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Your Favorite Juice

Gummy candy lovers, you have to receive your hands with this and once you do, no ones getting it off of you!

Forget about having to go to the shop or worrying about cavities since Sour Watermelon will become your convenient, go to vape treat.

It is extremely well balanced with just the perfect number of sweetness and tart, making it a fantastic throwback sweet and flavorful all-day-vape.

In regards to vaping, which explains precisely why this salt e liquid understands that you are going to have a kick out of puffing off with this one you do not mind a little intensity.

Since you continue focusing on the wonderful feeling, you're likely to enjoy the candy taste that is going to cause you to feel as though you have started to chew some gum that is flavorful.

Something that is interesting is just too good to keep to yourself and you are a nice person so clearly, you want to fill your friends in so that they can see for themselves how good that it really is.

Exhale Ruby and let the sour notes from the apple taste live in your lips while the crunchy and crisp element of candy that is hard stays in your palate.

Perhaps you will find yourself with flashbacks of running to your local candy store with some change clutched securely in your hands trying to determine just how you might get the maximum bang for your dollar and place yourself into a sugar rush before the day was through.

It had been so entertaining to see just how big of a bubble you could blow and now using it in juice form, you can see just how dense the clouds that you create and big are likely to be and recapture a few of those feelings.

You've reached the end!

You've reached the end!