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Cheap Vape Pens For Stealth Operations

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A vape pen is what a lot of people think of when you mention vaping, particularly those who are looking to quit smoking for a healthier alternative. Not to mention, there are pens specifically for marijuana and dabs, but we won't get into that really. A vape pen is a simple, stealthy vaporizer perfect for beginners and veterans alike. They are extremely simple to use and the most comfortable to operate.

Plenty of Options

These little contraptions range in size and functionality. For smokers, there are cheap vape pens that look exactly like cigarettes, which makes the transition slightly easier for you, but they usually lack the rich flavors and puffs of smoke that you can get from beefier options, and the colors are usually very simple and sleek. For those more into vaping, there are cigar sized products with bright, colorful LEDs, powerful cloud production, and deep flavors that you can get without needing to invest a lot in a complete modded out build.

There are also different concepts for the power output of these small devices. For example, you can either purchase a direct output, constant voltage, or regulating. A direct output pen use built-in batteries to gradually reduce the power until the battery is completely drained. Constant voltage vape pens will keep the same power throughout the life of the battery, which is certainly a more consistent experience, so this type is usually preferred. Finally, you can find pens with a regulating chipset; these allow the user to manually adjust the wattage to your needs.

Understand How They Work

The internals of a vape pen may be a total mystery to you, but in actuality, the concept is really quite simple. In general, the internals heat up your juice into a smoke that you inhale. In order to accomplish this, the device contains a couple nifty components.

  • In order to hold your tasty e-liquid, the pen will have a refillable tank or one-time use cartridge. The tank is usually made of glass or plastic; glass is the more durable but heavier and more expensive. The cartridges are super easy to use because you usually just screw or place them into the device, no mess, but you are more limited on your juice options and you can’t buy bulk bottles of juice.
  • The atomizer is the heating element with the vape pen that converts the juice into a vapor that you inhale. These contain coils and posts, but for simplicity, as long as this part has power, you can start puffing.
  • For that power, usually a rechargeable lithium ion battery is used. Depending the size of this battery and how much you use it, the vape pen may be able to last you all day. But to be better safe than sorry, we recommend carrying around extra batteries with you. You can also get chargers for USB or the car, so you can easily replenish your batteries and start vaping again with ease.

How To Hit Your Vape Pen

To use the pens, the process is really simple, but it can vary depending on if you have an older or newer model. For an older model, you may need to take the pieces apart and remove the battery to refill the tank; otherwise, you will probably just need to flip open the top and drip your favorite juice into the tank. Don’t forget to the let the wick saturate for at least ten minutes before use, but once that is complete, you simply press the button and start vaping. If you have a regulated pen, you can manually set the wattage to get the perfect hit. To do so, just use the controls to raise the wattage by one systematically until you feel the perfect vape.

The Top Five Best Vape Pens

The Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit From MigVapor Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit

This miniature vape pen is actually sub ohm. We haven't gone over that terminology yet, but basically sub ohm is when the coils in the atomizer, the part that heats the juice, have a resistance of one ohm or less. With the lower resistance, the current will drastically increase, meaning much more power. This power yields deeper, richer flavors and huge clouds of smoke, even from such a small device. Anyway, back to the Bug Mini, which is a perfect pen for those just starting out with vaporizers. MigVapor kept the device simple with a lot of little extra features for even better functionality. For example, the magnetic cap is anti-leak, so no spills in your pocket or purse, but still really easy to remove for quick refills. The 2 mL glass tank is just enough to last you and plenty durable. It is packaged with a USB cable for recharging the battery and an 0.8 ohm coil for just $40.

The Smok Resa Smok Resa

When we mentioned cigarette style vape pens, we were certainly not talking about the Smok Resa. However, this is beautifully designed device is still considered a pen, albeit with a whopping 28mm diameter. Much like the Bug Mini, the Smok Resa is sub ohm, meaning you will taste your juice to the fullest extent possible. The V8 Baby Mesh coils are just 0.15 ohms, additionally the 0.25 ohm V8 Baby-M2 coils are included as well. The shell of the huge 7.5 mL tank is coated with resin for utmost durability. The stainless steel construction and smart battery life indicator are even more features that make the Smok Resa well worth the $30 price tag.

MigVapor Morpheus MigVapor Morpheus

If you are looking for stylish, the Morpheus definitely fits your criteria. The synthwave design green LEDs really stands out in your hands. But style isn’t the only great thing about this vape pen; it also offers some of the most advanced features from such a small device. The 0.2 sub ohm coils output an unbelievable 100 watts of power, fueled by the 3000 mah battery and 510 connector. You will never need to worry about the stainless steel tank and mouthpiece, and some rubber seals are included to help save battery life too. The Morpheus is one of MigVapor’s most powerful sub ohm options in a vape pen, so you cannot go wrong for the price of $70.

Apollo Ohm Go Apollo Ohm Go

Apollo touts the Ohm Go has the perfect solution for brand new vapers looking to get started, and we totally agree. With a design focused on quality and simplicity, the Ohm Go is completely plug and play. Powered by the 1900 mah battery, the 0.5 ohm coils deliver a moderate 50 watts, which provides the perfect amount of sub ohm power to bring out the great taste of your juice, no matter what that is. The portable configuration with a tank of 3 mL allows for an easy to carry option with no worries of a spill. You can opt for the sleek stainless steel or a rubberized coating for simple wipe down cleaning and anti-slip. If you’re new to vaping or just looking to keep it simple, the Apollo Ohm Go is the right choice for you.

Joyetech eGo One Joyetech eGo One

Described as petite but powerful, the Joyetech eGo One is one of the cheapest vape pens you can find that still offers great power and durable design. Despite being a such a small device, it offers multiple levels of configuration. You can choose between two different batteries, either the 1100 mah or 2200 mah, glass or metal mouthpiece, 1.8 or 2.5 mL juice capacity, and two styles of atomizer heads. The 1.0 ohm head is intended for mouth inhaling, which perfectly mimics the feel of smoking. The 0.5 ohm lung inhaling head is for those looking to produce the biggest clouds and strongest flavors. The battery indicator flashes at varying intervals to consistently alert you to when you need to connect the included USB charger. With an astounding number of configuration options, the eGo One forced its way onto the list of best vape pens.

With the vape market continually growing on a daily basis, vape pens with revolutionary features are consistently being introduced. So no matter your preferences, you can find the perfect product for your exact specifications. Luckily, they are usually pretty cheap too, so you won't need to break the bank to meet your every desire. If you're looking to get started with vaping, a vape pen is the perfect choice for you, and you cannot go wrong with one of the marvels of machinery laid out in the comprehensive list above.

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