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FRZNAPPLE by BLVK Unicorn E Liquid functions a melange of red and green apples with a menthol dose to help keep your taste buds happy all summer long.

Even summer can not violate the impact of this liquid, a potent cooling sensation on the manner in and on the way out.

<p>Relive the beauty of summer with a refreshing vibe out of Mr.

The citrus and sweet combination will capture your senses !

</p>The cool and light mix of menthol mint, and peppermint are all sufficient to make your day special.

Bring the frost on the go and curb the summertime.

Dazzle your taste buds with this combination of lychee fruit and menthol.

FRZBERRY by BLVK Unicorn E Liquid delivers orchard quality strawberries with chaser that keeps the berry experience icy cold even in the hottest of summer days.

This really is a superb selection for smokers who wants smoke that is thicker but with not having toxins from real tobacco.

Bite into this delicious, invigorating vape juice and it will bite back with a dash of mint taste that will awaken all of your senses.

by Phix

This pack of pods includes the stamp of Brewell, crafted for its Phix Pod Mod system these pods deliver a cooling tobacco experience unique to pod mod systems.

Sherbet using a a punch which supplies both a cooling and flavorful experience unlike any you have ever encountered.

The fruity flavor of Gush enhanced with a touch of menthol for a cooling effect that turns into the arctic within one puff.

True crisp and cooling taste that waters the mouth and provides a pinch of flavor that only sticks to you and keeps you reaching for your pod mod. These tastes intended ONLY for devices that are mouth-to-lung and are HIGH IN NICOTINE.

Menthol that unites vanilla and ginger to offer a slight frightening feeling to a cascading sweetness.

A powerful but smooth mixture of menthol and mint that ignites your senses and also keeps your mouth fulfilled with a vape that never quits.

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