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120 Cereal Pop

120 Cereal Pop E Liquid
$5.99 $19.75

120 Cereal Pop is the liquid that defines its brand. If you want a juice that is 100% backed by the people making it then you’ll find no other brand with more invested. Cereal Pop believes in what they make and that’s a delicious and original flavor that they are committed to delivering.

Right there in the name, that’s what size this bottle comes in. 120ml is a fair amount of e-liquid, that is certain. A little larger than your average sizes but more than enough for one person this is a good size bottle if you are planning a special occasion or having some vaping buddies over for the day.

Cereal Pop has a handful of nicotine options. The 6mg is for former smokers or for people looking for a cigarette like experience. There is also a 3mg for those of you looking for less nicotine or maybe for vapers who want to wean themselves down. 0mg is great for those quitting nicotine or who just want that great flavor and nothing else.

And speaking of flavor, 120 Cereal Pop is a one of a kind. This e-juice taste just like crackly fruity cereal in milk. Want to reminisce about those mornings of sitting in your pj’s and watching cartoons with your bowl between your legs? This juice can bring that feeling back with each hit and taste great on top of all that.

This is a juice that prides itself in tasting like it promises and it gives exactly that. Cereal Pop tastes just like cereal and just like your new favorite juice, that you can be sure of.

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