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Just like being struck with a cold and getting out of the water, sea breeze.

Watermelon and cooling menthol to generate the most refreshing combination you could ever dream of.

Red and green apples give a tart, sweet, crispy crunch that's so juicy and refreshing, this already amazing feeling is amplified by the cooling mint feeling.

Activate your senses, wear a winter jacket and have a vape of this impacting juice.

A unique vape juice which embodies the flavor of this sweet treat.

The perfect made cake deal using a flavorful zest to get a touch of additional sweetness and blueberry flavor.

A sweet cereal has left behind a creamy, flavorful milk that you can not help but slurp up.

Beard Gains E Liquid knows what we want and is providing it to us with some of the real flavors in the marketplace in full force.

Purple nerds candies and those pink are brought to you by Beard Gains E Liquid in vape juice form.

Gladiator has that authentic banana candies flavor with a gentle, smooth feeling that will help out with relaxing and calming.

Playful exotic and ready for whatever, this bold juice offers you a burst of delight.

Char Core by Beard Gains E Liquid takes both green and red apples and combines them together to get a crisp, refreshing juice with a touch of sourness.

Char Mellow is a mellow juice which provides a nice clean, pure, calming feeling that's made for usage.

Love Char by Beard Gains E Liquid is a superior flavored juice with home baked cookie taste and a vanilla lotion which adds a touch of decadence to this dessert.

Taste of Char by Beard Gains E Liquid is a wealthy, indulgent dessert blend that requires an ooey gooey nutella and fold it fluffy cream mousse for a chocolate dream come true!

This exotic dessert mix will throw you away to some far away land where the sun is shining and the vibe is relaxed.

</p>This cereal blend mixes together a cereal with marshmallows shaped like charms for a juice that imitates the renowned childrens cereal snack.

Strong fruity taste is balanced out with a buttery pastry to get a blend in every vape.

</p>A light, flaky pie crust topped with a light, refreshing lotion and is full of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

<p>Have a sip of milkshake goodness with Smoove by Beard Gains E Liquid.

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