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An e-juice named 100 Proof, coming from a company named Michigan Moonshine, might look like a risky wager. It brings up thoughts of brewing methods that are questionable, or grain alcohol, or the throat-burning feeling that comes a bottle of moonshine. But do not worry! That's not the flavor you get from 100 Proof. You get something more palatable and enjoyable from this juice--no burning alcohol feeling. 100 Proof is an RY4-flavored vape. What is RY4, you may ask? It is among the original e-cigarette tastes, and it combines three ingredients: cigarette, caramel, and vanilla. You get a vaping session that feels unfiltered but manages to capture the homey, comfy feeling of a cigarette flavor. 100 Proof uses a mild tobacco flavoring to make an even, easy-going foundation. What makes 100 Proof particular is the simple fact that they amped up the vanilla and caramel flavors. This is a RY4 flavor that is typical; it is a vape with some extra sweetness added. It is perfect for people who like tobacco tastes, but do not need to get overwhelmed by them. Light, delicate vanilla and sweet caramel equally ensure that this vape is a treat for anyone. No matter what tastes you usually enjoy, 100 Proof is a delicate balance that produces a perfect taste profile for everybody. It is a twist on a few. If you are a traditionalist with a sweet tooth, this vape is created for you! You can get Michigan Moonshine uses quality ingredients, so you receive an amazing flavor when appreciating an even vape, hit after hit. Don't worry about a harsh juice that you need to endure enjoy a smooth flavor that goes down easy. It!

Flavors: Tobacco Vanilla

Vanilla Caramel Tobacco
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