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Ambient by AudioFog Max VG E Liquid will brighten your mood on the cloudiest of days with its vibrant flavors.

AudioFog Max VG E Liquid gives you that nostalgic feeling from yesteryear, you can easily imagine yourself eating your tasty breakfast cereal as fast as you could to get outdoors and play, the only difference is that now you want to enjoy those delicious tastes.

The fruit is so luscious and just yummy as well as being free to many fruit flavors, just like in this vape juice by AudioFog Max VG E Liquid.

Blackberries haven't tasted as accurate as they do in this juice with the punchy sweet yet tart flavor and a mild fragrant undertone you'll liven up!

Between the fantastic recipe and also the top shelf components, this vape juice is clearly a hit!

This is the perfect vape juice to relax, unwind and have a mini vacation, even when you're in your coffee break.

<p>Red Label Reverb is a mime of This First Reverb Taste from AudioFog Max VG E Liquid but Shrunk into the max.

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