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The Top 10 Candy & Fruit Flavored E-Liquids You Must Try

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When I first started vaping, I was immediately overwhelmed with how many e-liquids were on the market, and what e-liquids to try first. I had no idea what flavors I would like and wasn’t sure how to begin on my vaping journey. Since my boyfriend has been vaping for over seven years, I figured that he would know what e-liquids were good and which ones to stay away from. So, I asked him to fill up my tank with whatever he was puffing on; it so happened that this was Muffin Man from One Hit Wonder, which is described as an apple-cinnamon muffin. I have a terrible sweet tooth, so I figured that since I love muffins and it seems hard to go wrong with apples and cinnamon, what did I have to lose? I filled up my little tank and took my first hit; of course, I coughed and spluttered and felt like my throat was coated with cinnamon firewhisky. Not at all the flavor of soft and warm muffin I was expecting to bite into. I was greatly disappointed in my first e-liquid and wondered how to prevent this flavor let-down from happening again.

As I look back on that first experience, I realized a lot of things I should have known, but in my baby stage of vaping, I had much to learn. For one thing, I was using such a baby kit at the time. It only fired to 85 Watts, and I wasn’t used to how harsh the throat hit would be. One Hit Wonder e-liquids are an 80/20 VG/PG ratio, whereas most common e-liquids are 70/30, so although it’s a slight difference, it may have affected my baby vape taste buds differently. And lastly, I was really expecting to taste a pure and strong flavor of apple cinnamon muffins, whereas I felt like I got hit with a mouthful of spicy cinnamon instead.

Something I’ve learned about e-liquids is that the clouds often smell a lot different than the e-liquids taste. This revelation has turned me off on a lot of dessert e-liquids, primarily because I want to taste more of a sweet and light flavor, something that’s very easily found in candy and fruit-flavored e-liquids. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites, in the hopes that this will steer you towards some great e-liquids and away from mediocre to downright terrible e-liquids. So let’s dive right in and see what we’ve got here; I might even have your favorite on my list! I’ve divided my list into half fruits and half sweets, so we’ll start out with the fruits and work our way down.

1. Pineapple Orange Mango by Nude

Pineapple Orange Mango by Nude

First on my list is Pineapple Orange Mango by Nude. Nude was a spinoff of the Naked 100 brand, in which these e-liquids come in large 120mL bottles and are a combination of three fruits. While Naked 100 definitely has some excellent flavors out there, I found that oftentimes Nude had a richer and more flavorful hit. Sometimes Naked 100’s e-liquid consistency seemed like it wasn’t thick enough to keep from burning the coil, or the flavor got bland too quickly. P.O.M. by Nude has a just-picked flavor to it, with ripe and tangy pineapples, sweet and juicy oranges, and fresh and tropical pineapples. I definitely lost myself in the sweet fruit flavor of the cloud, and more than once felt transported to a lazy afternoon, sprawled out on some tropical beach, and surrounded by these sweet fruits. I discovered this e-liquid over a year ago and to this date is by far my favorite fruit flavor. Nude has a nearly perfect lineup of e-liquids, with only one or two that I felt were total busts. But as this is a post about e-liquids that I like, I’ll leave out my dislikes for another article and leave you to make your own decision on which ones make the cut into your vape tank.

2. Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

Second on my list is Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100. And I know, I know I just went off on how much more I prefer Nude to Naked 100, but this particular flavor has long been one of my favorites. I actually looked up the e-liquid name to figure out if it was spelled out P.O.G. (passion fruit, orange, and guava) as some sort of acronym or it was pronounced “pog,” like the tropical drink. Turns out, either pronunciation is acceptable. But getting back to the flavor, this e-liquid has a rich and exotic flavor to it, due to the passion fruit and guava. The 60mL bottle of e-liquid has an overall rich flavor, sweet and light and airy, just like a Hawaiian vacation should be. While I’ve never tried the actual Hawaiian Pog drink, I am perfectly satisfied to puff on this delicious fruit e-liquid. But let’s not forget we still have eight more ejuices to look over!

3. Rooby Red by Joosy Frooty

Rooby Red by Joosy Frooty

Third on my list is Rooby Red by Joosy Frooty. This is actually one of my more recent fruit e-liquid discoveries. I’ve never heard of the brand before, so I was a little nervous to step out of my comfort zone, but I’m very happy I did! The two 60mL bottles of flavor showcase (you guessed it!) ruby red grapefruits paired with ripe watermelon. While this may seem like an unusual pairing, the two fruits actually compliment each other very nicely. The tartness of the grapefruit is balanced out with the light flavor of summer watermelon, making this quite a refreshing summer e-liquid. Joosy Frooty has several other flavors in their lineup, but I haven’t been adventurous enough to try them all. If you’ve tried any of the other ones, I’d love to hear about it! But for now, Rooby Red is a great e-liquid that’s unique; I don’t usually get grapefruit in an e-liquid, and since the actual fruit is delicious, I was delighted to find an e-liquid that did the actual fruit justice.

4. To The Max! by Apple eJuice

To The Max! Apple eJuice

Fourthly, I’d like to introduce you to a crisp and clean flavor of apple juice with To The Max! Apple eJuice. To this day, I’m hard pressed to find a flavor that matches up this well to the real flavor of apple juice from a juice box. When I say that this e-liquid produces clouds that smell and taste just like the real thing, you know it’s gotta be good! Most fruit e-liquids are mixed with one or more flavors to present a medley of fruit-scented clouds in every puff; however, this flavor boasts the solitary flavor of crisp juicy apples and boy, do it ever deliver! If you’re a fan of pure fruit flavors, especially apple, then this e-liquid promises to rank high in your list of fruit e-liquids! The large 120mL bottle promises to fill your tank with delicious red apple wonder.

5. Lychee Luau by Tropic King

Lychee Luau from Tropic King

Fifthly, we have Lychee Luau from Tropic King. Tropic King is a Drip More creation, and Drip More has some seriously good flavors in their lineup. I’ll mention one of my favorite candy flavors from Candy King later on in this article. But I digress...Lychee Luau is Tropic King is actually a spinoff from the Candy King and it brings a rush of sweet peaches, fresh pears, and exotic lychees. I had a craving one day for lychee flavored e-liquids, so I decided to take a chance with this e-liquid, since I love many other e-liquids from Drip More, and I’m happy to report that this flavor brings fruit clouds to a completely new level. The 100 mL bottle has become a staple in my tank whenever I’m looking for a good hit of pure flavors. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a good fruit flavor that utilizes peach and pear, but the addition of lychee seems to have met the mark in a huge puffy cloud kind of way! Very satisfied with my adventurous choice of fresh peaches, grainy pears, and tropical lychee.

6. Flip Flop Lychee by Dinner Lady Summer Holiday

Flip Flop Lychee by Dinner Lady Summer Holiday

And speaking of lychee fruits, that brings me to my sixth favorite fruit e-liquid, Flip Flop Lychee by Dinner Lady Summer Holiday, which is actually a menthol flavor. While I’m not big on menthol flavors (I’ll leave minty fresh breath for when I brush my teeth in the morning), this e-liquid had a powerful fruit flavor with an expertly measured level of menthol mixed in. I’ve never had real lychee fruit before, so it’s difficult to say if the vape juice is a good rendering of the fruit itself, but the flavor is a serious knockout to your vape taste buds. The inhale is sweet and icy at the same time, which is often difficult to nail with menthol flavors; either you have too little fruit with an overwhelming arctic blast, or you have a powerful fruit flavor with just a kiss of icy menthol.

7. Batch from Candy King

Batch from Candy King

Now that we’ve wrapped up with my fruit favorites, I’m very excited to introduce you to my candy-flavored e-liquids. As I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of sweets and sugary concoctions of candy shoppe favorites, so finding these e-liquids was much like sending a kid into a candy store. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the lucky seventh flavor in my candy flavor lineup with Batch from Candy King! As I mentioned just a little while ago, Candy King is a branch of candy-flavored e-liquids produced by Drip More. Drip More must mix their e-liquids with a touch of magic because nearly their entire lineup is met with thunderous applause. Batch was my favorite simply because it’s so difficult to find a good sweet and sour flavor that isn’t underwhelmingly sour. And yes, I said “underwhelmingly.” I’ve tried many flavors that boast to be “mouth-squinching sour” but am left wanting more of a sour punch than the light sour tickle I’m left with. For those of us that fondly remember days of munching our Sour Patch Kids, this is the flavor for grown-ups. Batch has a suckerpunch of sour mingled with a blast of sweet candy in every puff. My tongue actually got dry after a couple hits of this, just like the actual candy does. I definitely recommend this 100 mL bottle of e-liquid if you’re looking for a satisfying sour flavor with just the right amount of sweet in every cloud.

8. Peach Gummies by Candy Pop

Peach Gummies by Candy Pop

We’re almost there! Stay with me, my vape friends, and let’s see how deep this rabbit hole really goes! Next on our list of candy delights is Peach Gummies by Candy Pop! E-Liquids. Gummy candy flavors are very difficult to recreate in an e-liquid, for the simple reason of trying to recreate a texture into an e-liquid. However, the childhood nostalgia runs deep with this flavor, and the fresh and candied flavor is heavily prevalent in this e-liquid. The peach isn’t thick and cloying, and it’s the best rendering of the real thing that I’ve ever come across. I almost wanted to chew when I took my first hit of this e-liquid because the flavor was so spot-on. If you’re looking to expand your candy collection, I highly recommend the brand Candy Pop! They have all of their candy flavors in menthol as well, so if you love their original candy e-liquids and are interested in trying out their frozen form, Candy Pop! promises to satisfy your icy sweet cravings.

9. Orange Peach by Chill E-liquid

Orange Peach by Chill E-liquid

Closer and closer to the edge, my cloud chasers! Number nine on our list is Orange Peach by Chill E-liquid. This e-liquid is supposed to taste like orange soda; the 60 mL bottle actually comes in a soda can-shaped container! Due to the creativity of the container, I was immediately curious about how this e-liquid would taste. I was surprised to find that there’s a strong orange flavor, and if I closed my eyes, I could almost feel the carbonated bubbles pop on my tongue! I know that soda is a weird flavor to try and recreate in an e-liquid, but I feel that Chill E-Liquid did a bang up job. It’s a little light in consistency, so be careful not to burn your cotton by taking so many pulls on this e-liquid (or as I like to call it, chain vaping). The orange and the peach go well together, and there definitely is a hint of soda pop in the exhale. All in all, this is an excellent flavor.

10. Burst Citrus by Burst E-Liquids

Burst Citrus by Burst E-Liquids

And last but not least, we have Burst Citrus by Burst E-Liquids! This 60mL bottle seems to be trying to recreate the popular Starburst candy, hence the name of “Burst” e-liquids. As an avid lover of the square-shaped taffy, I was really excited to try out this line and selected the lemon-lime since it was one of the brighter colors in the lineup. The flavor is thick and sweet, not at all light like some other candy e-liquids. The flavor is heavy with the flavor of citrus and gives a definite kick of juicy flavor. While you might be a little wary of this flavor because of the lemon and lime elements, rest assured, this is a great palate refresher whenever you feel like you keep having the same flavors over and over again.

And there you have it! Ten e-liquids that I simply can’t seem to put down! Honestly, I carry around at least five e-liquids at a time because I hate having to choose between my favorites, and it keeps things interesting so I don’t ever get bored with a flavor too quickly. I’ve tried to be objective in describing each of these e-liquids and why they appealed to me so much. Finding a good e-liquid can be daunting at times since the product descriptions make your mouth water and your eyes light up with imaginations. The promises of freshly baked desserts and just-picked fruits are tempting and nearly irresistible. Sweets and fruits are something that is enjoyable in real life, so if you really enjoy a root beer float or a heaping plate of chocolate chip cookies, just be advised that the clouds might smell better than the actual hit tastes (I know from experience that chocolate is a difficult vape flavor to nail down correctly). I hope I’ve been able to point you in the direction of some vape juices that I really enjoyed. Maybe I even had one or two of your favorites on there! If not, feel free to reach out and let me know! I’m always on the hunt for a great cloud chasing experience, and it’s always a thrill to discover a great new flavor! These flavors are usually pretty easy to find online and even in your local vape shop, so if you’re in the mood for a delicious candy or fruit flavored e-liquid, now you have ten new flavors to try!

Keep your vape taste buds happy and may your tank never be empty!

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