huge chalkboard wall that displayed a few hand-drawn chalk figures and looked like they’d been there a while. Personally, I would have preferred to see the prices and brands listed instead of a simple drawing, but I can only guess that the drawings are what they used for decor since the remaining shop walls were bare. They did have a great selection of coils though, neatly hung up on the wall and featured all of the popular Smok coils. They also had several e-liquid brands I don’t often see, like Banger and Yogi, as well as some of my favorites like Twist eLiquids and Rounds. I also saw a light-up sign that informed customers that they carried CBD liquids, which was a plus since many shops make you ask. Their hardware seemed a little sparse, and most of them were still in the box. They had a few Smok and Vaporesso starter kits, as well as various Smok tanks and pen-style atomizers. There was also a long brown sectional for customers to sit, as well as a table and chair set near the bay windows. Overall, the shop looked like a converted classroom with the pale white lights, the empty space near the front, and the sparse decor throughout the shop. The shop was clean and odor-free but lacked the stay-a-while ambiance I’ve come search for in the shops I visit. Nothing wrong with the shop and I in no way want to discourage you from visiting. They have great customer service, a good bit of products to choose from, and decent pricing.

Vape Gods

4. Cravinvapes

CravinVapes Map


251 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN, 46225, US
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We’re nearly through! Number four on our vape shops list in Indianapolis is Cravinvapes. e (and honestly, don’t we all crave the next best e-juice?), I headed over to check out the place. The first thing I liked about the place was that you could see right inside the shop, thanks to the large glass front doors and the excellent lighting. It was easy to notice the place as you’re driving by, and the shop has a warm and inviting look to it. When I walked in, I admired how well organized everything was. A huge juice wall was straight ahead and it spanned nearly two-thirds of the entire shop. I saw a few familiar brands like One Hit Wonder and Aqua, but most of their e-liquids were house-made juices, with no-nonsense flavors like Banana Nut Bread and Vanilla Caramel Coffee. I asked their staff if I could try out some of their flavors since I was new in town, and the gentleman was very attentive and kind, even recommended a few shop favorites. I sampled a flavor called Pegasus Milk and was surprised at how clean and flavorful the e-liquid was. There were several stools at the bar, so it was easy to walk right in and make yourself comfortable. Their hardware was stacked in three separate cases, which was nice because it seemed to be more organized that way instead of all stuffed into one case. There was a wide selection of coils hung from the walls, and even a few T-shirts if you wanted to show your support of the shop. Four large TVs were mounted on the wall, serving as advertisement boards and security cameras for the spacious shop. Also, everything in the shop was reasonably priced, making this an excellent shop for those looking to keep their finances in check. The only caution I’d give is that parking is a tad difficult, and even though there is a parking garage next door, it’s sometimes a few go-rounds until you can find a decent spot. But that’s not the owner's fault, and to his credit, this shop is well-run and well-worth the extra effort to visit this place. I highly recommend it for those vapers who love in-house juices and are looking for a good place to stop in and sample the famous Indianapolis flavors!

Cravinvapes Cravinvapes Cravinvapes

5. World of Vapor

World Of Vapor Map

World Of Vapor

5533 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN, 46219, US
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Fifth on our list of local Indianapolis vape shops is World of Vapor. Google rates them a 4.8 out of over 180 reviews, so I made my way over to my second to last shop on the list. When I arrived at the shop, I could see clearly into the shop thanks to the large clean windows, and I noticed that blue LED lights were encircling said windows. A single wall was painted blue, namely the wall where all the e-liquid was stored in a tall six-shelf unit. It was easy to see what this shop’s favorite color was, or maybe they were just going with the color since 71% of the world is covered by water. Whichever the reason, it was a calming color that relaxed me and made me smile. I entered the shop and was warmly greeted by the gentleman behind the counter. I noticed a few familiar e-liquid brands, like Cuttwood and Ruthless, and a few strange brands like Mount Oak and Natur. I sat down one of the four comfy leather barstools and asked to try a peach mango flavor by Ruthless. After they had checked my ID, I was directed to a counter opposite the seating area where they had a large selection of testing tanks. I noticed that their hardware selection, although kept safely behind a glass case, was meager and they didn’t seem to have any fancy hardware like the Smok starter kits. Most of the hardware consisted of pen-style mods, a few squonkers, and Aspire tanks. I did see a few battery charger packs, but aside from that, I felt a little disappointed that there wasn’t more to offer with the hardware. The shop does have a rewards program, which is a plus since it encourages customers to come back. The prices were a little high if you compare it to online, but again, online prices are nearly impossible to beat. Overall, this was a neat little shop to visit. I wouldn’t say that it was the world’s best shop like the title says, but it was a good place to stop by and check out!

World of Vapor World of Vapor World of Vapor World of Vapor

6. The Vapor Vice

The Vapor Vice Map

The Vapor Vice

6005 E Thompson Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46237, US
Visit Shop

And last but never least, we have The Vapor Vice. Google rates them a 4.6 out of almost 100 reviews, so as my last vape shop visit of beautiful Indiana, I decided to give them a shot. While this place might not look so impressive on the outside, wait until you go inside to pass judgment. Once you’re inside, you’ll be simply astounded by the selection of e-liquids. I know I was! There really were so many e-liquids, with brands I instantly recognized like Jam Monster and Looper, along with some unheard ones (at least to me) like Artist Collection Liquids and Beantown Vapors. This shop also had a decent collection of Hardware, offering several tanks from SMok, Crown coils, assorted batteries, and Innokin starter kits. The staff were super friendly, asking if there was anything specific I was looking for and if I’d like to try anything. I had noticed that there were tester tanks located below the shelves, and I had to try one called Samba Sun (which was strongly flavored like citrus, peaches, and marshmallows and I immediately fell in love with it). The store was clean and the lighting was bright and made the shop easy to see. They also offered a rewards program which is a great way to incentivize customers to return. I really enjoyed my time in here and it was great to see familiar e-liquid brands as well as to try out some new ones. If your vice is vaping, I highly recommend you stop by and try out this shop.

The Vapor Vice The Vapor Vice The Vapor Vice

And there you have it! Six great vape shops sprinkled throughout the local Indianapolis area. These shops were so unique and carried a great vibe from the first step through the doorway to the last fragrant cloud upon the exit. The bustling city of Indianapolis held so much beauty that it truly was a sorrowful departure to leave. I’m sure I didn’t get to every vape shop in Indianapolis, so please let me know if you’ve been to any of the others! I’d love to check them out if I ever get the chance. If you did happen to stop in at one of the shops I visited, drop a comment below and let me know how I did! But although parting is always such great sorrow, we’ll certainly meet in our next article, where we’ll set our sights on North Carolina’s capital of Charlotte! As always, vape happy my friends, and may your clouds always be puffy and full of flavor!

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