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When you feel it, you can taste the flavors simply explode in your mouth and make you feel as if you're eating the entire blackberry crumble which has been made for a group of people, but you felt you needed it more than anyone because you had a long stressful day.

What occurs when Dinner Lady E Liquid decides to hit you upon a cheerful morning with everything could be the very best thing that ever happened to vape planet - Mango Tart!

Lemon Tart evolves to a Salt Nicotine model at a better flavor production.

A sweet tart that have you believing sunny ideas and will take over your perceptions.

Everyone is going to need to know just what you're vaping!

Dinner Lady E Liquid has produced this loved dessert in one of the most authentic ways possible, it requires better than just what Grandma used to bake and to top it off, it's completely calory free.

Cornflakes topped with a maple syrup and topped with a cherry jam.

Yummy rice pudding paired and blended with a raspberry jam to create a one of a sort of vape encounter.

A delicious lemon curd sits atop a crust that is flavored.

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