This is going to be a profound vape juice well which is going to grab a good deal of the excess e liquid that drips down after soaking your cotton.

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Slots which offer 9mm by diameter air consumption and can be adjustable via the top cover.

With big wicking ports even a chain vapers way of vaping is easily handled and flavor loss a thing of the past.

There is a bottom, three dimensional facet airflow control system that has the ability to deliver atmosphere directly into the coils so it's possible to get the greatest flavor production possible as well as a wide bore drip tip for high temperature vaping as well as support for the single and duel setups.

5 millimeter air slots that feed to air flow tubes for a direct airway path into the deck that ends in the ideal vapor production potential.

This RDA includes a diameter at its base, the cap has a 24K gold plated build deck and is made of durable stainless steel.

<p>The Mesh 24mm RDA by Vandy Vape is 24mm Having an platform within the rebuild, the ability to handle mesh wires' return and the option of being able to use dual or single coil builds.

Internally the Vandy Vape Kensei RTA delivers a honeycomb air-intake system that offers accentuation of your vape tastes with a gorgeous build deck capable of handling your imagination of coil assembles.

Short in stature to supply a deck made to easily mount your favourite and a more direct taste experience builds onto.

Airflow intakes shaped in the form of a T to cover the bottom and duration of your coils.

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This spectacular RDTA is going to be the ideal selection for you if you're after flavor intensity and vapor creation!

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This gadget is the alternative for you if you'd like large clouds and a lot of them!

Are you currently tasting your ejuice as it was meant to without taste loss but you also do not squander it due.

Great causes a ultra excellent RTA that packs replacement parts that are enough to keep you vaping for a long time to come.