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Visions of berries and delicious mouth watering honeydew melon and this base mixed.

A creation, Zodiac will allow you to have the magic of space altogether!

Vape away to the summer with a liquid in tribute crafted to bring you feeling all year round.

Custard that shows up into the party with honeydew.

Melon Milk Crusher delivers honeydew melon flavor among a condensed milk sweetness.

Full of refreshing fruit goodness that is astonishingly which will make you need to place on your winter coat in the middle of July!

A refreshing vape juice together with genuine flavors and sweetness' best balance, you can not fail with a vape such as this!

Area 51 takes cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon, mashes them together in a blender and creates a refreshing, sweet all-natural fruit vape juice.

So much taste the dark might lighten with a rainbow of joy.

Melon Milk is the smooth, creamy and light mixture that provide just the ideal amount of sweetness and flavor that is excellent for everyday vaping usage.

This really is a juice that will please most, if not all of palates with it delicious flavor and taste that is mild yet sweet.

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