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Blue is not simply the name of the colour that you see in the sky or the island water that you would not mind going for a swim in.

Rio Carnival brings together the best of both worlds with its combination of tobacco out of the Cuban Maduro wrapper that is aged and South America.

A smooth vape that is a taste experience you don't want to overlook.

A superb replica of the tobacco flavor you're utilized to the ash and long stink.

Vapology Story E Liquid pulled all the stops with this sensuous vape juice that's upscale and incredibly classy.

Charly the kid by Vapology Story E Liquid has a deep tobacco foundation with a touch of maple and coco syrup.

A nice, clean tasting mix that's a cigarette replacement alternative that is superb.

Menthol Tobacco by CPV Signature Series E Liquid has that tobacco taste with a touch of sweet mint to add a bit of fresh, refreshment for your exhale.

An smooth, sultry mixture of deep, earthy tobacco with a honey that is sticky which will add a edge to the premium vape juice.

Deep, earthy tobacco flavor is paired with a creamy and aromatic sweet vanilla flavor that has the ideal level boldness.

This kind of incredibly balanced tobacco blend that has the perfect quantity of fruit flavor that provides enough interest without getting away from the tobacco flavor that is genuine.

Leaf Erikson has that American cigarette flavor that is smooth, supple and totally vape worthy.

This mix of cream and vanilla with notes of hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pie crust and finished off with a hint of cigarette that is mild lives up to its namesake!

If you love this deep, smokey flavor you could only get from burning this is vape juice to you.

Grand Habano is a rolled Cuban cigar's complete representation.

Tobacco can be a bit hot and a bit fruity and originates in Louisianna.

  Burley is a earthy, nutty tobacco aromatic and full of flavor and originates in Tennessee and Kentucky.

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