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120 Strawberry Pop

120 Pop Series E Liquid
$6.99 $14.99

In the sweltering heat of sunlight, a frozen popsicle could be the proverbial knight in shining armor. A conical block of feeling meant to quench your desire with each lick. This e juice calms down it with a cooling and recreates the refreshing sweetness of berries. 120 Strawberry Pop is from precisely the brand that brought 120 Cereal Pop, a line of luxurious vape juices, crafted by the masterminds . It owns the exact same saccharine gratification that's synonymous with tastes within its lineup, Even eloquent. For vapers, the taste may endure a stronghold but it is not the factor that contributes a buyer to purchase an liquid. Questions like"Can it hurt the coils?" ,"Is your taste authentic?" And"Would it product thick clouds?" 120 Pop Series E Liquid claims their ability to meet with the consumers at each one these points of desire is what makes them stand out. 120 Strawberry Pop, like 120 Cereal Pop, is lauded, not only for its genuinely taste but for the experience it gives the vaper with, via clouds and long coils. If you you may want to incorporate 120 Strawberry Pop to your own collection. Freshly picked berries have been plucked mixed , then, frozen . We dont know about you but this seems like perfection.

Main Flavors: Cream, Strawberry, Popsicle

Strawberry Popsicle Fruit Cream
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