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That is the salt that many men and women are ready to get their hands on, although this might sound like the gorgeous city in Mexico that many people see when they want to get a little fun in sunlight at the beach. It seems like fresh salt e liquids are coming out, but the tobacco taste is dropping. Well, now all you've got to do is have a pull of Acapulco and see exactly what it is about. When you take a hit of this salt e liquid you are likely to feel that the tobacco taste coming to your mouth. The java tastes amazing since it tastes as if it was roasted to provide the taste to you which you've been looking for. It might even convince you that the place they're being roasted on was left for them. Since you continue to taste the tobacco taste, the vanilla taste begins to become more potent. Because it is currently making itself known by having this feel But this vanilla is not alone. That is the custard that's currently going to be incredible. You are prepared as you are likely to find this neck hit which will be crazy when you've got all these flavors gathered up. The tastes are going to erupt and take you. As upsetting as you believe it is because if you do it gradually, you are likely to get more bang for your buck, exhaling won't be. There are A few notes currently going to fall in your taste buds and it will let the good times keep moving. Eventually become a sight for sore eyes and they are going to smell amazing, although these clouds might not be the most obnoxious.

**This product is made with salt and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla, Custard

Vanilla Vanilla Custard Dessert Tobacco Custard
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