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As you taste its own lust-worthy flavor you will be getting a load of candy like sweetness that suits your cravings without you having to earn a few precautionary dentist appointments beforehand and then a freshness hits you and also gives it a more uplifting, light feeling that will come along with you through the day.

Inspired by sour straw such as candies, this taste combination of smooth berries and apple with a sour kick will have you hooked!

Grapes with a candy base's untouchable potency pairs up to get an ultra experience.

Strawberry Cream Nog is a combination of sweet and fresh strawberry and spiced noodle egg beverage with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg flavors.

<p>Relax and refresh yourself with watermelon from Melon Taffy Tail!

</p>You will be given the spirit by the hot and sweet pink berries finely blended with pink champagne.

Lemon Drop will take you back into the old good days, a unique sour e-juice that leaves your mouth watering combined with sweet hard candy that balances the sourness.

Fuggin Donuts is a fresh and sexy dessert taste topped with colored sprinkles and strawberry frosting.

Just this vape juice gives you a burst of sweet flavor in your mouth!

This e-liquid is a great selection for vapers who enjoy a dessert taste but not too sweet  like any other people in the marketplace.

Willing your taste buds with BJ!

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