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There are a lot of pineapple flavors in the entire world that is vaping. Some blends mix the juice with flavors that they can make an exotic flavor that is tropical; which is a great idea. Who doesn't enjoy the tang of a fruit juice with all the enhancement of pineapple? Other brands let pineapple to be itself--it is the only flavor in the juice. You can enjoy the exceptional flavor when you want, and you get a yummy taste that will be the little jolt of pleasure that you need to get through the remainder of the afternoon (or genuinely relax at the end of it). Leviathan recognized the promise of a flavored vape, but they decided to try something somewhat different than the typical fare; that is how Abyss was born. Instead of being a blend, Abyss takes a pineapple ring and then marinates it in a rich sauce; then it throws the entire thing on the grill. This blend becomes a combination of sweet pineapple and smoky spices; it is just like a ham with pineapple and a cherry attached, but without the overpowering taste of meat. Instead, you have to enjoy a blend that's in perfect balance with its foundation. It wouldn't be a Leviathan blend with no signature flavor --a pinch of sea salt that pulls the entire thing. Leviathan is a company known for its high-quality goods. They use ingredients that are superior to create a juice that's so good, you'll never need your session to end. You can grab all of the bottles of their products--such as Abyss--! You are going to be getting a exceptional flavor that will challenge your perceptions. It's guaranteed to blow all of your pineapple vapes out of the water. Have a Visit to the Abyss today!

Primary Flavors: Pineapple Salt, Spices

PG/VG: 30/70

Pineapple Sea Salt Fruit Spices
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