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The Best Vape Tanks You Can Pick Up Today

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While vaporizers have been on the market for over ten years now, the industry itself is still in the early stages. With so many juices and hardware entering the market on a daily basis, plus the continually evolving engineering of vape pens and other devices themselves, the terminology surrounding vape has become extremely convoluted. Unfortunately, this makes it extremely difficult for beginners, particularly those looking to make the switch from smoking, to find their way around the tens of thousands of options in vape stores.

Just a Little Lesson On Tanks

To understand exactly what we are looking for in the best vape tank, it helps to better grasp the terms themselves and the way the components work as a whole. Generally, tanks are synonymous with atomizers. While the term atomizers was primarily used to describe the component that actually heated the e-liquid, it now encompasses the entire tank. This actually makes the most sense as an atomizer is defined as "a device for emitting water, perfume, or other liquids as a fine spray." The "other liquids" in this case is that delicious vape juice you so love. Of course, within atomizers, there are a multitude of other subcategories, such as clearomizers, clear tanks made of glass or plastic; cartomizers, usually pre-filled cartridges that can be screwed on; RDAs; RTAs; and sub ohm.

  • RDAs, rebuildable dripping atomizers, actually don't have a tank at all. They are used by dripping your e-liquid onto the coils, which then does the heating.
  • RTAs, rebuildable tank atomizers, are more complicated to setup because they require multiple parts to be assembled. They contain a rebuildable coil with a tank to hold the e-liquid, which can be continually re-filled.
  • Sub Ohm Tanks are systems with coils that have a resistance of less than one ohm. By decreasing the coil resistance, the current will increase exponentially; therefore, these fixed voltage devices have increased power output, which produces huge clouds of smoke and deep, rich flavor.

With a deeper understanding of all the major categories you can now understand that the best vape tanks really depends on your preferences. If you want an easy plug and play solution, you would probably prefer cartomizers; however, if you want to flex on your friends with huge puffs of smoke, sub ohm would be the route for you. Either way, in the list below, we cover the top vape tanks within each category, so you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

Sub Ohm Tanks

Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King Smoke TFV12 Cloud Beast King

If you're looking for the biggest clouds in the room, the name alone should be obvious enough that this is the tank for you. The maximum wattage of these bad boys is a whopping 350 watts. You will need to find a mod capable of such power, but if you do, the Cloud Beast King will push the limits on what is possible. Beyond the insane wattage, the Smok TFV12 sub ohm tank has a ton of amazing features. This tank has a totally leak proof design, so you will not need to worry about disassembling your setup to protect your mods. It can hold up to 6 mL of juice filled through the top rotary design. However, this specimen of engineering has a large diameter of 28 mm to fit the thick quad coils. The final selling point is that with hundreds of positive reviews, you can pick up the Smok TFV12 for just under $30. With a great price and incredible design, if you want to get into sub ohm vaping, this tank is perfect.

Aspire Cleito EXO Sub Ohm Tank Aspire Cleito

While we were tempted to choose one of the many options from Smok, Aspire has recently come out with a great tank, and it is priced even lower than the TFV12. This tank also touts easy e-liquid refilling from the top and leak proof design; however, Aspire also describes a unique feature of advanced airflow design. This device features air slots along the top edge of the tank, through which air passes through, down to the bottom, then back up to the top to create incredible rich flavors and vapor production. Unfortunately, the capacity cannot keep up with the TFV12; with a Clieto coil, the max capacity is only 3.5 mL and that decreases even more to 2 mL when the larger 0.16 ohm coil is installed. However, that also reduces the diameter to a very manageable 23.5 mm. You can find these for less than $20 on retail websites. That’s a steal.

Uwell Valyrian Uwell Valyrian

There were many great tanks to choose from when putting together this list. With the increasing popularity of vape, new products are hitting the market everyday, but one in particular has shined, and that is the Uwell Valyrian. The most obvious groundbreaking feature is the unique push to flip top for an extremely easy way to fill up to 5 mL of your favorite juice. Additionally, it comes with three special pins to dynamically adjust the airflow of the device. The options for pins include wave, unrestricted, and spiral; while they are all fairly consistent, you can test them for yourselves and find out what works best for you. This dual coil sub ohm tank can be found on the web in a wide variant of colors for an easy $27.95.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

Hellvape X TVC X Heathen Drop Dead RDA Hellvape X TVC X Heathen Drop Dead RDA

Born from the collaboration of two of the best YouTube vape reviewers, Heathen and The Vape Chronicles, the Hellvape Drop Dead RDA is a rebuildable piece of ingenuity. The Vape Chronicles and Heathen combined a couple of the most well received RDAs on the market, the Drop and Dead Rabbit. Made from stainless steel etched with a fierce logo, this tank is durable and iconic. A nice 24mm diameter, gold-plated positive posts and contact pin, and availability in a range of colors, it’s obvious they paid close attention to the details that allows this RDA to stand out. The Hellvape Drop Dead is available from Element Vape for $27.95.

Augvape X VapnFagan BTFC RDA Augvape X VapnFagan BTFC RDA

A prodigy of collaboration, this rebuildable drip atomizer was created with the help of VapnFagan. The sleek stainless steel exterior is a testament to the beauty of engineering that was done to create this tank. The open build allows for quick access to the two post design for easy coil connection, even by beginners new to RDAs. A diameter of 25 mm, peek insulator, and dynamic airflow, you can get some of the deepest, richest flavors from your juice with great cloud production. You cannot miss out on this beauty of a tank considering the great reviews and low cost of just $29.95.

GeekVape Tsunami 24 GeekVape Tsunami 24

While maybe not the absolute best tank available, the Tsunami 24 from GeekVape is a well made piece of machinery with a spacious build deck for total customization. The large dual terminal design in the two posts allows for a range of different coils, so you can put together the perfect configuration for you. Not to mention, the insanely deep juice well, anti-spill design, and windowed or non-windowed versions make this tank a nice option for any vape, beginner or veteran, at just under $20.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Augvape X Mike Vapes Intake RTA Augvape X Mike Vapes Intake RTA

Again, the combined genius really shines through on another revolutionary product created by Augvape and Mike Vapes, a Chinese vape manufacturing company and a knowledgeable YouTube content creator. This spectacular tank features expandable juice capacity and an extremely convenient fill system that boasts easy-to-access ports. The unique option of expandable capacity is accomplished through switching out the bulb glass tank, increasing the capacity from an average 2.5 mL to a dreamy 4.2 mL of juice goodness. The single coil configuration with two 3mm posts allows you to easily build this RTA to fit your exact specifications. The airflow is channeled into three outlets to allow for a dynamic experience that will suit the needs of almost any vaper. Pick up this legendary RTA from Element Vape for a cool $27.95 before it’s too late.

Geekvape Creed RTA Geekvape Creed RTA

Another spectacular rebuildable device that you would not be disappointed with. The most impressive feature of the Greekvape Creed RTA is the enormous 6.5 mL capacity, that can be obtained switching out the bulb glass from the 4.5 mL configuration. Despite the great juice capacity, the size is very reasonable at only 25 mm diameter. The spacious build deck features two posts and an extremely dynamic airflow setup, one which allows the vaper to adjust the flow to match their prefered configuration to maximize cloud production and extremely deep flavor profiles. You can use a single or double coil setup with the Greekvape Creed, so we highly recommend finding one today.

Vandy Vape Kylin V2 Vandy Vape Kylin V2

Vandy Vape took the original Kylin, which was a highly received tank, and gave it an unparalleled upgrade in this second version. The postless 24K gold-plated, spacious build deck features a beefy 7 mL of juice capacity and dual air slots for just the right flow. With extra room available from removing the posts, a plethora of coils can configured for advanced use. Considering these great qualities, the Vandy Vape Kylin V2 is definitely a contender for the best rebuildable tank atomizer available today.

To Conclude The Lesson

There's a lot of critical factors that can used to determine the best atomizer or tank for your needs. Some of the most important characteristics include the build type, such as RDA, RTA; the juice capacity, the bigger the better for long lasting vape sessions; the quality of the materials, stainless steel and glass are the most durable options; and last but not least, the cost. With so many products on the market now, you can surely find the perfect fit for your needs.

With more knowledge you could ever need about atomizers and all the many categories, you can feel confident picking out the best vape tank for your exact needs. We recommend visiting your local vape shop to check these ingenious contraptions for yourselves; holding them in your hands, you can really grasp the attention to detail and the wonderful craftsmanship. Whether you prefer RDAs, RTAs, or Sub Ohm, upgrade your tank to the latest and greated, we know you will absolutely not regret it.

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