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Get a hold of this mix that will have you feeling as if you're back at your mom's house and she's making you a special dessert to make you feel loved and comforted.

The sweet and tarty flavor of cranberries with a blend of apples and a potent dosage of menthol keeps things cool for the summer months.

The donut favorite is now here in a vape juice type.

Two peanut biscuits are sandwiched together with a generous serving of sleek, rich peanut butter in the middle for an extreme peanut flavor that may fill your senses with all all the delicious taste you crave.

Make your own camping experience with this perfect copy of a campfire.

In a sugar glaze of goodness coming directly off the fryer and while still warm covered like a donut.

You know the flavor, now actually and truly experience it for the first time in vape form.

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