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A star among an unlimited option of materials and space that this mod not only looks amazing like it should include a cost that is considerably 28, but in addition, it performs.

5 Reviews

Citrusy, a brilliant ripe strawberry , sweet coconut and bold pineapple is likely to earn a vape juice that turns divide time.

1 Review

Red by Black Gost E Liquid takes vibrant passion fruit, supple mango and absolutely grapefruit to get a vape juice blend that is truly the nectar of the gods.

1 Review

Kiwi Dragonfruit by Bare Naked E Liquid takes sour, crispy kiwi and sweet, citrus dragonfruit, combines them together and makes a refreshing, zesty vape juice which works to open up and rejuvenate the senses so that you may feel light, fresh and full of energy.

1 Review

Tart oranges, sweet peaches, zesty, luscious and exotic, supple guava fruit is blended into organic tasting fruity perfection.

1 Review

A thirst-quenching treat that you will appreciate!

A delight that offers fruitiness and sweetness using a neck hit punch perfect for all. These flavors are HIGH IN NICOTINE and meant ONLY for devices that are mouth-to-lung.

Tropical pleasures await, an escape to be created by a lemonade experience pairing a mixture of island fruit .

Put in your tooth and show it who's boss - that pod juice is the selection for all events.

The vibrant flavor of fruits with a candy twist is really a delight for everyone.

Crsp is brings an crunch to your senses to you!

Indulge yourself to some sweetness overload!

Are you prepared to return in time?

Take your pod mod into vanilla bean city with this vanilla rich flavor that fits your cigalike such as the battery into the pod. These flavors are HIGH IN NICOTINE and meant ONLY for devices.

This hard candy strawberry mix provides a flavor explosion that can make your pods sing a song of praise.

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