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BCB Donut pairs a glazed donut using a cereal topping to supply you along with a fruity exhale and inhale.

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by Smok

Innovation at its best which includes a grip that is sleek and ergonomic in addition to the usual security measures for vaping feel for comfort.

Lay out this vape juice and you could just get a one friend come to visit with you.

Bring your taste up into the highest amount possible, put aside all the poor brands and get your fundamentals up you've had to endure.

A combination of tastes capped with a charm is a winner on its own!

This mix of flavors is so well balanced that every facet of the mix makes it own time in the spotlight!

A perfect all day vape which will have you feeling clear and refreshed , all of fruit lovers actually have to give this masterpiece a try!

A sweet mix of graham crackers berries and sleek custard will make you feel like you've found the love of your lifetime!

Remember back when you're a child (or maybe last week) if you're given a bowl of the classic crispy rice cereal and would scatter a heaping spoonful of sugar on it?

A superb replica of the tobacco flavor you're utilized to the ash and long stink.

A combination of red berries along with a fistful of fresh berries.

Vapology Story E Liquid pulled all the stops with this sensuous vape juice that's upscale and incredibly classy.

A star among an unlimited option of materials and space that this mod not only looks amazing like it should include a cost that is considerably 28, but in addition, it performs.

4 Reviews

Charly the kid by Vapology Story E Liquid has a deep tobacco foundation with a touch of maple and coco syrup.

An explosion of magic and sweet flavors that will have you craving for more!

Vapology Story E Liquid has your back with this breath busting, super hero of a vape juice, a great all day vape which is likely to make the clouds.

Vapology Story E Liquid made Crunchy Break in Sydney to get all of those breakfast cereal fans who want that down under expertise!

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