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A super fruit cup made up of sweet, fresh berries, strawberries and raspberries all ripened and incredibly flavorful topped with a mild, smooth dollop of whipped cream.

An absolutely fabulous mixture of smooth, rich cappuccino flavors and deep, earthy tobacco that come together to produce a stimulating combination that works oh so well.

An sour and sweet vape experience that attracts the peaches and kicks up the flavor a notch with a twist that is .

A custard for those who love custard.

24 is a salted caramel malt flavored vape which can make your heart skip a beat.

32 is rapidly turned into the top pick and probably a hit around the globe.

A pairing for the ages, a true to flavor NY cheesecake decorated with freshly picked strawberries to kick it into overdrive.

64 by Beard Vape Co understands a sweet signature from blue raspberry that only bring to life a very unique hibiscus tastes you will certainly love.

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