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Strong citrus with a potent flavor on the inhale and a lasting impression on the run.

Sugar Hill Basics is a superior product at a budget price.

Mangochurian is the result of asking him to come up with the perfect mango recipe that he can and sitting down among the biggest fans of cherry.

A juicy fresh strawberry vape that matches up a base that is candied to make a replicated experience of a hard candy.

Sundae Times is our take on summer time classic which pairs whipped vanilla with a very small nutty plus a caramel base taste to extend a flavor experience that is pure.

A custard masterful you may want to consume it, we advise that you do not.

Every puff will feel as a pole of chewing gum.

What happens if you blend it in to milk and take your favorite breakfast pastry and top it off with fruit?

What happens when you mix a glass of milk and a Bavarian cream donut and a Boston cream donut?

A bowl of your favorite fruity cereal which creates a sweet flavor experience you will recognize instantly.

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