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Local Guide to 5 Vape Shops Near Me

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Most vape shops are simply a google search away. You type in something like “vape shop near me” and instantly you’re presented a list of shops that sell vape products and may very well be within walking distance. But if you’re looking for quality over convenience, you’ve got to check out these top five vape shops. Each one of them had their own different flare and were unique in appearance, lighting, and pricing. Local vape shops are such a blessing to have when you realize you’ve run out of coils, or you’ve accidentally shattered your tank’s glass and need a replacement ASAP. Vape shops can be the difference between a good vape and a great vape. These nearby shops were great experiences to see what’s in the area and whether or not they’re worth a second trip.

1. Village Vaporium, Whitestone, NY

First on our list local vape shops is the Village Vaporium Shop & Lounge. Located in Whitestone, NY, this is one of the few vape shops that has a bright and open atmosphere as soon as you step into the shop. The soft warm white lights reflect comfortably off the clean white walls, while pristine glass cases display some of their more expensive merchandise. Shelves lined the back wall behind the case, showing off their extensive collection of e-liquids. A plush couch is located right when you walk in, and you feel invited to stay and hang out after you’ve made your purchase. Even if you only come into the shop looking for information and don’t buy anything, their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and recommends their favorite flavors versus ones they don’t think you should waste your time and money on. Their prices are a little bit higher than the average vape shop, but it is important to take into account the surrounding area is a bit more expensive as well. When I asked to try some of their flavors, they informed me that in accordance to FDA changes, I’d have to pay $1 to try the e-liquids. They said this is to dissuade minors into start vaping by offering free samples of the enticing smells and flavor names. Village Vaporium carried a wide variety of flavors, including popular brands like Naked 100, Dinner Lady, and Kilo/Bazooka Sours, and I even discovered a brand that I totally fell in love with, called NKTR, which featured the singular flavor of a tropical mango, which was absolutely delicious. Google rates them a 4.6 out of 38 reviews, which seems a bit harsh, but overall, this was a great place to visit and hang out.

Village Vaporium 1
Village Vaporium 2

2. Vaporizer New York, Ozone Park, NY

Vaporize Vape & Smoke Shop Map

Vaporize Vape & Smoke Shop

124-20 Liberty Avenue (side), South Richmond Hill, NY, 11419, US
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Next up on our list is Vaporize New York. Located on a bustling corner on Liberty Ave in S. Ozone Park NY, this vape shop is one of those books that shouldn’t be judged by its cover. From the outside, it’s not immediately eye-catching due to the brown exterior and the canvas sign. But once you grasp the heavy wooden door (which looks eerily similar to an old-fashioned jail cell door) and step inside, the atmosphere changes. The warm and wooden tones that make up the interior make it feel like you’ve stepped into a cave of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys. Overhanging lights, sturdy wood floors, and rustic stone walls offer a cozy atmosphere. Hardwood countertops carved with the shop’s name lay smooth over glass counters, and rows of e-liquid are perched on glass shelves that line a single back wall behind the counters. The staff is knowledgeable and kind and even offered to check in the back for me to make sure they didn’t have any more of the nicotine level in the flavor I wanted, Flip Flop Lychee by Dinner Lady Summer Holiday. When it was officially confirmed that they were out of that flavor, they offered to sell me the nicotine and the e-liquid so that I could mix it in-house, explaining that according to the FDA, they could sell me the ingredients, but couldn’t mix it myself. Once I paid for my things, I mixed the 0MG with the nicotine and filled my tank. Definitely wasn’t as strong as the proper 3MG version would have been since it didn’t get to steep, but it was still pleasant to have my favorite menthol flavor at the ready. The prices were reasonable and they sell replacement glass, something that not all shops carry. It was a little confusing which side to enter on, as the big awning was located on the side street and the front door only had a flapping sign hung above the door, but otherwise, the appearance is professional and sharp. Google ratings leave this shop at a 4.6 based on 75 reviews, which proves that while there may be some improvement needed, the majority of vapers enjoy this little shop.

Vaporize New York 1
Vaporize New York 2

3. Gotham Vape Shop, Ozone Park, NY

Gotham Vape Shop 4
Gotham Vapor Lounge Map

Gotham Vapor Lounge

105-6 101st Ave, Ozone Park, NY, 11416, US
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Third on our list is Gotham Vape Shop, located in Ozone Park, NY. This shop was a little bit hard to find because their shop sign is located on one road, but it directs you down a side street. Then you have to walk into a seedy looking parking lot, through a wide-open door, and up a long flight of stairs to even get into the establishment. I was a little nervous going there by myself, but only because the trepidation of going somewhere new mingled with the excitement and curiosity of what you’ll find. When I got to the top of the stairs, I found myself in a hugely spacious room, with a pool table in one corner, a lumpy brown couch positioned towards a TV with gaming consoles in another corner and a huge encircling glass case table in the center. Other than that, there was a lot of dead empty space in the room, which felt more like an empty apartment complex instead of a well-thought out vape shop. As I moved towards the center of the room, I noticed several high-top chairs were lined up next to the glass case table, which seemed inviting to go and sit down while you try out new flavors. Unfortunately, the guy there seemed bored and more interested in talking with his friend at the end of the table instead of making sure I was welcomed as a first time customer. I sampled this excellent candy Skittles flavor (called Skits) and immediately fell in love with it. I wasn’t really interested in the rest of the flavors as they really didn’t seem to have much other than off-brand flavors and expensive hardware. As I went to go pay, I noticed a handwritten sign that said to ask about their weekly discounts. When I questioned the guy in charge, he said if you had a goofy or weird picture of yourself, they’d knock off 10% of your entire order. Always ready for a deal, I spent the next few minutes looking through my phone for something that counted as goofy/weird (too many careful selfies and pictures of my beloved puppy to really count as weird) and eventually just showed a blurry photo that barely resembled me. The guy raised an eyebrow but rang up my purchases without uttering more than a few words. As I left the shop, I decided that while the name was super cool, I really wasn’t interested in returning to that shop due to the empty space, lack of music and lighting, and general boredom of everyone inside. Since my visit, the shop has closed permanently, and their review on Google was a 4.3 out of 27 reviews, which seems to prove that my visit wasn’t the only uncomfortable one. I’m sad to see any business close, but running a vape shop certainly proves to be more challenging than it seems.

Gotham Vape Shop 1
Gotham Vape Shop 2
Gotham Vape Shop 3

4. Beast Coast Vape Shop, Long Island, NY

Beast Coast Vape Map

Beast Coast Vape

247-22 S Conduit Ave, Rosedale, NY, 11422, US
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But onto bigger and better things! Fourthly on our list, we have Beast Coast Vape Shop. This is one of my favorite named shops, simply because of the play on words since it’s on the East Coast. Located in Long Island, NY, this shop has a great location on a busy street and attracts quite a few customers. Upon entering the shop, you’re immediately struck by how many things this small space really has crammed inside of it. There is a huge overhanging metal structure (the kind that you often see at concerts and shows, used in lighting and effects) installed on the ceiling over most of the shop. Half the shop is painted in a bright neon green, where a huge display case features grinders, bongs, herbalizers, and assorted CBD products. The other side of the shop caters to vape products, and features a large wooden shelf display of popular flavors where I discovered an e-liquid (Peach Gummies by Candy POP!) that tasted just like my favorite candy: peach rings! Hard metal bar stools line the wooden counter, inviting you to sit down and try out some of their flavors. The staff was friendly and accommodating, answering my questions and recommending some of their top e-liquid flavors. What attracted me most to this place was the bright LED light strips scattered throughout the store, including around the door frame (which makes an awesome green glowing effect at night), embedded in the countertop, and underneath the counter itself. The general atmosphere is clean and well-stocked and is a great place to go if you’re needing vaping supplies, general information, and any CBD equipment. Their rating of 4.8 out of 51 reviews on Google is well-earned and reflects how well-liked the shop is around the neighborhood.

Beast Coast Vape Shop 1
Beast Coast Vape Shop 2
Beast Coast Vape Shop 3

5. Square Vape Labs, Franklin Square, NY

Square Vape Labs Map

Square Vape Labs

779 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, NY, 11010, US
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Lastly, we have Square Vape Labs, Inc., located in Franklin Square, NY. As touted on their front sign, they’re the ONLY custom e-juice bar in New York. This means that they custom mix their e-liquids, meaning you tell them what you’d like mixed up and they whip up the batch right there in front of you! If you like the e-liquid, you can purchase it; if you don’t, they’ll mix up something new for you until you’re satisfied. While it doesn’t look like much on the outside, once you step through the doors, it’s liking walking into a vaper’s man cave. Clean hardwood floors and countertops make the interior warm and inviting, while soft and low light bulbs create a comforting atmosphere. The interior is decorated with leather couches, and iron wrought chairs surround a glass countertop where you order your e-liquid from a menu, much like a bar experience. A pool table is available to use while you wait for your e-liquid to be hand-crafted, or you can simply vape and hang out with friends. Recently, they’ve added CBD products to their offerings, thus welcoming in more customers. One thing I was totally impressed with was the decorations. The walls are adorned in stone that looks like it was carved from a castle, while dragons and winged creatures leap from the walls in exquisite detail. An old-fashioned disco ball spins above, showing that the new and the old can coexist. The shop is a wonderfully unique concept and presents a great way to spend a lazy afternoon or Saturday night. I got a custom-made mixed berry with a touch of menthol and was very happy with the result. The staff was attentive and creative, offering insight on some of their previous e-liquid favorites. Overall, I think they definitely earned their 4.7 Google rating, based on 65 reviews.

Square Vape Labs 1
Square Vape Labs 2
Square Vape Labs 3

And that wraps up our review of five local vape shops! Each of these shops offered a unique and overall pleasant experience, with the majority of the staff being attentive and friendly. One of my favorite things about vape shops is walking through the doors and being greeted by a huge cloud of vapor that hangs near the ceiling. If the people inside are vaping, you know you’re in the midst of a knowledgeable establishment. My questions were answered honestly, the e-liquids were reasonably priced based on their location, and many of these places I would definitely visit again. Each of these vape shops had their own atmosphere, and while they sell many of the same products, their atmospheres were as unique as a fingerprint. If you’re ever in the New York Area, now you have some guidance on which vape shops to hit on your vape shop crawl through the city!

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