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Alien Piss

Bomb Sauce E Liquid

It is not going to taste like piss, but you will understand what these aliens can give you. Let's just concentrate on the electronic liquid for now. Alien Piss is the name but it is going to provide an wonderful taste that will be sweet to you. When you take a pull of the liquid that is electronic, you're going to have the ability to taste the wonderful blue raspberries rushing in your mouth. They will have a taste that is sweet that they are going to make you understand that whoever picked these berries out, just picked your needs to be catered to by the blue ones. You are going to start slowly feeling refreshed, Since you continue savoring this mix. That is because the taste which makes you wonder when was the last time you had a glass of lemonade and is currently becoming more powerful. When all the flavors come together, they start to make their way. Do not worry because this is not going to supply you with a highly effective throat strike, but one that you will allow you to appreciate the wonderful tastes that are packed in to it. Because you heard they are it might start to feel as if you had a few of these berries. Exhaling is among the best parts when vaping with this e liquid because you can you receive a couple berry notes as the mix makes it exit. The clouds will be aromatic and huge, but this does not necessarily mean you should work trying to try to find some urine because it is not going to be tasty.

Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Lemonade

PG/VG: 30/70

Raspberry Lemon Blue Raspberry Lemonade Fruit
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