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Alien Piss 4

Bomb Sauce E Liquid

There is only 1 way this electronic liquid had to have been made and that's if the alien moved to Atlanta, Georgia so that he can eat a fresh peaches and proceed into the bathroom. An alien eventually has to clear his or her bladder at some point right? Alien Piss 4 if going to get you wondering why do aliens really like to stink. It is also likely to pack some of the peaches' tastes which you might have ever had. You can almost sense the content of the peach dripping down your lips and chin as though you bit into a one that is plump and ripe. Right before you start to think you could use a bit more juiciness to enjoy, a few refreshing lemonade comes into the picture. These flavors Both start to taste incredible because you're getting the juicy taste of these peaches the grated lemonade. When these tastes make their way down you throat, you grow a little nervous because you know you are going to get. You have a lot of, what else are you likely to get? The java gets richer and you can practically taste the lemons which were utilized to produce this delectable beverage. Since the trip comes to an end, mainly because you have to start breathing again, you allow all the tastes from your own body as gradually as you can. You are left with a few of notes to salivate though you had yourself a shot of the lemonade. The clouds which you're likely to make with this liquid that is e are going to be huge, and you may not wish to allow your eyes wander away because if you look away you might miss something.

Flavors: Peach, Lemonade

PG/VG: 30/70

Lemon Peach Lemonade Fruit
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