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Study Proves Vaping Decreases Teenage Tobacco Use

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It's no secret that the FDA has been desperately trying to crush the vape industry. Yet studies continually come out that overwhelming support vaping, even among teens.

While e-cigarettes have been around for over a dozen years, the popularity has recently exploding, particularly with high school aged teenagers. In 2017, 20% of teenagers under 18 reported that they vape, almost doubling since the year prior. Much like the war on drugs, federal agencies and academia argue that vape devices act as a gateway to actual cigarettes.

Last week, researchers from across the globe, including the United States, presented a study in the Tobacco Control journal that completely negates the negative opinion of many, particularly the FDA. This study indicated that despite the booming popularity among teenagers in the past 10 years, cigarette smoking within that age demographic has steadily fallen. The particularly interesting fact is that in the past four years, when the popularity of e-cigarettes has exponentially grown, cigarette smoking has declined even more so.

We believe that cigarettes are an unarguably unhealthy habit, and whatever methods can be used to help reduce smoking, particularly among young teenagers, should be used. However, as clearly presented by this advanced study, vaping is a valuable tool that can be used to stamp out smoking, hopefully among all demographics. We suggest picking up a some hardware and juice and dropping that cigarette; it just might save your life.

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