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True to life flavoring that is inflated to become more presentable.

BCB Raspberry is phenomenal blend of coconut, pineapple, Ice Cream, and the banana that is ripest you'll be able to locate in almost any vape.

BCB Lemon is combination of sugar cookie, ice cream, and the ripest lemon you can find in any vape.

BCB Strawberry is blend of vanilla cream, vanilla, and the strawberries that are ripest you can locate in almost any vape.

BCB Gummies takes us on a joy ride back to the candy gummies we all have enjoyed.

BCB Apple requires a granny smith apple and pieces it up to dip it in to the most sticky and sweetest caramel you are ever going to vape.

BCB Donut pairs a glazed donut using a cereal topping to supply you along with a fruity exhale and inhale.

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