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Air Tip Cartridges (3 Pack)


Feel like you want a new new pod for you pod mod system? If it has to do with pods, we may get too comfortable filling up it if we need and quickly taking a pull. However, we occasionally don't observe that maybe a pod is in need. A bunch of this Air Tip Cartridges will be amazing because not only will you receive three of these they all are going to survive so you don't have to order new ones any time soon. This will be sufficient room to help yourself to when you go on just a vape trip. Filling up them isn't going to be a challenging task because you are going to be able to fill it up with the underside fill port. The mouthpiece is currently going to be slim, which makes it more easy for you to inhale. The pods are going to be you don't make any big messes when going on a adventure. Is to have the pod escape in your pocket, which will ruin day and your outfit. Because your pod is providing you doesn't mean you must ditch the whole pod mod system. Get your hands and you will have an amazing time taking all the time to a new hit.

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