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Smax E Liquid combines them all into a yummy e liquid that brings all these amazing tastes into a great balance to give you a phenomenal vape encounter.

Smax E Liquid wants you to have the ability to enjoy them without needing a campfire or the mess that goes with making them.

Smax E Liquid carries premium extracts which provide the flavor of fresh peaches and blends with it a creamy vanilla foundation to create a vapers paradise of taste and well deserved indulgence.

Escape to the tropics and enjoy the flavors of passion fruit, pineapples, along with juicy fruit flavors that are rich in a bottle of Good Vibes from Smax E Liquid.

With fruit tastes that scream with bold, exciting taste covered in sticky candy glaze, Pony on Acid is similar to an abysmal fruit sour.

A citrus vape you will love with Secret Crush!

<p>Be nostalgic with a Flavor of Mexico at a vape!

</p>The sweet orange slices combined with the taste of pineapple chunks topped with silky cream are amazing!

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