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Acai Strawberry

Acai E Liquid

Acai strives to bring many different flavors to their signature berry blend, and what better than that old fruitful standby. Strawberry is a familiar flavor, to be sure, but Acai makes it new again by giving it a fun twist. Interested in having one of your favorite flavors reinvented, then we suggest reading on.

The Acai Strawberry is available in only 60ml bottles. This is the industry standard bottle, meeting a lot of uses and needs people have of it. It is large enough to justify the cost of the bottle but small enough to make it convenient for storage and transport. A lot of brands will offer smaller and bigger options, but this size is likely all you’ll ever need.

Strawberry is available in three varying nicotine strengths. Their 0mg is for people who prefer having the flavor unmodified. The 3mg is for people who haven’t smoked in some time or are trying to wean yourself off of nicotine. The 6mg of Strawberry is better for recent quitters of tobacco products, since its strength is closer to your topical cigarette.

The Strawberry flavor from Acai seems pretty straightforward on the surface, but is actually a lot more complex than its name gives it credit for. The sharp, sweet mixture is layered over a base of honey and granola to both mellow and accentuate the flavor.

For the ultimate strawberry fusion flavor you have to look no further that Acai and their carefully blended Strawberry flavor. Try it today or you’ll be missing out.

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