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A combination of lotions and coconut to create a tropical escape everywhere that you are able to vape.

The relaxing appeal of sweet and cream is a treat for that routine!

A creamy escape that's available for you free of boarding passes or boat docks.

  Get ready to be amazed at Big F'IN Deal!

Enjoy the unforgettable taste of coconut milk with succulent melon that is irresistibly.

The unforgettable taste of coconut milk balanced with succulent strawberry.

Some tastes are made for each other, the perfect pair is made by and coconut and banana milk.

A graham cookie using a pear medley along with a cream finish.

Savor the taste of flavorful fruits in season.

You get Pink a pina colada cupcake that vapes as a flavorful as it seems.

Reaver comes with a tropical smoothie taste that pairs coconut, coconut with a cream foundation that is heavy and thick to around it.

Lava Flow e liquid provides an escape to this tropical island in your screens desktop inside two puffs.

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The cure that was trendy is set to blast your senses away!

Tropical Melon delivers almond milk infused with freshly cut pineapple and melon pieces.

Skip that Hawaiin vacation and try Gimme Samoa for a few island vibes.

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