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We do not need a meal to get us through the day, so a smoothie will is sometimes enough. AK-47 sounds like a gun that a lot of people are getting their hands at the countries. There is something happening that a lot of us do not agree with, but this isn't what we are attempting to talk about right. AK-47 is in fact the title of the electronic liquid that is currently going to make you feel as though you are trying to help yourself. You can taste the strawberry notes that are likely to be very sweet when you choose a pull of this liquid. You might even wonder where these strawberries were picked from because you might have never tried them. The banana is going to give you. Since you continue savoring this blend, you are going taste the juicy and sweet peach flavor that is going to make you speechless. With every pull, you could be able to feel that the peach trickle its juices down your throat because of how fresh it is. The small throat hit is going to allow you to savor more of the flavors that this electronic liquid offers, and the more you savor this blend the longer you may feel as though you are downing that smoothie that you purchased in the bougie juice bar. Slowly allow the liquid to exit your body and you start to breathe , when you think you've had enough of the experience. As you feel that the blend touching your lips over the way out, you respect. They're growing bigger and bigger, but the odor that they are carrying is becoming longer. Who cares because the odor that is wonderful is going to be incredible.

Flavors: Strawberry, Banana, Peach, Smoothie

PG/VG: 30/70

Strawberry Peach Banana Smoothie
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