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Life is short and we should find enjoyment out of as many moments as we possible can, this is the type of juice that you're likely to have the ability to reach for those dull, overcast Monday mornings at which it seems like most of that fun couldn't be any further away to get a reminder that nothing is stopping us from having a fantastic time!

Take the adventure of the name in the business and set this up with the creation of a cereal vape and you get MAX 100.

The taste of fruits can deliver.

For the lover of cherry ejuice we present OoohMyMango.

Custard that shows up into the party with honeydew.

Put on your best outfit and have a puff of Strawberry King and feel like royalty.

by Phix

This bunch of pods carries the stamp of Brewell, crafted for the Phix Pod Mod system these pods provide a classic strawberry experience unique to pod mod systems.

Ripe banana and the perfect ripe strawberry combined together in this milkshake.

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