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Blue is not simply the name of the colour that you see in the sky or the island water that you would not mind going for a swim in.

A superb replica of the tobacco flavor you're utilized to the ash and long stink.

Tobacco's touch will surely let you enjoy the taste more!

by Phix

This bunch of pods includes the stamp of Brewell, crafted for its Phix Pod Mod system these pods provide a tobacco flavor experience that is classic distinctive to pod mod programs.

by Phix

This pack of pods includes the stamp of Brewell, crafted for its Phix Pod Mod system these pods deliver a cooling tobacco experience unique to pod mod systems.

This really is a superb selection for smokers who wants smoke that is thicker but with not having toxins from real tobacco.

Regal provides a tobacconist dream!

For tobacco flavors' enthusiast few come near contrast, this cured tobacco taste is exceptional and in a league all its own.

A savory treat you will certainly enjoy!

This mix of cream and vanilla with notes of hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pie crust and finished off with a hint of cigarette that is mild lives up to its namesake!

An absolutely fabulous mixture of smooth, rich cappuccino flavors and deep, earthy tobacco that come together to produce a stimulating combination that works oh so well.

A smooth vape that is a taste experience you don't want to overlook.

Vapology Story E Liquid pulled all the stops with this sensuous vape juice that's upscale and incredibly classy.

Acapulco combines tobacco leaf with vanilla custard to provide a to you.

Charly the kid by Vapology Story E Liquid has a deep tobacco foundation with a touch of maple and coco syrup.

A nice, clean tasting mix that's a cigarette replacement alternative that is superb.

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