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Combine the Vaping Mafia E Liquid family with this mix that will be a essential part of your collection that is vaping from the very first moment that you go to try it onwards. You will go crazy for how this juice can give you such a rich, thoughtful and absolutely luxurious flavor without needing to make any sacrifices and subject your body to unhealthy foods which are not good for us in the long run. This juice will keep on coming for you when you need it the most and be in a position to continuously offer you a lot of goodness which makes it such a wonderful investment for anyone who loves vaping. This mix is a person which has a sturdy dependability about it that is simply made so much better by the quantity of texture and taste that it's given. At any time you opt to load this mix into your tank, it will be like you understand deep down in that your whole day will be filled with so much loyal satisfaction which will make certain you're in a position to make the most from all your breaks. Vaping Mafia E Liquid is a group made by the team over at Vape Daugz E Liquidthey produce top-notch juices which are inspired by the most notorious gangsters during history and they do it with a class and sophistication that will really appeal to anyone who is in a position to try them. Al Capone starts out with a super decadent yogurt base that has been infused!

PG/VG: 5/95

Vanilla Yogurt
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