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Acai Original

Acai E Liquid

Acai brings you the flavor of its namesake, the one and only original Acai flavoring that this brand's fans know and love. If you are looking for a flavor that is both fruity and fun all while still being an original take on the fruit e-juice style of vaping.

Acai comes in three distinct styles of nicotine strength. The 6mg bottles of Acai Original are something that smokers who recently quit would want to look into since this is the closest nicotine content to a typical cigarette. The 3mg is better for those weaning down or who haven’t smoked in a while. 0mg is a great style choice too, since its just the flavor.

Acai original seems pretty self-explanatory. But the question we often hear being bounced around at Knowvape, and out there in the real world, is what is Acai? Acai berries have been described as tasting like a mixture of a blackberry and a raspberry but this is just a close approximation. Top it all off with a back finish of a mixture of cream and oats and you have a truly superb juice.

If you are looking to order yourself some Acai Original, you’ll find your options slightly limited. This juice is only available in 60ml bottles. Slightly limiting if you are a fan of ordering in larger quantities or like smaller bottles. But we have often found that the middle size is a good compromise in terms of size and price.

If you have tried others in the line and are already a fan then you should definitely get around to trying the original. If you are new to the brand, then this definitely the place to start.

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