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If that's the case you are going to know about the dynamic duo of kiwi fruits and berries that result in an overall taste that has you immediately thinking that the two were supposed to be together.

Pure is a blend of fruits bursting with flavor!

The gum flavor for people who enjoy a strawberry and watermelon mix.

Smell the freshness of strawberry in a blend that is parfait!

Your heart's desires are completed by the smooth feel of cream with the taste of strawberries!

You may love this version that is reformulated, if you enjoyed I Love Cookies.

The mint surprise infused with lime taste will get you going much more.

The inhale of this sauce hit on the taste buds like a pinch and this punch will leave you with a smile instead of a black eye.

The inhale is really a delicious strawberry candy flavoring having an slight mature tastiness to it with a slight undertone of a candy fizz.

A blend of sweet and fresh strawberries that gives everybody a bubblegum treat like no other!

Be captivated with a sweet fruity blend from Savage!

Catch a Candy King today and be amazed at the feeling of every breath!

Molly provides a candied sweetn' dream, demonstrating that originality is alive and well at Modus Vapors.

The strawberry parfait with a granola crumble designed just for your vape setup.

The unforgettable taste of coconut milk balanced with succulent strawberry.

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