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Your Favorite Juice

Apple Pie is the name of this e liquid that is going to remind you about this pastry that you just love to munch on all of the time.

You're likely to feel as though you just took a bite out of a cake which was made perfect because it's providing you the sensation you want when you choose the very first pull, and it isn't dry at all.

It will remind you of these gourmet dessert choices they cart by your table in a fancy restaurantquality and delightful you could eat it until your filled to the gills and feel like you have not had enough.

by Sicboy

Each layer was tucked between by A filo dough based pastry with strawberry lotions.

They are also going to take this odor that will make you feel as if you made the choice to vape with this delectable liquid.

It's retained all of that loveable taste but is just a tad bit milder and will have you ever able to vape it and get that satisfaction that you deserve without needing to make any sacrifices.

Now that previously was mentioned by us, when you start to blow out the mix, you can feel the smooth electronic liquid racing to exit so it may show you the cool clouds you'll be able to make.

You will be given a throat strike which is going to cause you to feel as though you just took a bite of an pastry which you never had before, as the tastes make their way down your throat.

There's a silky smooth feel which is included with this juice and certainly will make it so that you feel and inhale it dancing hitting all of your senses and drawing on your mind into its grand illusion further and farther.

You are likely to get this vibe that will make you feel as though you are helping yourself, Since you continue to pull.

A huckleberry and lemon infused macaroon taste that packs a ton of taste into a macaroon that was tasty.

You've reached the end!

You've reached the end!