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Even though candies are a guilty pleasure to many people, you don't care about going for as many pulls as you would like with this blend because it is just one e liquid that is going to cause you to feel as if it is all worth it.

Indulge yourself with a more sweet and rich experience that delivers a creamy explosion on exhale and the inhale.

This mixture of hazelnuts is a vape that is smooth subtle and completely drool worthy.

Enjoy the rich flavors of a morning strudel pastry covered in a sugar glaze and packed to the brim with fresh blueberries.

Crumbleberry is an amazing tribute to both raspberries and pie created by the flavor masters over in the Milkman.

A cake that is buttery vanilla base with a hot infusion of chocolate during.

No longer must you endure the withdrawal of moving without your favourite treat in the entire world.

This is a mixology achievement of epic proportions, if you love a milky vape with plenty of complexity and Milkman that is worthy of touching your wicks then is the ejuice you want.

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