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Aristocrat is filled with the freshness of sweetness and green apple flavor.

Inspired by sour straw such as candies, this taste combination of smooth berries and apple with a sour kick will have you hooked!

<p>Cinna Winna is a Combination of churros topped with a Touch of butter Lotion.

It's a mixture of berries at a kind of cereal breakfast encounter that is perfect for nutritious.

FRZNAPPLE by BLVK Unicorn E Liquid functions a melange of red and green apples with a menthol dose to help keep your taste buds happy all summer long.

Who doesn't love an ice slushy on a hot summer afternoon?

The organic taste explosion of a blueberry in a hard candy setting will only ooze out delicious sweetness.

This sweet and sour green apple hard candy with an extra bit of"razzamatazz" will have you behaving in an extra good mood!

Adam and Eve offers the mouth watering experience of a sour green apple which floats a ton of fruit flavor with a crisp exhale with no menthol.

This mix of cereal sprinkled with apple flavors that were candy and sweet cinnamon has always and will always be a hit!

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