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This mix of cereal sprinkled with apple flavors that were candy and sweet cinnamon has always and will always be a hit!

A punch of brightness that add an extra piece of invigoration and vitality and will lift any disposition!

CPV Signature Series E Liquid has really done a fantastic job producing a shockingly recreation of this treat that can be enjoyed any day of the week, any time!

Fruit Cereal by CPV Signature Series E Liquid is a very sweet fruity tooty cereal swimming at a bowl of cream.

An smooth, sultry mixture of deep, earthy tobacco with a honey that is sticky which will add a edge to the premium vape juice.

An out of this world vape juice blend that tastes the same as the energy drink flavor that is tasty that is ultra.

Young and fun are simply breathtaking and will promise you that the most sunny , most cheerful clouds which can brighten your mood and your taste buds.

Menthol Tobacco by CPV Signature Series E Liquid has that tobacco taste with a touch of sweet mint to add a bit of fresh, refreshment for your exhale.

Gummy candy lovers, you have to receive your hands with this and once you do, no ones getting it off of you!

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