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6 San Antonio Vape Shops

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Texas is one of those states where it seems to draw you to come and visit. With their “Everything is bigger in Texas” mentality, it’s nearly impossible not to want to go and visit for yourself! In addition to being the lone star state and one of the largest states in the USA, Texas also sports a rich culture and varying climate, making it a wonderful travel destination. Some of you may remember a couple of weeks ago, we took a journey through several vape shops in Houston, Texas and saw the fascinating vape shops of Texas’ capital. Now we’re going to shift gears a bit, and explore another famous Texan town, the beautiful San Antonio. San Antonio is the home of 1.5 million inhabitants, of which over 54,000 are avid cloud chasers. While San Antonio isn’t nearly as large as Houston, there are quite few vape shops that have sprung up to keep their vaping community satisfied. Let’s take a look at a few of them, shall we? Perhaps you’ve been to one, and can comment below on how your experience was! And without further ado, I present the first stop on our journey throughout San Antonio!

1. Wise Vice Vapors

Wise Vice Vapors Map

Wise Vice Vapors

7271 Wurzbach Rd #114, San Antonio, TX, 78240, US
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First up, we have Wise Vice Vapors. Google rates them a 4.8 out of over 130 reviews, so I’m always curious to see how a shop manages to maintain such a high rating out of over 100 reviews. From the outside, the shop looks clean and neat, with a huge sign announcing its presence amidst the other stores in the area. When I entered the building, I was greeted by a clean tile floor and soft white lights that nearly made the place feel like a college lounge area. I loved the orange accents everywhere since that’s not a color you see frequently in interior designs. The long white countertop gave view to the two screens they had that displayed their e-liquids, which were lined up neatly behind the counter. A large glass case housed their expensive hardware and accessories, and large plush couches were inviting customers to hang out and enjoy their purchases. One thing I was surprised about it is that all of their e-liquids are made in house, something that can be a little daunting if you don’t know your flavor profile. I love fruit-flavored e-liquids, especially peach and lychee, so I asked them to make me a fruit cocktail vape that would knock my vape taste buds out with one punch. I sampled a sour apple flavor and was blown away by how excellent it was. One thing I can say about this shop is the level of customer service and knowledge that the staff had about their flavorings was absolutely excellent. Sometimes I’m a little concerned on checking out an in-house e-liquid shop because it really depends on who you get as a mixologist. But I highly recommend this place for the experience, and for the opportunity to try freshly made e-liquids that are made according to your preference.

Wise Vice Vapors Wise Vice Vapors Wise Vice Vapors Wise Vice Vapors

2. Bad Wolf Vape

Bad Wolf Vape Map

Bad Wolf Vape

1622 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78229, US
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Second in our list of San Antonio vape shops is Bad Wolf Vape. Google rates them a 4.5 out of over 140 reviews, and the name alone makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood, so I headed over to this lounge to check it out. I walked in the room and felt like I had walked into a fairy tale bar, with lowlights barely illuminating the dark wood floors and the plush leather couches. But what really caught my eye was the HUGE display of e-juices and hardware that lined their front counter. Two massive shelves with a glass case in the middle and glass case in the front made me feel right at home, what with all of these delicious e-liquids to choose from. It’s always fun to travel to new places and see the different brands that you really can’t find anywhere else or are local to that particular shop. I tried one called Apple Butter and fell in love with the smooth and creamy apple flavor. The staff were extremely knowledgeable and attentive to my questions, which is always a plus in a vape shop. They let me sample several of their off-brands so I could get an idea of what I’ve been missing in comparison to their more popular brands like The Mamasan and Naked100. Their hardware seemed pretty up to date, and they even had some of the more outdated Smok coils which are often discontinued by the surrounding vape shops. I especially loved the Edgar Allan Poe “Nevermore” portrait and after I had made my purchases it was nice to linger around the shop and soak up the richness of the atmosphere. Definitely a cool place to visit, and for those looking for fantastic selection with reasonable prices, this shop better be on your to-do list!

Bad Wolf Vape Bad Wolf Vape Bad Wolf Vape Bad Wolf Vape

3. The Rising Phoenix Vapery

The Rising Phoenix Vapery Map

The Rising Phoenix Vapery

8015 Bandera Rd #101, San Antonio, TX, 78250, US
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Thirdly on our trek through the vape shops of San Antonio is The Rising Phoenix Vapery. Google rates this shop as a 4.3 out of over 80 reviews, which seems like a little low, but since the name was intriguing and as an avid lover of Harry Potter, mythology, and fantastic beasts everywhere, I headed over to check it out myself. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the shop was the huge shelving display on both walls...yet both had a sparse display of e-juices. I love to be greeted by a huge display of e-liquid when I go to a shop, but I understand that it’s difficult to know what to keep in stock and you don’t want to have dead inventory lying around that doesn’t move. One cool thing I discovered about this place was that they sell CBD products. CBD is rising quickly in the industry, and it’s always interesting to find shops that embrace the push forward into CBD oils, edibles, etc. I heartily appreciated the warm welcome as I walked through the doors, and smiled at sign “Rise From The Ashes” that was above the e-liquid shelf behind the bar. Their hardware selection was average, and I was amused to see an odd selection of CBD dog treats (something I’ve never seen before). If I could fix one thing about this place, it would be the interior decor. The hardwood seats and the bare walls seemed to be lacking in warmth and the ability to draw a customer to hang out longer. While this was a good store that sold some of my favorite products like FRYD & Kilo White Series, I would have liked to have more couches and maybe a pool/ping-pong table that made it seem like customers were welcome to stay and hang out. Other than that, this was a good shop to drop in and check out.

The Rising Phoenix Vapery The Rising Phoenix Vapery The Rising Phoenix Vapery The Rising Phoenix Vapery

4. Prestige Vapory

Prestige Vapory Map

Prestige Vapory

4911 Walzem Rd, Windcrest, TX, 78218, US
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Fourthly, we have Prestige Vapory on our list of local vape shops. That’s usually a good indicator that I’ll very much enjoy this vape shop, so I eagerly set out to see for myself. When I walked through the doors, I was very pleased to see the entire shop crammed full of e-liquids, hardware, and wisps of vapor. They had a row of bar stools lined up next to a bar-style counter, with a huge rack of e-liquids featuring seen brands like the Milkman and RYPE, along with a few CBD oils. Several huge hookah setups were displayed on top of shelves with cigarette and tobacco products, so it was nice to see a good mix of goods offer, even though it’s not labeled as a “smoke and vape shop.” I had a very nice conversation with the staff, asking them about all of the brands I’d never seen before, and I also got some information about RBAs, something that’s never been my strong point in vaping. The interior of the shop was nicely decorated, featuring the large TV screen, random decals, and various vape and beer artwork. What impressed me most was the hardware and accessories, especially the huge amount of coils that they kept in stock. Ranging from Aspire to Smok, this shop definitely knows that hardcore vapers go through coils like crazy, and the shop wanted to make sure to keep your clouds fragrant and puffy. The vibe of the shop was awesome, and even though there really wasn’t a place to sit down and hang out, the shop atmosphere was friendly and inviting. I totally agree with the rating of this shop, and look forward to returning if I’m ever in the San Antonio area!

Prestige Vapory Prestige Vapory Prestige Vapory Prestige Vapory

5. The Vapor Room

The Vapor Room Map

The Vapor Room

5886 De Zavala Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78249, US
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Don’t lose heart, we’re nearly at the end of our list! Fifth on our list of San Antonio vape shops is The Vapor Room. The name alone is what drew me to check out this place, simply because the amount of vapor I exhale quickly fills up a room, and I wanted to see if this shop was going for that imagery. Google rates them a 4.7 out of over 120 reviews, so I knew that this shop would be worth the trip. Let me tell you, I completely fell in love with the shop upon walking through the doors. Old-school vinyl records hung next to the actual cardboard album sleeves on the wall, neatly hung and perfectly centered. The purple walls and colored stage lights gave an ethereal glow to the entire shop. A long glass case spans one length of the room, while a bar style countertop and dry erase board invited customers to try out the latest vape flavors. I realized that while there wasn’t a lot of e-liquids offered here, the shop specialized in in-house vaping, complete with a menu (I’ll attach that below) of all their e-juice offerings. The shop was also fully stocked with popular Smok and Sigelei hardware, Aspire and Smok coils, and discreet pen mods. A comfy couch was nestled against one wall with a large TV screen right above it. One thing I noticed about this shop is how determined they were to get smokers inside; they listed a great deal for smokers trying to quit and start vaping instead, advertised blatant NO SMOKING signs, and encouraged those smoking to make a switch to something less detrimental. I always find that in-house juices are a good way to try new things and see how talented that mixologist is. If you’re looking for a bar-type vape shop, the Vapor Room is a great place to hang out and enjoy yourself.

The Vapor Room The Vapor Room The Vapor Room The Vapor Room

6. Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio & CBD Oils

Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio Map

Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio

6111 Tezel Rd #108, San Antonio, TX, 78250, US
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And last but definitely not least, is number six in our list of local vape shops in San Antonio...Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio & CBD Oils. I truly have saved the best for last, because this shop is rated a 4.8 out of nearly 600 reviews. That is, without a doubt, the highest number of reviews I’ve ever seen on a vape shop in all of my travels. I had to check it out for myself. Being that it’s both a vaping shop and a CBD shop, I was a bit curious to see what they sold more of. I walked into the shop and was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things on display. It almost reminded me of an old-school computer store, with papers and products stuffed everywhere in a giant yet somehow organized mess. I browsed around and fell in love with the huge wooden bookshelf of drip tips on the far wall, offering color and design for every vaper looking to customize their hookah/vape setup. There was also a large display of hats and shirts, nestled near a long row of pen mods. Their glass cases were overflowing with tanks, RBAs, and accessories, while their mod selection carried nearly every color and design you could think of, including light-up mods, iridescent colors, to touchscreen devices. There was a rotating Chinese checkers-styled table of e-liquids to sample, ranging from tobacco to fruits, all neatly labeled with nicotine content and flavorings. If you wanted a particular e-liquid made, all you had to do was ask, and the friendly staff would make it for you on the spot! If you’re new to vaping or looking for an upgrade, this place is hands-down the place to go to. Questions are answered easily and in layman's terms, and the variety here is like no other shop I’ve ever visited. The interior is very plain, and there isn’t a place to relax and watch TV like some other vape shops I’ve been in, so I would recommend this as a place to stop by if you’re looking for hardware upgrades. While it may not be the place to hit up if you’re looking for pre-made brand e-liquid, it will definitely be worth your while just to browse around, check out their hardware and accessories, and try some new flavors.

Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio & CBD Oils Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio & CBD Oils Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio & CBD Oils Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio & CBD Oils Lone Star Vaping of San Antonio & CBD Oils

And that’s it! Six beautiful vape shops in the San Antonio area that offer replenishment and supplies to local vapers that desperately need new juice, coils, or even a place to hang out. These shops were a joy to visit and provided insight into some of the culture surrounding one of Texas’ oldest cities. If you ever have a chance to visit San Antonio and find yourself in need of a vape shop, I hope this list will help you on your quest for vaping supplies! As always, if you’ve visited any of these shops or have a suggestion for a shop that isn’t on the list, feel free to leave me a comment below! I was very sad to leave this great city, but I look forward to visiting new places and seeing more of the unique vape shops across the country. Until we meet again in my next vape article, vape happy my friends, and may your clouds always be flavorful and puffy!

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